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dawn had come on the elf continent...

In the capital of the continent of elves, sunlight entered indicating morning, the birds began to shake their feathers, the plants began to be nourished, and the many elves began to open their eyelids, getting up with the desire to work.

in the office of the queen of the elf...

the doors which were not opened in almost 24 hours began to open with a breeze of wind.

Arwen was standing at the entrance to her office with a beautiful smile, she began to stretch showing off her killer figure under her baggy dress.

wide hips, huge and firm breasts, and a large pelvis showing her mature charm.

behind Arwen who looked quite cool to the naked eye.

You could see quite a few stamina potions lying on the ground and 2 corpses... I mean 2 guys who at first sight are completely exhausted to such an extent that they can't enjoy the sensual sight delivered by Arwen.

Arwen after stretching from a whole day of paperwork could breathe a sigh of relief to finish all the accumulated paperwork.

Although she later arrived with more paperwork, Arwen could take the day off, after all, she signed a mana contract.

Although the only thing the contract will do is reduce her max mana capacity for a while if she breaks it, she had no intention of breaking it.

Arwen started walking in a specific direction.




  the narrator could see amerie in her room staring at the ceiling absently.

Amerie was currently in a dilemma.

She wanted to know how to apologize to Ren properly and formally.

amerie until now, she rarely apologized to someone and most of the time she went through a formality without really feeling it, it's not like amerie has done many things to others.

but amerie is a crown princess of the continent of elves, everyone bows her head when she passes through the streets, and everyone apologizes even though it was amerie's mistake.

that pride engraved in her bones is not easy to remove normally.


Amerie sighed heavily, although she wanted to formally apologize, she didn't know how to do it.

*tock tock

a couple of soft knocks sounded on the door of his room.

Amerie got up in her pajamas, she thought she was a maid who had come to clean her room.

opening the door, amerie saw her mother standing with a smile in front of her room.

-Hello daughter, good morning, can I come in?

Amerie was out of it for a few moments.

It's been years since Arwen came to her room.

Arwen ignoring her daughter's gaping mouth stepped in softly and looked around her to finally sit on her bed and look at her daughter.

-um, apparently you haven't learned how to clean your room yet, huh?

amerie woke up with that comment, first, she took a deep breath trying to calm down.

"Mom, what are you doing here?

-fu fu, can't I visit my daughter's room?

"It's not that, but... don't you have a job? I heard that a new set of documents from the ice tribe in the north arrived yesterday.

- that's how it is

" so?

Amerie asked with a raised eyebrow without changing her expression much.

Arwen seeing her daughter's indifference really wanted to cry.

Arwen got up from the bed and walked over to Amerie.

Faced with the spitting youthful image of her, Arwen hugged Amerie.

Amerie was a little taken aback by the sudden hug, but she didn't reject it, though she didn't return it either.

-Forgive me, my daughter, for many winters I thought you were fine despite my absence, I thought that being without lacking anything and full of servants would make up for not being by your side, but only a few days ago I realized how wrong I was ... not having been with you in your first winters left wounds in my heart, I know that this must have left scars in yours, but... I know that this cannot make up for the time lost with you, I know that it will be difficult to be like this all the time time, but please, I beg you, I want you to forgive me for not paying attention to you.

Amerie was left thinking about Ren's words.

-maybe these matters do not concern me since I am not from your town, but... your mother loves you amerie, and you should not waste that love for something as petty as a simple grudge, she was not by your side all the time is true, but do you think your mother would go to war if she didn't love you? They should both apologize and take advantage of the time that the two of them have in some way, if you love her, you would also find a way to spend time with her, but you should do it before it's too late...

Amerie shakily returned Arwen's hug and answered with a cracking voice.

"Mom, I… I want to spend more time with you.

-ha... I want to too dear, it breaks my heart not to be able to, but I swear I'll sleep less, I'll intensify my work, but I promise to spend time with you.


Amerie broke free of Arwen's embrace.


Arwen was about to sigh in defeat, she thought that maybe Ren was right and it was late, but Amerie immediately after getting out of her embrace took both of her mother's hands in hers.

Amerie looked at her mother's hands.

unlike her, her mother's hands had big calluses from holding the pen all the time, unlike his hands, his mother's hands were rougher and it was noticeable that these hands have suffered the passing of the war and difficulties.

Amerie spoke trying to express herself without shedding tears.

"I... I want to help you, I want to help you with your burden mother.

Arwen was surprised before laughing wryly.

-But daughter, you still don't know anything about diplomacy.

Upon hearing her mother's response, Amerie, instead of feeling helpless, was moved.

"I will learn! I will study diplomacy in all my free time!, but I want to do it with you.

Arwen looked at the determined face of her daughter, Arwen felt that she was seeing a shadow of her past in her little daughter.

Arwen caressed her daughter's cheek and wiped away the tears that began to trickle down her cheeks before pulling her daughter into a hug that this time, Amerie returned.

Both noble ladies were embracing each other as each had her heart a little lighter.

after a long time, amerie realized something.

"Mother, now if I can ask what are you doing here?

-oh that, well...

Arwen recounted Ren's determination to make her spend time with Amerie, Amerie was shocked for a moment before blushing.

Arwen quizzically looked at her daughter before saying

-fufu, I like this son-in-law that you brought me daughter


Amerie's mouth dropped open at her mother's words, she didn't expect her mother to be so direct with that.

"it's not what you think mother

- oh really? your ears tell me otherwise daughter

"I, I don't know what-

Arwen held her daughter's cheek before commenting.

- I like this son-in-law, don't worry.

Amerie didn't even know how to respond to that, so she just told the truth.

"But I'm not really dating him.

- it's a matter of time daughter

"Seriously mom, ren doesn't look at me

Amerie said as she remembered Ren, making her subconsciously pout.

-oh really?

"Seriously! No technique works for me with him, it seems that he is not interested in me.

-um? what did you do?

" well...

After listening to her daughter, Arwen sighed.

Arwen realized that Amerie's pride is quite high.

especially how her daughter asked Ren out around the time Ren first returned from Duke Holland.

-ren, yesterday I saw a girls' shop that interests me a lot and this time you were one of the people I chose to escort me through the shops, you will have the pleasure of letting you accompany me, consider it an honor to accompany the princess of the elves.

" I am not interested.

that was the conversation between amerie and ren, then ren went home and Arwen didn't follow him or change his words, the translation to that was "ren, I'd like to go see a store, but I want to go with you, could you come with me? ".

another time it was like that.

- Ren, that girl had the nerve to challenge me to a 1 vs 1 competition, I decided that you would be the one who would have the honor of defending me and would face her.

"You can do it yourself.

the translation of that phrase was "ren, that girl is trying to bother me, I would like you to help me please"

and there were many occasions when amerie wanted to interact with ren, but she simply couldn't do it since she first brought her card called pride to the table hoping for a good reaction from ren wanting to arouse that desire to conquer a noble lady in ren by having for him only a girl that everyone loves, but unfortunately for her, ren didn't fall for that.

after ren simply said no before amerie could finish her invitation sentence, Arwen knew that ren couldn't be conquered using her pride and title of princess of the elf as a means.

Arwen noticed how Ren and Kiriko got along, Kiriko's weight in the human world is great, as the emperor's grandson, the chosen hero who will win against evil, the most talented among humans and known as the incarnation of the emperor from 500 years ago.

A boy like that with such weight should receive great admiration and respect in his world, even here where he only has the title of hero of light, he is quite admired and almost revered by the elfs.

and basically, it's ren's punching bag, Arwen remembers how ren punched the young hero in the neck because the young hero stared at her, although kiriko got angry with ren, it was because of the pain of the blow more than because of it blow itself

Arwen also received reports that Ren was close to 3 noble houses including the Imperial family.

and it is said that he even talks informally with them.

although Arwen knew that it was because Ren was someone simple, the type of person who can sincerely create friendships with others despite titles and influence, not wanting to gain influence and power for himself, giving people tired of people that they approach them with hidden intentions, a healthy relationship... her daughter could do little just by using her title of princess... on the contrary, that must have been counterproductive, although Ren apparently does not have a bad impression of her daughter, that It's not to say that you have a great impression of your daughter.

The thing is... Arwen doesn't have a solid solution for that either.

regarding male-female relationships, Arwen is somewhat ignorant.

after the war Arwen was courted by her fiancé for a long time, at first Arwen was not interested, but the insistence and loneliness that Arwen was handling at that moment due to the absence of her father gave her fiancé at that time an opportunity to enter slowly passing many years to reach Arwen's heart, unfortunately, Ren is not like her fiancé, and at first glance, it is seen that Ren will not do that unless it is clear that he is hopelessly in love with his daughter.

so amerie must change that strategy, with that conclusion in mind, Arwen began to talk to her daughter.

-amerie, you didn't think that... maybe you should change that method?

"How so mother?

-Well, I don't know, like for example, not inviting him with your title in front?

"So, how can I do it without using something tempting as my princess title?


- maybe, just doing it?

"um... I thought about it, but the girls who are around him are also heavyweights, I don't want to be left behind mother

'daughter, I think you're doing it by continuing to use your princess title like this.

-ha... we'll think about that later.

* clap

Arwen clapped.

- so amerie, where do you want to go first?



Wow, how awkward.

a small voice was heard and a girl came from somewhere, the 2 women looked up and could see Sylph who was hiding in a corner of the room behind some books while eating what looked like an almond in her little hands and mouth Hers was small, at first sight, it would take her a while to finish eating that almond.

-good morning spirit of the air.

"good morning great Sylph

- leave the formalities girls, I have a solution for the 2


- young amerie, didn't you say that you wanted a way to reach your goal with strength despite the obstacles? don't you think your mother will have a spell for that?

- Do you mean an accurate shot? amerie is supposed to have it

- That's right, but hers is barely an D rank, and it wasn't developed, a bad ability for an heiress of spirit magic.

"Miss Sylph! Don't say that!

- Come on girl, it will be a good gift of reconciliation, what does Arwen say girl? Wouldn't you want to teach her daughter?

-... you're right, I'll be back in a moment amerie

Arwen nodded and through amerie's window, she flew at the speed of sound.

Amerie stayed with Sylph in the room embarrassed.

"you shouldn't have said that to my mother, what a shame!

-hahaha, you should put your pride aside little girl, won't do you any good with your loved ones.

Amerie doubted Sylph when she heard her say that, she remembers that Sylph always goes looking for Ren when she tries to eat and although Ren always gives her food, it's not like that's common.

In her country, spirits are ancient beings who deserve worship, if a spirit appeared in the middle of the city, many elves would deliver expensive tributes just for a spirit to pay attention to them, but Sylph is the one almost begging for a tribute to Ren. , and it happens that when he is late for lunch he does not receive any food since he has already cleaned all the pots.

"Excuse me, great Sylph, I have a question.

-ask me with confidence girl

"It may sound rude but... why aren't you more... arrogant when you address Ren? I understand that there is some consideration towards my mother for being a powerful woman and towards me for being her heir, but you don't show yourself Towards anyone else, only Ren besides me and my mother, may I ask why you are so cordial to Ren?

-that's all?

" Yeah.

-um... that's simple girl, I can't be arrogant with ren because that wouldn't be of any use, that would be a bit silly in my opinion.

"what do you mean-

what cut short the question was Arwen who arrived with a different look.

a simple leather armor, a tight outfit that highlighted her curves, a simple and ancient leather quiver, and many arrows that contain a large amount of mana inside of them.

" where are you going?

- we are going to teach you [fine shot]


- Go ahead daughter, change.

" agree



"But mother, shouldn't you go out?

- There is nothing to be ashamed of, Amerie, rather this will be a good opportunity to verify your growth.

"huh? mother!?




Arwen took Amerie to a training camp outside of town.

- Very well daughter, let's see first how mastered you have your ability

Amerie nodded to her mother and drew the bow and quiver from her, nodding the arrow and aiming at a tree covered by a few trees.

[Spot Shot] is a special skill that can dodge or penetrate obstacles to reach the target, usually only used by shooters unable to have much strength or aim which is usually found as a rank D skill.

but it can also be a long-range ability, with that ability you can directly dodge the soldiers and go to the general even if he is inside a tent.

It's like putting a tracker on your target and connecting it to your arrow, the arrow will travel directly to your target regardless of the obstacle, if the person has a great skill they can apply it directly only to become stronger, depending on the rank and mastery it can even penetrate solid structures.

Arwen looked at her daughter who used her D-rank Trueshot ability to hit the tree.

Amerie pulled the string and the arrow covered by a thin layer of air mana traveled dodging the other trees in a curved way towards her goal, unfortunately, it collided with a tree and stayed there.

although the trees in this area are not tough enough to need high-ranking lumberjacks, which is not strong enough to indicate an impossible challenge for amerie.

At a glance, Arwen next to Sylph noticed that Amerie had great precision in shooting, but apparently, she lacked strength.

amerie's [fine shot] was only used to give strength to the arrow, in other words, the arrow dodged the trees and almost reached it because of amerie's ability.

Looking at her daughter's frustration, Arwen nodded.

-amerie, try to do this.

Arwen took out her bow and quiver, with her magic, she moved the spiral-shaped target to another location, specifically to a rather thin tree that was covered by a rather thick-trunked tree, then put another target in a position close to the first target but at the same time blocked by another trunk giving only a few spaces to pass through the grove.

then Arwen stood in front of the thick tree as well as other trees that would make the arrow's curve impossible.

Arwen fired 2 unused arrows [Certain Shot].

one of the arrows flew directly towards the side of the thick-trunked tree, along with the moment that amerie thought that the arrow would be lost and would miss, the second arrow reached the first arrow at some point and collided with the first arrow with force, the 2 arrows went astray hitting both targets on target.

Amerie was surprised by her mother's precision.

Arwen looked away to see her daughter looking at her with a burning gaze with eyes that screamed show me.

- very well, do you want to try it amerie?

"Yes, mother!




While Amerie and Arwen spent their time together, at the office it was another story.

Ren's eyes widened heavily and he looked around in a daze.

His body was extremely tired and his fingers were barely mobile.

lying on the ground, ren said.

"Hey, are you still alive?

he said before kicking Kiriko's leg causing the latter to move his lips.

-Ugh, I think so.

"I wish you would have died of exhaustion back there

- almost happened if it wasn't for someone who started taking my stamina potions at some point

"Yeah, sorry about that, but I really couldn't take another minute.

Kiriko heavily lifted his body.

-Ugh, I know.

"And now?

- I don't know, although I really want to go to my morning training, my body won't be able to carry even a wooden sword.

"fuck, whatever, call Kumiko and tell her to pick you up.

- and what will you do?

"I'll stay here, this floor feels cold.

- whatever you want.

Kiriko called through a mana intercom to ask Kumiko for help.

when Kumiko arrived, he saw ren asleep on the floor, she just snorted before picking up kiriko and carrying him on her shoulder, it's ren's fault that kiriko is like this after all.

After leaving Kiriko to sleep in her bed, Kumiko couldn't help but worry about Ren.

"That bastard won't die on the cold floor, will he?

Kumiko still thought it was punishment enough for him and left for Arwen's office.

but when she arrived, she did not see ren.

"where is it?

Kumiko was confused in the empty office.




Ren opened her eyes.

" where I am?

Ren rose heavily.

trying to move her arm, she realized that he was being held by something.

looking at what it was, ren saw a tree root holding his arm, there were even root hairs entering his skin, but ren also noticed something.

It was as if those hairs were... nourishing him?

Ren felt that he regained some strength.

ren then notices the strangeness.

it seems that the tree... hears it?

ren then said out loud.

" Enough

the hairs began to come out of ren's arm slowly, but they didn't leave a single wound on his arm.

'Do you know what is it?

- no idea, I woke up at the same time as you, apparently the roots brought you here.

“um… if I remember correctly the elf king also has this ability to control the world tree according to the legends.

" well then...

Ren got up and looked at the big closed door, then Ren realized that he didn't bring the seed necklace that Arwen gave him, he left it in the office.

even so, ren had a feeling, so he said.

"open up?

the door began to open.

"So that old man can sense the situation?

ren then entered, seeing the emptiness he said.

"Can you put a bridge to get there?

immediately thick roots began to make a bridge to the location of the elf king.

As the airflow came from below, the trunk impeded the passage of wind to the wind.

Upon reaching the crystal that has locked the elf king, Ren placed his hands on it and said.

"Very good old man, it's time to wake up...