Pain Part 2
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A few hours later, Xu Yue learned what the artifact spirit meant by "Fully recover".

"I feel even better than before I attempted the trial," thought Xu Yue, wondering if the trial had somehow changed her.

Clearing these thoughts out of her head, Xu Yue began to attempt the trial once again.

"Begin the trial," said Xu Yue, as she unconsciously glanced at the eye that was present in a corner of the room.

"As you wish," responded the artifact spirit.

Xu Yue took her sword out of her sheath, glancing at the badly cut appearance of the sheath.

"I need to ask Grandfather for another sheath," mumbled Xu Yue with a frown on her face.

She then took a deep breath. Slash, the monotonous process had once again begun. For some reason, the thing she dreaded most was not the harrowing pain of the last few days, but rather the extreme anoyance she felt after the first one.

As the extremely heat familiar appeared, Xu Yue had a frown on her face, it seemed as if it had appeared a little earlier than last time. Her grip around the sword tightened as she thought of the possibility of the difficulty increasing with every attempt. "I see," exclaimed Xu Yue as she compared this attempt with the last one.

"It did not appear earlier," understood Xu Yue, "I merely sensed it earlier." As she thought of this, Xu Yue began to ponder the reason for this change. Even though she was in deep thought, her sword did not stop for a single moment.

"It may be my increased familiarity with it," thought Xu Yue. Another reason may be the fact that I am in a better state now than before the last trial. Xu Yue quickly ended this train of thought, as she had to focus solely on the trial.

As time continued to pass by, Xu Yue discovered that she was not as bothered by the heat as she was last time. She wanted to find the reason for this, but now she had to concentrate on the trial.

Hour after hour passed, and in what seemed like an extremely short period of time, the entire 24 hours had already passed.

"This was much easier than last time," thought Xu Yue as she began to feel a chill surrounding her.

As hours passed, she was once again surprised with how easily she resisted the chill. Frankly, she felt that the chill was easier to resist than the heat.

"She's resisting it too easily," thought the artifact spirit.

It then started to closely examine the chill. A moment later, it noticed something. "I see, I do not need to interfere. With her talent, the sect will grant her a Saint Ranked Yang type treasure," thought the artififact spirit to itself.

In fact, Saint-ranked treasures were extremely valuable.

Mortal treasures were devided into four ranks Spirit, Earth, Heaven and Saint, a saint rank Yang Type treasure is extremely valuable, as it is even rarer than normal Saint treasures.

The second day felt like it was going extremely fast. As the day went on, Xu Yue even started to feel that she liked the cold feeling. But it did not last. As the third day rolled around, Xu Yue started to once again feel that same burning pain.

But it was manageable. As the hours went on and on, the amount of pain grew and grew, but Xu Yue managed to quite easily keep it under control. As she had gotten more and more used to swinging her sword around, Xu Yue began to not even need to think, it felt like the sword was swinging itself.

As the day passed, Xu Yue began to feel the familiar and rather strong chill. As the day went on and on, the cold began to increase. By the 23rd hour, she felt like she couldn't feel her pinky finger anymore. But the feeling of her mind being slowed did not appear anymore, unlike last time.

As time passed, Xu Yue knew that soon the 5th day would begin. Xu Yue tensed herself and prepared herself for anything that would be thrown at her. Then she felt it. Her flesh felt like it was being cooked, and her lungs felt like they were burning. The first few hours passed the slowest, but as she managed to persist, by the 12th hour she felt like she had died several times over.

By the 14th hour, her brain felt like it was beginning to boil, but she did not stop. As the feeling got worse, she started to rely more and more on instinct than anything else to continue. By the 20th hour, she wasn't thinking of anything else, as even having thoughts made her feel excruciating pain.

"Her adaptability is just as monstrous as her comprehension."

"Such an improvement isn't something I have seen for the last million years," thought the artifact spirit.

After a period of time passed, Xu Yue finally felt something. She felt as if the burning had stopped and she was then thrown into a freezing ocean.

For some reason, her state was improving. After an unknown period of time, Xu Yue finally managed to gather a thought.

"I have reached the sixth day," thought Xu Yue.

But such a state was short-lived as Xu Yue felt her body begin to freeze and her mind slow down. Time seemed to slow down as she felt her mind begin to freeze, and her sword, which she had begun swinging on instinct, began to slow down as well, but as she was no longer conscious, it eventually slowed to a peaceful halt.

If you entered the room now, you would see Xu Yue in the middle, standing perfectly still as if she was frozen in time.

A few minutes later, a thought finally managed to enter her mind, "I failed." For the next few minutes, Xu Yue felt her thoughts coming to her faster and faster as she felt her body seem to unthaw itself from the ice that did not exist around her.

After 17 days of comprehension, Yun Che finally managed to comprehend his Earth Rank Technique to Greater Accomplishment.