Chapter 1: End of Our Lives
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Everything is slowly fading. The family I was born in, the country I was protecting, the world I was living, they are all now gone. A few more hours, perhaps a few more minutes, I'd be following them. And I should follow them. This world has reached the end of its lifetime and perhaps only the gods, if there really are, could save us... But they won't.

"Sorcha, I'm sorry I can no longer protect us." Zamir said

"It's fine. Don't you think it's already time for us to join them?" I replied.

He sighed and looked straight at me. His big black eyes that always look at me with calmness, for the first time, showed despair. I stared at him trying to carve his beautiful face into the deepest part of my soul. It's painful to know that it's the last time I could see him.

"Mm, we should join them." He said.

I held his hand and smiled.

"Zamir, let's get married in our next life" I said. I felt his hand tremble. There were droplets of tears on them.

He kissed me on my forehead and said, "in our next life I hope we will not be shackled by those rules."

"We won't. And we will live without hiding our love for each other."

"To our next lives?" He asked

"Mm, let's go to our next lives."


Sorcha regained consciousness but soon, confusion clouded her mind. She felt that there's something wrong with what she's seeing. A big man and woman were staring at her with a tinge of happiness in their eyes.

"She looks a lot like you." The big man said.

"Mm, but I hope she'd grow up wise and intelligent like you." Replied the woman.

What's happening? Why are they so big? Wait. No! I am the one who's small! I was too shocked I tried talking to them. "Who are you? Where am I?"

"Hey, hey little one, don't cry."

'the heck?! I'm not crying'

"Miss let me take your child to get cleaned up" a girl wearing all white said.

The big woman then looked at me.

"Little sorcha, go with her and be good okay?" She warmly said.

'Hey! I'm still thinking here!' I tried to say, but the girl has lifted me up already.