Chapter 5: First Day of School
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A week passed since I enrolled in school, and today is the first day of class.

I stared at my reflection on the mirror. I tied my long hair on a ponytail, exposing my face. My features is about fifty percent of that in my past life. My face is small, just a bit bigger than the palm of a hand, eyebrows are slightly curved, eyes black with a shade of grey, straight nose, lips reddish like that of a rose bud.

I'm wearing a school uniform. White Long sleeve blouse and a red knee-cut skirt paired with black shoes.

There's no nervousness in my eyes, instead, there's a hint of anticipation in it.

Knock knock. "Sorcha, breakfast is ready" someone said outside the door.

"Mm, wait just a bit." I said, then took my bag and opened the door. There I saw my nanny who's been taking care of me since I was a baby.

"Good morning aunt Claire. Is mom and dad there?" I asked.

"Yes they're waiting for you." Aunt Claire replied "Sorcha now has grown up to be such a beauty."

"Aunt Claire, you sound like dad." I laughed.

We reached the dining room where my mom and dad is sitting, patiently waiting for me.

"Good morning mom and dad." I greeted with a smile.

"Good morning baby." Dad said and I sighed.

"Good morning Lil sorcha. Come let's eat." Mom beckoned.

After eating, my dad hurried off to his work and mom stayed in the house. "Sorcha, take care of yourself in school okay?" Mom said.

"Of course mom." I answered, then I left the house with uncle David.

Pioneer High School- carved on top of the Gate. The surrounding is bustling as the students enter the premises.

"Uncle I'm going inside." I said.

"Take care young miss. We'll wait for you after class."

"Mm thanks uncle." Then I smiled and entered the gate.

I went straight to my class room, then casually chose a seat beside the window.

"Sorcha, is that you?" Someone said. I turned my head and saw Luke by the door. He then approached and sat beside me.

"Mm. Morning Luke." I said lazily.

"Hey! I told you we'd be classmates!" He said enthusiastically.

"Good guess" I said.

"Ehm, I'm sorry for last time. I wanted to talk to you longer but my big brother wants to go home already."

"Oh." I blinked and remembered his brother from before. "It's fine. He seemed busy."

"Now that I saw you clearly you actually look pretty." He praised with his innocent eyes. 'This kid will grow up a player' I thought.

"Thank you." I nonchalantly replied. "The teacher is coming." I added hurriedly.

A man around his twenties entered the room. He looked around and went in front of the class.

"Good morning everyone, I would be your class advisor from now on. My name is Ryan Darrington."

"So young!" Someone murmured.

"Handsome! I won't ever absent if the teacher is that handsome." A girl said. The teacher seemed to hear her. He looked at her and laughed. The girl, having been caught, blushed in shame.

"Snickers~ I'm more handsome." Luke said, and I laughed as well.

"You can call me Mr. Ryan." The teacher introduced himself. And the class started.