The City of Dul’lk Three – All about Pimpin’
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[Episode three]

“Jackson I called you here for a very important matter” Mr. Smith states “Looking at the state you are in, I believe you can not continue on fighting and being my personal hitman if you are missing an arm, I will give you two tickets to board a train and leave this town”, “No way” Jackson shouts “I wish to serve you”


Mr. Smith grins “Good to know” he mumbles “if you wish to serve me, longer you must get a new arm” Mr. Smith says. “Very well” Jackson responds “However, How will I do that”, “Very Simple” Mr. Smith says “but you may not like it”, “What is it? Whatever it is, me and Sasuke can handle it” Jackson shouts.


“I will send you to get the berserk arm an arm that has its strength altered the angrier you get” Mr. Smith tells him “You can only get it through one man”, “Who is he” Jackson asks


“There is a pimp nicknamed Slicksmooth his real name is Dave” Mr. Smith grabs a burner phone from his left pocket “Hey it’s me mafia boss the Blacksmith, do you still have the berserker skin?” Mr. Smith asks, “Oh yeah” Slicksmooth responds “However I won’t give you that shit for free you feel me, my homie instead whoever wants me will have to do me favors”


“You never do things for free do you?” Mr. Smith says, “Oh please, that’s how you go broke” Slicksmooth says, cackling afterwards.


Mr. Smith hangs up “Take Sharp with you, who knows all the drama that could happen”, “Very Well” Jackson says “And by the way Sasuke has been listening in”, “How did you know” Sasuke shouts, “Is sharp nearby?” Jackson asks, “Yeah” Sasuke says, “Good” Jackson says “Let's meet this Pimp.”


[The hideout]

“Are you the man?” Jackson says, “Yes” A man turned in his chair he was wearing a very vibrant purple and had a fedora with leopard prints on it “I am Slicksmooth” he says. “What’s this mission you have for us?” Jackson asks, “So glad you asked, my homie theres a disloyal hoe among me and my group, she left the pimping business and from what I heard she’s planning to snitch to the police” Slicksmooth then grins “Bring her to me alive.”


“Should we really do this?” Sasuke asks, “I reckon’ you still ain’t listening huh, we’re criminals we will carry this mission out” Sharp says. “Alright” sasuke mumbles “it’s for my mother anyway.”


[7:00 PM]

Sharp, Sasuke, and Jackson walk around the town in fedoras and jackets to hide their identity, “Where the hell is she” Sasuke says, “I don’t know” Jackson says. They walk down the street and spot a woman in an orange tracksuit, and brown hair. “She fits the description” Jackson says “Hey you are you Beatrix?”


“Yes I am” The woman says, “Do you know a man named Slicksmooth?” Jackson asks. “Yeah I used to work for him, but after I got pregnant I had to stop, I want to see my son, he's six months old,” Beatrix asks.


Sasuke freezes her to the ground, “Keep it to yourself” Jackson says, “Jackson should we really do this she has a husband and kids” Sasuke says. “I don’t like doing this, I also don’t like using only one hand to fight” Jackson says, “He has intentions to harm a woman with a child, how can you allow this!?” Sasuke shouts.


“Look kid, I reckon you weren’t taught about the real world” Sharp exclaims “but here in the real world, In the city of Dul’lk bad shit happens, and there's nothing you can do about it”, “But just because bad stuff happens doesn’t mean we cause said bad stuff” Sasuke says, “We don’t but if you don’t cause trouble they will” Sharp rebuttals.


“Who are they?” Sasuke asks, “Everyone,” Sharp responds coldly.


The three of them manage to get to Slicksmooth’s base “I’m impressed you managed to bring her to me” Slicksmooth says, stroking his cat “Now the fun can begin” he gets a sadistic grin on his face.


“Well I did my job can I please get my berserker skin now?” Jackson asks, “Hell to the no” Slicksmooth shouts, slamming his hand down.


“Well what the hell do you want?” Jackson asks, “Nothing” Slicksmooth responds “You can go now.”


“We aren’t leaving until you give us the berserker skin” Jackson shouts, “You will” Slicksmooth says.


Jackson jumps up, and swings his sword at Slicksmooth’s head. Slicksmooth turns his head into water, and then back.


“When I am in water form I can’t be harmed, only spread” Slicksmooth informs, Sharp shots at the chandelure above Slicksmooth. Slicksmooth lifts it back up with one finger “No one fucks around with my goddamn chandelure” he throws it back.


Sasuke protects Sharp with his ice shield, Slicksmooth’s arm is now white and huge.


“Shit, he has the berserker skin” Jackson mumbles, Slicksmooth grins “Like my new arm” he says.


Sasuke shoots ice at Slicksmooth, Slicksmooth blocks it with his arm. Jackson goes to attack him, Slicksmooth grabs him, and then snaps his neck. 


“JACKSON” Sasuke shouts, Beatrix grabs her two pistols and starts blasting at rapid speed.


Sasuke looks down, his eyes becoming a dark green.


“AHHHHHHHH” Sasuke shouts, a spirit flies above Sasuke.


A huge snowstorm is summoned, and everyone stops what they are doing.


The Spirit resembles a woman in a white dress and pale skin. The blizzard blows slicksmooth away, Beatrix grabs Jasckon’s Sword and chops off Slicksmooth’s arm, the blizzard blows Slicksmooth out the window.


Everyone grabs onto a table, the blizzard is throwing everything, Jackson’s corpse falls off. Slicksmooth turns into water surviving his fall, Sasuke jumps down.


Slicksmooth spins his cane around, Sasuke grins, Sasuke traps Slicksmooth into an ice box, then brings the ice box to him.


“YOU KILLED JACKSON” Sasuke shouts, he starts to compress the ice box.


“Shit” Sharp mumbles, he jumps down. “Sasuke stop the boss, said we can’t kill him” Sharp says, “Your right” Sasuke mumbles, he lets Slicksmooth out of the ice box, and the stares at him.


“Look” Sasuke says “Be happy I am even keeping you alive”, Slicksmooth stares at Sasuke.


“I’m taking the berserker skin” Sasuke shouts, a pillar of ice is created under Sasuke and he goes up.


Sasuke takes Jackson’s Blade, “his sword is heavy” Sasuke grunts “but it’s now my sword”, Sasuke takes the berserker skin as well.


Slicksmooth runs off into a nearby open manhole. 


Sasuke sighs “Until next time” He mumbles.


Beatrix looks at Sasuke “Thank You” She says “I owe you one”, “Don’t mention it” Sasuke states “it is completely fine.”


“What gang are you a part of?” Beatrix asks, “The Black Snakes,” Sasuke answers. “I want to be part of it” Beatrix tells him, “Follow me” Sasuke remarks.


[Mr.Smith's base]


“Very impressive Sasuke, and I am greatly upset about what happened to Jackson” Mr.Smith shouts “I would kill Slicksmooth but business with him, is too big and profitable, so let me guess now you have the berserker skin”, “yes” Sasuke says.


“Well you are now the new Brimstone Blader” Mr.Smith tells Sasuke, Sasuke looks up “I won’t fail you” Sasuke tells him. “And this new girl Beatrix she needs to prove her loyalty i am giving her a mission” Mr. Smith sends Sasuke away.


Sasuke leaves Mr.Smith office and comes across Sharp, “Word on the block is that you are the new Brimstone Blader” Sharp tells him.


“I guess I am” Sasuke reassures himself and Sharp, “Well it's about time I tell you about the Brimstone Blader’s past” Sharp states “he would want you to know anyway”

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