Chapter 2 Is This A Secret Agency Or What? Cont. 11
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Part 2

You know what, I kinda thought it would take longer for me to ponder on it. But being a bit 'logical' is a scary thing. It's been two days since I went to convent and also the third day of locking myself in my room, skipping school.

I may have come to a conclusion but what do I tell my family? It's a secret agency for crying out loud. I can't exactly just walk up to them and say 'hey guys I'm going to join a secret agency that fights the supernatural so please don't be worried about me' now can I? For get being crazy they'd say I'd gone and join some religious cult, well not exactly far from the truth considering the convent and when you add the magic and whole supernatural creatures and other worlds exist. Totally sounds like one. I think if I did accept the deal maybe they will take care of that, I guess. So it shouldn't be a problem. I think.

I just got out of the shower and into my room. Which is the third streak that I haven't encountered Orino, she'd been using the one downstairs. I guess she's keeping her distance to give me some space. I am a little worried about that though.

Aside from that, will I be able to come home? From the looks of things it would be difficult to do so. They would probably camp me there. I guessed I'll know when the lay the rest down for me.

Currently it's afternoon… Now that I think about I forget to ask how to get in contact with them when my decision was made. What a dope, I am? How did I not ask of that… Hmmmph… If this is like all I know at movies and animes I've watched then they'd be the one to contact me or tap into our phone lines. This is not some detective-flix. Guess, I'll just have to wait.


Huh? Unknown caller? Who's this?— like I have to ask. Pretty much obvious. Well at least I think it's them. No need to let it ring any longer.

With a beep I answer the call and place the phone to my ear.


I say cautiously.

"Rinjii… What you up to kiddo? Had a feeling you'd be done and quite possibly thinking about me," Yea no way. Shimura-san? Totally!! "so I decided to get in touch. Am I correct?"


"Very well then. Shimura-san should be waiting for you at the park, should you be interested on coming today."

"Yes I'll be there. Thank you."

Giving notice to my parents, Orino should have left for school, I left for the park. They didn't say anything much, only that I be careful and come back before dark. They are giving me space and freedom to clear my mind from the trauma—the one they think happened of course…

So I got to the park and yes I met the beautiful Shimura-san. If anything I'd be drooling right now but I have something I need to see through.

At Nonako Rinji-kun's arrival, I, Shimura Vi had the driver set off. He has been quiet since we left, much like the first time we met. He has resolve in his eyes but he is also distracted, occasionally staring at me—my breasts ever so often. As far as first impression went; he's a pervert. He's going to be a lot of trouble.

We are almost to the convent…

At first glance there's nothing about him which says he has an ability like the others but he believing what a shady organisation told him, is he naive or what?

I wonder though everybody has a reason they associate themselves with a mysterious organization, risking body and soul to make it possible. So what is his resolve that he has in his eyes? Why does he want?

"You made up your mind, I see."

I said. People become self delusioned once they hear about that latent power within them. So knowing if he's one of them who is blinded, consumed by that power should make things easier for me and the others.

"Yes… I want to become strong."

"Why so?"

My demeanor isn't one to ask but… I want to know is that resolve of his strong enough to take him far.

"I want to protect those dear to me. And to do that I have to be strong. The fact that I have one of these so called abilities is a plus and I'd like to use it so to achieve that goal. So please help me"

He lowers his head even though he's already seated in the car. He wants to protect those around him. From what though? Why would he want to do that? Getting stronger is different than being reliant on those abilities. What really makes him want to get strong? What is that driving force? There is also a lot to consider if indeed that choice is made. But that is what all of them say, eventually they get drunk on the little power they have.

"This may seem like the ideal place for you to get stronger but are you ready to accept the harshness and other consequences?"

"Whatever it is to get me stronger, in order to protect those I care about I'll do anything. If it means dying to protect them. Even if it means giving the soul I have I will."

Not even a second to think about it. Makes me wonder… Even so they are all the same. Naive at first, then when they realize the little potential they have they get drunk on it.

Is it the awakening of those abilities affecting his personality and his thinking? With what I've learnt about him things don't seem to come to him like this, he's rather slow on the up take but since we met he's been rather forthcoming, I suppose that's how I can put it. Was it all pretense, being that way? Or again, is it the awakening of such ability?

When people awaken to their abilities it's affects them in different ways but it hasn't been proven to affect ones personality let alone their thinking process. So what is the factor to this change? It is in human nature to change once having a little power.

Back to his answer though. That's too much a resolve coming from a teenager. I really do get the fact that he wants to protect his family and his friends. But as a kid willing to give up that life which hasn't achieved much, is rather a waste. By first glance, as much as he's been confident he is still nervous and very at that. And that tells a lot about him. That aside so goes the reaction for all those with a purpose at the beginning, before loosing sight of it.

"Why did I just say that?"

He whispered to himself, but somehow I made it out. I guess even he realized that, that's going too far. I do understand his situation though. Let's see how far he ends up. Will he be like the majoring or the rare few?

"I'm glad and all about this confidence boost but isn't this going to far myself? In any case it's true. I will do anything to get strong."

He continued, whispering to himself.

"If that is your resolve… Why choice this path when he can live a normal life?"

It may sound like I'm trying to sway him from his decision but a half-baked decision wouldn't get him the result he wants, only death would await him. And that he himself should know that.

"Nothing is normal anymore. If indeed am I who you say I am. If such abilities has awakened. What would be so normal about my life. True, it would be nice to go back to my normal life, oblivious of everything else but if I have this power why don't I use it to protect myself and those in my life. What's heard can't be unheard."

If that truly is his answer and he will not waver then I'll leave it at that. The car stops in front of the convent.

"Say that to him."


He lifts up his head, confused. I open the door and step out still holding on to the door.

"Say that to the director. Say to him what you just said to me. Show him that resolve of yours."

"Right! I will."

"… but you know it still is a choice to go back to your normal life. All we have to do is erase your memory of us and the creature."

"Really there's such a thing…?"

And with that we made it into the directors office in the dimension home through the convent. I open the door to the office and enter with him in tow. I perch by the door as he closes the distance to the director who is sitting leisurely behind his desk.

"Welcome back Rinji. So you have an answer for me, right? So come on let's hear. What is your answer?"

The director has his serious face on and his usual pose with his elbow to the desk and his hands holding his chin.

Even from here I can tell the pressure is killing him… He broke into cold sweat just waiting for the words to escape from his mouth. Then it comes:


He bowed his upper body as low as possible.

"I would like to be part of your program. Just like you said I am weak. And in this state I cannot protect my family. So please allow me to attend here. Help me get stronger. I know it's a selfish request but I have no other choice."

He clenches his fist, hard.