Chapter 6. A waste.
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I was surprised, knowing that there were traces of other reincarnated, of course I should first try to communicate with them and confirm it, the best thing would be to send them some letters, but from what I hear they are both princes, it will be difficult to send them something and have them accept it.

In addition, it will look very suspicious that he sends letters to princes of foreign nations, I must find an intermediary, Elon could be a good option for that function, but first I must confirm something about him

““Excuse me, Mr. Elon, to ask you something””

Elon looks at me like he's trying to guess my question, but after a moment he answers me.

"" If I am able to answer my esteemed partner, you can ask me whatever he wants ""

Worthy of a merchant, he tells me that he will only answer what he sees fit, so he asked.

““Just in case you are a Demi-ant””

Hearing me, Elon makes a surprised face and the sound of drawing a sword is heard.

""Calm down Knight Alan""

Hearing me, Alan sheathes his sword again and the merchant begins to explain.

”“The young master seems to have heard the verbal slip when calling the first prince””

In fact, he said the elf prince but he only said the first prince of the Ant Kingdom of Gram, well apart from that I used a new spell on him that I developed with lightning magic.

““There are others like you””

He asked if there are other merchants, to find out how far they reach the kingdom of pristad.

““No, I am the only non-human trader in this Duchy.””

Wow, it seems that my father does do a good job of protecting the kingdom, but obviously it is inevitable to stop all the demi-humans.

““May I ask what you are doing here””

Listening to me, Elon looks at me for a moment and says.

““Trade with the human nation””

Well, I don't deny that trade is a good business, but humans have a great hatred for Myrmens and elves because of the 100 Year War.

"Although it was not forbidden to trade with the ants or the elves, the nobles of the human nation were quite proud, so they prevented them from trading in their nations."

The war of more than 100 years between the 3 nations has left wounds that may never heal, but if people keep touching each other, the wound will never heal.

""May I ask if meeting you was really an accident""

“Indeed it was young master I was in that place looking at the products that the Edevan family territory has to offer and I ran into you by accident.”

It's hard to trust him now that I know he's lied to me, but I still have to find every reason for him to get close to me.

"Because you wanted to do business with me."

““Honestly, because it is a good product, those games are going to sell and they are going to generate a lot of profit, I know that you probably do not want to see me again, I beg you to reconsider doing business with me.””

I hear the rattle of armor, when I turn around I can see the anger on Alan's face, like he can't stand that anger anymore, Alan tells Elon.

“”An ant asking the second son of the Edevan family for something””

Alan looks very upset, it could be that he has lost someone close to the Myrmens. Elon didn't look surprised, maybe he already knew that I was Duke Edevan's second son.

"Young Master, we should report this ant to the Duke."

"Calm down Alan, this will only worsen the relationship we have with the Gram Kingdom. In fact, I'm quite interested in how you've been operating without being found, but I'd rather forget about it and do business with you."

“”When Elon listens to me, he puts on a confused face””

I probably think that everything in this territory full of muscle brains, think of mymerns as sworn enemies, I can't deny that when listening to my mother's story it seems that way, but in my previous world I also judged people by different values, in this world I will change those mistakes.

““He seriously wants us to continue the negotiations””

They say that the sins of the previous rulers of a nation last even in their descendants, unfortunately I am not very conservative, and I do not believe in values ​​that the only thing they do is degrade my nation.

““But, Young Master he is a Myrmen””

“Yes, I know that, but apart from being an ant, he is a merchant, who must have connections in the 3 countries and probably even the other continents, so doing business with someone like that is not a bad deal””

Alan was silent when I told him that, he probably wanted to refute what I said while Elon looked at me surprised, at the same time he evaluated me as if he was trying to know if I was really a child.

Stop looking at me as if you were looking at a monster, honestly that look is annoying my brother and the servants always give me that look, when they see me study or practice magic, While remembering past events in my life Elon spoke and said.

“”I am really surprised, I thought that when you discovered my race, you no longer wanted to do business with me, but it seems that you only wanted to measure my scope and my true intentions””

"I can't trust someone that easily, regardless of your race, I'm quite interested in negotiating with you, so I'm also taking a risk."

“”I have seen many humans, all of them have the opportunities to make large sums of money trading with the Myrmens and elves, but out of pride they refuse to work with the elves and Mymens.””

In fact, the pride and hatred of humans is too great.

“I can assume that my father is one of them.”

My father was a reasonable man, but he also had a certain grudge against the Myrmens and elves. ””

"I wouldn't dare say that."

Elon responds with the respect he expects from a nobleman, but I want to hear his honest opinion.

““You can tell me what you think Elon tell me what you think of this territory.””

Hearing me, Elon could only sigh as he told me.

""A waste""