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[09/20/2025] [07:00]

In a dark forest with trees that covered the sky. No stars could be seen, a boy sat on a rock, looking around with a fearful expression on his face, the boy started to cry, calling his mother. A light sphere appeared beside the little boy, the boy rubbed his eyes and looking at the light sphere, he said: "Who are you...?" that cute voice echoed in the dark and spooky forest.

The light sphere floated toward the dark forest, the boy, followed the only light that he saw. The didn't note it, but the rock where he sat in, transformed into a golem and started to follow him. The light sphere floated deeper and deeper into the forest. 

Sobbing, the boy continued to follow the sphere. Then, the sphere shined bright like the sun, blinding the little boy. When the boy opened his eyes, he saw a ceiling. He said: "Another dream..." the boy has grown up. Getting up from his bed and heading to the bathroom, he looked at the mirror and said: "Okay, Victor. Your face is terrible today..." 

In the mirror, a white face with red lips and light blue peach blossom eyes. His features could be described in one word: cute. But he doesn't want to be cute, he is a man and he wants to be cool! Because of it, on his first day at a new school, everyone in his class thought that he was a girl. That day onwards, he began to hate his looks.

While he was looking in the mirror, a feminine voice said: "Victor! Breakfast is ready!" Victor got out of the bathroom and opening the door of his room he shouted: "I will take a bath first!" he closed the door again and take away his clothes going to the bathroom. After five minutes, he left the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Water dripping from his hair. He dressed up and headed downstairs.

"Good Morning, Son." when he arrived at the dining room masculine voice come from beside him, he looked at his right side and saw his father reading a journal. His mother, an old woman, came from behind him, the kitchen holding some dishes. She said: "Sit down and eat."

He smiled and sitting on the chair he said: "Today, I'm going to the watch some movies. Well, it's Saturday, so it's ok." his father smiled and joking he asked: "A date? Oh, my son is already a man!" 

His mother laughed and Victor blushed and said: "It's not a date!" but he said it, his sister was coming downstairs and asked: "Date? Did Victor get a date? Really?" Victor denied a lot, which caused an uproar. Victor's brother, James and Victor's sister, Stefany provoked him. After a funny breakfast, Victor fleed.

In the way, he said hello to all his neighbors. 

After the movie, he used his phone and called his house and said that he would visit his friend's house. 

Life was peaceful.


Victor was now inside his house, watching television with his two siblings, they were watching a terror movie. The protagonist had killed a demon and now he was being chased by a legion of demons, he was shooting with his gun and killing a lot of demons. But in the end, he died protecting his beloved wife. 

"Well, I didn't like this ending... Why did he have to die? He is the protagonist!" said James said with a doubtful expression. Victor laughed and said: "He isn't the protagonist, the protagonist is his wife. You didn't say it? After he died, she killed the leader of those demons." Stefany laughed because after Victor said it, James' expression changed from confused to a: 'I don't believe it' expression. Victor and Stefany laughed too loudly that his mother appeared and said

"Kids... Shut up and go to the bed now!" said the mother. Victor rushed to his room and closed the door, he changed his clothes for a pajama and lied o the bed. Victor laughed in his bed and after a few minutes with his eyes closed, he fell asleep. In his dreams, a dark forest appeared again.

But now, he wasn't a boy, he was himself. The light sphere appeared, but now, the light sphere said: "Follow me."

Victor followed the light sphere, after a few minutes of walking in the dark forest, he finally saw the end of the forest. Now he was in a plain. Looking around him, no trees could be seen, he looked up and saw a lot of starts, the light sphere stopped and simply vanished. Victor looked around, searching for the light sphere that had disappeared.

He looked at the sky again and saw the earth like he was on the moon, looking at the earth. But it was not the earth. That planet was bigger than the earth. Victor panicked, but he thought: 'Wait, is this a dream?'

That planet was approaching at a high speed, Victor looked around and saw the light sphere, the light sphere rushed to him and his belly. Well, the light sphere didn't hit his belly, it was absorbed by his body. His body began to heat up, and a voice inside his head said: "Victor, I will help you."

"With what?" asked Victor, looking at his own belly that was shining with pure and white light. He looked at the sky again, and that planet was now extremely near him. And then, the voice said again: "With your future."

When the voice said it, the planet in his dreams hit where he was, and he woke up sweating. He got up from his bed, looked at the clock on the wall that was marked: [00:00]

His body began to tremble, and he runned to the bathroom and throw up everything that he ate that day. He heard a scream, he looked outside from his window and saw a lot of strange creatures, some big, some smalls. But all of them were invading the houses around. Breaking the doors. 

And then, he heard the door of his house being broken and his mother screaming.