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I went home accompanied by my husband, Rii, and the little transmigator only after clearly discussing the given mission.

As soon as we arrived, we went around the house before I introduced the kid to my family. 

I told my kids a little about the detail and asked them to somehow give a support by giving the kid the feeling of being a part of family. 

It was the basic step that I should do to make the future plan easier.

All was going smoothly until Riidho asked a duel.

At first, I didn't have any objection about this.

I did know for sure about him being the best fighter in his class if I exclude his sister presence and how far he could stand facing his seniors.

No matter if the opponent was a transmigator or not, The enemy was currently in a body of 10 years old child.

There was a clear difference between the body of 10 years vs 13 years children.

Moreover, I did understand how much Riidho loved a fast duel by always giving his best all at once. 

I had also Saw how transmigator fight the guards recently through the memory I had seen. 

He was only good in sillence and surprise attack while the guards were too careless.

I predicted that he might be hurt a bit because my child had overwhelming strength and speed. 

Combine them with a wooden sword that was being used at the moment, a specialized weapon that had been Mastered by my children.

I was sure about my child's victory

And so, the fight finally begin in our yard.


My prediction went wrong.

My son had been countered perfectly that I saw him stunned looking at the thrown  sword which almost pierced a tree completely.

I did know a few arrogant otherworlder. All of them would always deppen on their cheat skill no one of them could manage their power perfectly before their age reach 18 th cuz of the rebound

but... This kid? With that body and still unseenable after effect? 

I could only stare on the little transmigator while thinking what if the tree was my own son?

A shiver went down to my spine and I glupped unconsciously...