218 : Boy
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Hearing Hulli Jing's words, Xu Yue's expression suddenly froze for a moment, causing Hulli Jing to let out a small chuckle before getting up and walking away.

Ignoring Hulli Jing, Xu Yue turned her attention to the Dragon Roar that had just resounded throughout the Three Thousand.

Suddenly, countless scenes flashed through Xu Yue's eyes in only a brief moment, showing her a huge amount of information.

But even so, as Xu Yue looked through it, she shook her head.

"As expected, I can barely see anything regarding those that approaching the levels of immortals if it has nothing to do with me," mumbled Xu Yue as more and more scenes flew past her eyes.

Although Xu Yue could see the possible future events using her Dao of Fate, sadly, the amount of interference by False and True Immortals inside of the Three Thousand Regions hampered this ability a lot.

That was the reason why Xu Yue could not predict the destruction of the snow region accurately, only barely sensing something moments before it happened.

In fact, if Xu Yue in the past, when these types of being involved themselves in the world much less, she would have a much easier time seeing the future.

Right now, Xu Yue suddenly sensed something weird.

"The Yang Clan, that's quite unexpected," mumbled Xu Yue as some vague scenes popped up in her mind.

A few moments later, the image of a tiny blood-red rock also popped up in Xu Yue's mind, causing her to slightly frown.

After trying to sense the future for some more minutes, Xu Yue once again opened her eyes, returning to the present world.

As soon as Xu Yue opened her eyes, she then disappeared.


At this moment, a young boy sat next to a small hole, with a stick sitting next to him, staring at the hole.

This was Dai Jie, a seven-year-old boy.

As his mother had work to do around the house and his father had gone hunting, Dai Jie was left all alone.

As such, what better thing was there for Dai Jie to do than to dig holes using a stick, which he had spent a lot of time sharpening?

Looking at the shiny rock that was sticking out of the ground, Dai Jie's eyes suddenly shone, causing him to once again pick up his trusty sharpened stick and once again begin moving dirt.

As Dai Jie was young and did not have much strength, he did not make much progress, but even so, he was not discouraged.

The more dirt Dai Jie removed and the more of the shiny rock was revealed, the more Dai Jie desired it.

"I'm going to give it to elder sister," mumbled Dai Jie as he used his stick to slightly pierce the ground under the stone.

After that, Dai Jie began using all of his strength, trying to take the stone out of the ground.

Sadly, Dai Jie could not even shake the stone in the slightest, causing the figure behind him to slightly laugh.

As soon as Dai Jie heard the laugh, he pulled his stick out of the ground and turned around pointing it at the figure.

"You're pretty brave, little guy," mumbled Xu Yue as she approached the little boy, causing him to unconsciously step back, falling into the hole he had created.

Seeing this, Xu Yue once again let out a small chuckle, causing Dai Jie to suddenly gulp.

"If you're here for my stone, I won't let you have it, I need to give it to big sister," said Dai Jie as he once again pointed the stick, which had never left his hand even while he fell, towards Xu Yue, who seemed quite entertained.

Looking at the little boy, who seemed to not want to falter no matter what, Xu Yue couldn't help but smile.

"Hmm, I'm not going to take it from you, so how about we make a deal little Jie," said Xu Yue as she looked at Dai Jie, clearly being somewhat amused by the young kid.

Hearing the words of this elder sister, Dai Jie, for the first time, raised his head and looked at him.

'This elder sister is too pretty to try to trick me,' thought Dai Jie as he, for some reason, lowered his sharpened stick.

"What will you give me for my stone?" asked Dai Jie as he touched the blood-red stone behind him.

Hearing that, Xu Yue placed one of her fingers on her lips, seemingly thinking.

After looking at the little boy for a few more moments, Xu Yue decided.

"Let's make a bet, if you can take out this stone in a month, I will give you three gifts and leave, but if you can't, You will have to buy this stone from me in exchange for three things of my choosing," said Xu Yue as she looked at the young boy.

Hearing the words of this elder sister, Dai Jie couldn't help but fall into thought, her words ringing in his mind.

"We have a deal," mumbled Dai Jie, looking at the mysterious elder sister with a serious expression on his face.

After that, Dai Jie turned back to the large hole he had created and began digging.

Being next to Xu Yue, Dai Jie seemingly gained newfound strength, allowing him to easily move much more dirt than before.

As such, after only a few more hours of digging, Dai Jie found the reason he couldn't move the so-called stone.

After digging through some dirt, Dai Jie encountered a rock, but after moving the dirt he had just dug up, his eyes widened.

Looking at the smooth red rock, which was extending towards the right, Dai Jie couldn't help but stop digging, causing Xu Yue, who was sitting on a nearby rock to chuckle.

Suddenly, contrary to Xu Yue's expectation, Dai Jie walked up to her, no longer digging.

"Elder sister, I give up," said Dai Jie, causing a somewhat surprised expression to appear on Xu Yue's face.

After a few moments, Xu Yue shook her head as she let out a small chuckle.

"Well, it looks like little Jie is somewhat smarter than I expected," said Xu Yue as she stretched out her hand, touching Dai Jie's head.

At the same time, the earth suddenly began moving, as a huge tear-shaped rock, over a dozen meters in height alone, rose up from the ground.

Staring up at the top of the rock, Dai Jie was clearly able to see a tiny irregular shape, the only imperfection on the smooth red rock, the small rock which he had found.