212 : Fight
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Hearing that, Hulli Jing let out a small chuckle as she slightly leaned on Xu Yue.

"You seem to be getting more and more inseparable from me, don't you think so?" asked Xu Yue as she turned her head sideways, looking at Hulli Jing.

"So what, do you think that's a bad thing?" asked Hulli Jing as her nails suddenly transformed into sharp claws, which lightly touched Xu Yue's neck.

"No, no, not in the slightest," said Xu Yue, chuckling as she felt the claws that were touching her neck at the moment.

"Well, that's good."


At this moment, Li Fengfeng was walking through piles of bodies, looking around at the carnage around him.

"Was this necessary?" asked Li Fengfeng as he looked at the body of a little girl, which had been cut to pieces.

"Why do you really care so much, you don't think I don't know what you did to your original clan, do you?" asked Xia Jingfei, who was sitting cross-legged in the middle of this battlefield.

Hearing Xia Jingfei's words Li Fengfeng, couldn't help but suddenly grip his sword.

"You know very well those circumstances were different from this," said Li Fengfeng as he drew his sword, staring at Xia Jingfei.

"What do you mean, I only know one thing, you massacred them, all of them, that isn't much different from what I did here, after all these people angered me, and your clan angered you, isn't that the same thing?" asked Xia Jingfei as she got up from the ground, staring straight ahead at Li Fengfeng, a smile appearing on her face.

"You should know very well, the fact that circumstances forced us to fight together as comrades will not change the fact that I will cut you down If you continue acting like this, you aren't much different from those bugs at all," said Li Fengfeng as he looked at some of the bodies.

Hearing that a small tear couldn't help but appear on Xia Jingfei's face.

"How heartless, I was even thinking about keeping you alive by my side, you really have no morals," mumbled Xia Jingfei as she began walking closer to Li Fengfeng.

As he heard Xia Jingfei's words, Li Fengfeng couldn't help but fall into thought for a brief moment, knowing for a fact that Xia Jingfei had said the actual truth.

"Fine, I will leave you to repent," mumbled Li Fengfeng before suddenly disappearing, appearing in behind Xia Jingfei as his sword stabbed toward her torso.

But contrary to Li Fengfeng's expectations, as his sword strike reached closer and closer to Xia Jingfei, it became weaker and weaker.

'She became stronger,' thought Li Fengfeng as he suddenly abandoned his attack, knowing that by now, Xia Jingfei had more than enough time to dodge, even if he increased the amount no of power he put into it.

A moment later, Li Fengfeng disappeared, as he dodged the punch that was now coming his way.

The moment Xia Jingfei let out her punch, everything in the few hundred li in the direction of her punch was annihilated, as a huge shockwave was created blowing away trees even tens of thousands of Li away.

"Why did you dodge, I was being gentle, you wouldn't have gotten hurt in the slightest," mumbled Xia Jingfei as she looked at the destruction in front of her with a smile on her face.

Hearing that, Li Fengfeng, who appeared only a few meters away from her, couldn't help but frown, before sighing a moment later.

"What, are you sad knowing that our fight has already caused more deaths than my so-called massacre?" asked Xia Jingfei as she walked up to Li Fengfeng with a smile on her face.

Hearing Xia Jingfei's words, the frown on Li Fengfeng's face deepened, then a moment later, without any warning, Xia Jingfei fell to the ground, her soul completely shattered.

"Even if she has any methods of resurrecting herself, this should at least keep her down for a while," mumbled Li Fengfeng as some sweat appeared on his forehead.

After all, Li Fengfeng exerted himself greatly to create such a sneak att-

"Since when?" asked Li Fengfeng as he stared at Xia Jingfei, who stood in front of her completely unharmed.

"What do you think?" asked Xia Jingfei as she looked at Li Fengfeng, who was standing in front of her without any expression on his face.

Hearing that, Li Fengfeng fell into thought for a moment before staring at Xia Jingfei with a frown on his face.

'So it was back then,' mumbled Li Fengfeng, remembering his conversation with Xia Jingfei from just before they began fighting.

"I did keep my promise, I didn't try to kill you did I?" asked Xia Jingfei as she approached Li Fengfeng even closer, completely unafraid of the latter attacking her.

"You couldn't have killed me," said Li Fengfeng as he looked at Xia Jingfei, who seemed rather uncomfortably close.

Although Li Fengfeng had no proof, hearing the tone of his words, as well as knowing his character, Xia Jingfei knew he was not lying.

"Well, this is not how I wanted this to turn out, by now you should have been kneeling at my feet, worshiping me," said Xia Jingfei in a quite unsatisfied tone.

Hearing that, Li Fengfeng suddenly touched his sword once again, causing Xia Jingfei to suddenly disappear.

But unlike the previous times, right now, Xia Jingfei somehow fully disappeared, being just gone, completely out of the range of Li Fengfeng's spiritual sense.

"Was she really here? Or was that an illusion as well?" mumbled Li Fengfeng as a deeper frown appeared on his face.


At the same time in another location,

"Really troublesome," mumbled Xia Jingfei as she looked at the peacefull Taoist Temple in front of her.

"It looks like I shouldn't provoke him any longer, otherwise he might actually kill me, that would be even more troublesome," mumbled Xia Jingfei as her revealing outfit suddenly disappeared, being replaced by a conservative Taoist robe.

A moment later, now with an innocent smile on her face, Xia Jingfei walked into the small Taoist temple