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Camera pans over Last Resort/Zanzibar. The Reds and Blues are seen driving in Warthogs, while Carolina rides alongside on a MongooseThe Reds stop and get out, causing everyone else to do the same.



Carolina: What's going on? Why are we stopping?

Grif: We've been driving for hours.

Carolina: And we've got a lot more ground to cover, so let's keep moving.

Grif: Listen lady, I know this is your first road trip with us, but we've got a system. And that system includes snack breaks, bathroom breaks, and stopping to take pictures of funny road signs.

Ash walks over to Grif and Simmons.

Carolina: That's ridiculous.

Grif: Not as ridiculous as Bonner Street.

Simmons: So close dude, so close.

"I can feel we're close." Ash says.

"Yes, it's out there, we just have to have faith, Simmons, Ash." Grif says.

Camera focuses on Blues

Wash: I should probably go stop her from killing your friend.

Wash proceeds in Carolina's direction

Caboose: Um, Tucker I just noticed something. Something really bad.

Tucker: Yeah, me too dude. I think our guy-to-girl ratio peaked like five years ago.

Caboose: Uh, no, no, Tucker um. Yeah, we forgot to bring Church.

Tucker: Wait, did you just now realize that Church isn't here?

Caboose: He's not going to be pleased about this one.

Tucker: Calm down moron, we didn't leave him behind.

Caboose: Ah, yes, but you see I'm not seeing him so...where is he?

Epsilon appears in a smaller form beside Tucker's helmet.

Epsilon: Ugh, you don't wanna know.

Caboose: Church! You're...you're so small. I would like to feed you a small cracker.

Tucker (sarcastically): How you liking the new place tinker bell?

Epsilon: You mean your disgusting storage unit?

Tucker: What! How is my storage unit "disgusting"?

Epsilon: Well, for starters, I had to delete fifty gigs worth of crap just so I could fit in this thing.

Tucker: Woah, hang on a second dude. You didn't delete my, uh, "Home Movies" folder did you?

Epsilon: And that brings me to my second point.

Camera zooms out on the Blues and focuses on Wash and Carolina standing on an overlooking balcony. Ash is standing behind to two.



"What a bunch of worthless idiots." Carolina says.

"Yeah, they're idiots, but they're not that bad - once you get to know them." Wash says.

"Yeah, Wash is right." Ash says.

"Hmm." Carolina hums.

"You know, we almost managed to trap the Meta the last time we were here." Wash states.


"But you didn't." Carolina says.

Carolina begins to walk away.

"No." Wash says. "I guess not."

Ash looks to Wash. "She scares me."

Fade into the past


Cut to Wash, South, Minne, York, North and Carolina jet packing through space.


"I don't get it." Carolina starts. "Everything's stopped."

"Maybe they're retreating." North suggests.

"Nothing left out here but a bunch of junk." York says.

"I could use a lot of this scrap to repair weapons." Minne says.

ut to a Pelican dropship flying through space. Cut to the inside of it where Four Seven Niner is seen.

Four Seven Niner: This is Four Seven Niner, I have lost visual on targets. It's like they all just left.

Cut to the inside of the Mother of Invention where the Director and Counselor are walking to a lookout position

Counselor: Sir, their outpost is disabled, and it looks as if we have driven off the remaining fighters.

Director: Well, good riddance to bad rubbish Counselor.

Counselor: Indeed, sir, all enemy systems appear to be offline. Wait...

The Counselor examines something he sees from in the distance.

Director: What is it?

Cut to an enemy ship named the "Staff of Charon" emerging from hundreds of scrap metal pieces, going onlineCut to Four Seven Niner in a drop ship

Four Seven Niner: It's a trap, they're hiding in the junkyard. Repeat, it's a trap!

Cut to inside the Mother of Invention where the Director and Counselor are still standing

Director: Evasive maneuvers!

Cut to inside the enemy ship where the Insurrectionist Leader and an Insurrectionist are standing

Insurrectionist Leader: Fire.

The enemy ship fires at the Mother of Invention, hitting it several timesCut to the inside where machinery is heard sparking and the ship is shaking

Director: Son of a bi-

Cut to the a look of the two ships, both firing and hitting each other. Cut to the inside of the Mother of Invention again where soldiers are being tossed left and right, due to the blasts coming from the enemy ship. Cut to the enemy ship revealing more turrets which then fire at the Mother of Invention. Cut back to the inside showing the Director and Counselor

Director: No!

The Director hits a panel in anger. Cut to the enemy ship droping a device, the camera then zooms in revealing it's a nuke. Cut to the inside of the enemy ship again where C.T, the Insurrectionist Leader and the Insurrectionist are watching.

Insurrectionist: We're away sir, new course laid in. Are you sure you don't want to stay and finish this?

Insurrectionist Leader: Heh, I left our guests a present.

Camera zoom in on the nuclear device beeping while the enemy ship jets off. It is then passed by Four Seven Niner in the pelican, cut to the inside. A screen alerts Four Seven Niner reading "Nuclear Device Detected" while an alarm is sounding

Four Seven Niner: Guys, get out of there, they've outfitted that piece of junk with nukes!

Cut to inside the Mother of Invention with the alarm still sounding

Director: Fall back, Counselor.

Counselor: Falling back, Director.

The Mother of Invention turns into jet off position. Cut to the Freelancers

Carolina: Go! Go! Go!

The Freelancers increase their jet pack speed and head toward the dropship. 

"I really don't like nukes!" Minne yells.

Four Seven Niner: Get inside now!

The dropship opens it's rear bay and all of the Freelancers, except Wash, get inAs the Freelancers look out they notice Wash

York: Wash, what are you doing? Get in here, use your jet pack.

Wash: I-I don't wanna end up like Georgia!

Carolina: Oh for God's sake...

Carolina shoots her grappling hook at Washington's crotch plate

Wash: Huh? AHHH!

Wash gets slowly pulled towards the ship. Carolina yanks the grappling hook in order to lead Wash inside the Pelican. Carolina manages to pull Wash inside the Pelican, with Wash hitting the Pelican's ceiling and ground in the process.

Minne goes to the back window and looks to the outpost. He holds up the detonator.  "Boom." Minne presses a button and the outpost blows up.

. Cut to the nuclear bomb slowly drifting into a piece of scrap metal. On contact it explodes and the Pelican is seen escaping the explosion. Cut to the inside.

Four Seven Niner: Everyone okay back there?

York (sarcastically): Never better, thanks for asking.

Director(over radio): What the hell just happened people? Tell me you accomplished your mission.

Carolina(over radio): Negative sir, their leader escaped.

North Dakota: Well, looks like the enemy lives to fight another day.

South Dakota: Again.

"This seems to happen way too much." Minne says as he sits down.

Director (over radio): That is most unfortunate. Are all agents accounted for?

The Freelancers look around

Carolina: All except C.T., sir. She's gone.

Director (over radio): Define "gone," agent.