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Kiriko could be seen knocking on a door early in the morning at the elven queen's mansion.

Kiriko was on guard as he tapped twice, waiting for a reaction.

and he was not disappointed.

The entire door began to freeze with the naked eye, leaving the door completely frozen, from there an ice spike was formed with the objective: Kiriko's face.

Kiriko jumped back dodging the ice, then drew his sword to block the ice spikes that flew towards his position and yelled.

- it's me!

the door of the room that had been blocked with ice began to fall apart little by little until in the end, everything returned to normal.

Kiriko cautiously opened that door and inside Ren could be seen in bed with his eyes closed and a lazy voice.

" what do you want?

Kiriko had already prepared his words to attract Ren, so he said.

- we are going to-

"I'm not going

Ren said directly as he waited for Kiriko to leave.

- Could you at least listen to me?


"Will you leave after I hear everything?

- Yeah

" say it

- We will go to the elf king to ask for some seeds for the people of the ice elves, I would like to know if you could join us


Ren jumped out of bed and asked.

"travel to the ice elf village?

- Yeah?

"What are you doing there like an idiot then? move

Ren quickly changed her clothes and headed out the door.

Kiriko took a while to react to the strange rush, then his brain took it as Ren also wants to go help.

together they went to the room where the elven king was lying.

Upon entering, Kiriko saw Arwen sitting next to the elven king while she told her stories with her father.

when ren walked through the door, first he heard a whistle and then he felt 2 weapons in his face and a melodious and happy voice.

-thank you! thank you! thank you!

Arwen hugged Ren tightly.

Ren, who still didn't understand anything, found a hug that caused him a lot of pain due to the force of the grip.


Kiriko seeing Ren wince and the sound of breaking bones, panicked as she tried to warn Queen Arwen.

- Aunt Arwen! please release ren, you are about to kill him!


Arwen gasped, not because of Kiriko's voice.

but because strong and thick roots began to appear from the ground trying to loosen Arwen's grip on ren.

It should be said that although Arwen is a marksman, her brute strength is not a joke, for some roots to be able to counteract her strength, they must be roots directly from the world tree and not ordinary roots.

Arwen also remembered that Ren is a human with a rank of only C, Arwen immediately let go and approached Ren without touching him with a worried expression.

- Sorry, I did it without thinking.

Ren that had been released from Arwen, didn't fall to the ground, the roots that prevented Arwen from crushing Ren further supported Ren so he wouldn't fall.

Ren stretched out his arm with the palm facing the ground and a staff-shaped root grew from the ground which ren held before moving slowly holding the staff to the side of the high elf king's bed.

Roots began to grow, forming a chair where Ren sat gently.

ren leaned on the backrest and then put his arm on the armrest of the chair, moments later, some roots appeared surrounding ren's arm and clung to his arm where root hairs appeared and inserted into his arm, the root hairs helped to increase ren's healing abilities.


During the whole process, everyone was quiet while the old man was grinning from ear to ear.

Ren felt his pain lessen as his strength gradually recovered.

Ren had just used almost all of his mana to strengthen his muscles with the technique the cat people gave him and withstand the pressure of Arwen's embrace, which he failed horribly as it looked like a couple of bones were broken.

in the end, seeing Arwen's anxious look made Ren explain the situation.

"Don't worry Aunt Arwen, I know you were just excited, thank you old Aragorn, if it weren't for your assistance I would have been crushed to death.

- no problem young ren.

Aragorn and Ren conversed with their eyes

'- you know that you can't hide forever that you can contact the power of the world tree plants right?

'You just play along old man, if your daughter finds out that I can use it she will do everything possible to keep me here.

-'... I can't deny it, my daughter was always someone who got what she wanted, although I'm interested in knowing how long you can hide it, I'll play along

After conversing like this, the two of them turned to see the others while Arwen calmly sat on the chair on the other side of her father in silence like a good daughter.

Despite the fact that she currently has the title of queen of the elves, Arwen knew that her father came to have a power that broke current limits.

Arwen was talking with her father and her father confessed that he can no longer use mana, his core was so damaged that when the king woke up he decided to no longer try to repair it, the core of someone who came to have the power to rival the angels in the past he won't be able to be touched by something like an earthly medicine, maybe the holy light could have an effect, but kiriko doesn't come close to even a tiny part of that power, having his mana core damaged and keeping it would be bad for his health, that's why he would only stay here as the named guardian of the world tree.

His father can use the power of the world tree, so it didn't seem strange to Arwen that the world tree helped Ren.

Arwen decided to listen to the request of these boys before continuing to talk with his father.

- so, young kiriko and ren, may I know what you need?

Kiriko took a deep breath before giving his request.

-We want his help to bring seeds that can germinate in the ice elf clan.

-um... okay

Aragorn agreed without much problem.


- oh really?

Aragorn nodded with a smile before advising Kiriko of the situation.

- they will have to ask the world tree for it

- huh? don't you control the world tree?

at that moment both ren and Aragorn laughed at his words until they made their stomachs hurt, after a long time Aragorn was the first to say.

- Ha ha, I haven't heard a joke of that caliber in a long time.

Arwen who was on the side said after having laughed as he held his mouth.

-Vera young hero, I never said that my father can control the world tree, the world tree cannot be controlled, all he does is communicate with it and borrow its power.


Kiriko said disappointed.

- do not be discouraged young hero, you can ask the world tree for help, he is usually a bit picky with people, but he may listen to you

Ren looked at Aragorn and asked him.

"Didn't you tell me that the world tree reads the heart?



Arwen's ear pricked up at that comment.

- What do you mean Ren?

Ren, without changing his expression, replied to Arwen.

"Yesterday I wanted to ask the tree something, but old Aragorn told me that before you communicate with the tree, the tree will first read your heart.

-um, that makes sense.

Ren turned his attention back to Kiriko.

"Come on, I'm sure the tree would like your stupidity.

- Let's see if your laziness also attracts him.

"You wish, unhappy

As the 2 youths left, Arwen and Aragorn smiled before speaking again.




Ren and Kiriko walked to the back of the mansion after going through many corridors.

The guards, who had already received a message from their queen, let them through without any trouble.

the world tree was at the back of the mansion or rather the mansion was at the front of the world tree.

The closer they got, the more they could feel the thick mana in the air, although it wasn't a feeling of oppression, on the contrary, there was a feeling of coolness in the place.

Arriving, Kiriko looked at the big tree in front of him, Kiriko was thinking about what to do... but a voice came to him through Arwen's wind magic as a sound transmission.

- You must put your hand on the trunk of the tree, young hero, and then you must close your eyes.

Kiriko nodded.

He first stood in front of the world tree before taking a deep breath and placing his hand gently on the trunk as he closed his eyes.

upon coming into contact with the tree, he heard a voice of a child that said.

[hello young hero]

"Do you know me?

the voice of the world tree was the voice of a small child that sounded very lively and cheerful, nothing to do with his legend of having lived long enough to understand the beginning of the world.

[of course, I knew you would come here at some point, I was waiting for you]

" oh really?

[That's right, I wanted to meet this generation's hero, so go ahead and send mana to me, I'd like to know your progress]


Kiriko though confused sent some of his pure mana to the tree while still listening to the voice of the tree in his mind.

[um... your current progress is fine, much better than it should be on another turn, I guess that must be that...]

"excuse me? can you explain it?

Kiriko did not understand what the world tree was saying and tried to at least receive information.

[No, just take it as the words of a simple tree trunk, let's see... what do you want? for to come and ask me for help?]

Kiriko took a deep breath, although he was nervous, he was determined to ask the world tree for help, it didn't matter if he was helped or not.

"I would like... I want to help the ice elf clan, the elf king told me that you could give me some seeds that can withstand their climate, could you help me?

the voice replied calmly as if he was talking about the weather.

[sure, I can do it, no problem]

" oh really?

[of course, I have no problem with helping you in your desire to help those children, just answer this question... what is your ultimate goal?]

Kiriko already had an answer for that, his final mission after the dark dungeons stop spawning was one and only one.

"...I want to be a king worthy of my country and have the strength to protect my people.

[fine, good goal, good determination, I like you young hero... I hope you don't stray from your path in the future, I would like to chat more, but if we chat more, the threads could be twisted by the delay, for now, open the palm of your hand]

Kiriko opened her hand and felt some pebbles being placed in his palm.

[OK, that's all for today, I hope we meet again young hero, by the way, tell your companion that I also want to talk to him]


[that's how it is]

"Thank you very much, his excellence.

[you can talk comfortably young hero, all this is just to avoid the destruction of history, you can go]

Kiriko withdrew her hand from him before bowing 3 times to the tree and looking behind it to see Ren lying on the ground as he slept.

"ha... who like him

Kiriko moved to Ren's side before silently attempting to drench him with a water spell but failed as a root appeared at his side and he held onto his hand stopping him from releasing the spell.

Kiriko thought it was the benevolence of the world tree avoiding a fight in his abode, Kiriko nodded before approaching Ren and kicking him twice in the rib.


ren replied lazily.

"Get up Ren, the world tree wants to talk to you.

-... OK.

Ren stood up and began to approach the world tree, but in his head he had doubts.

' he won't find out will he?

- are you afraid?

Elpis asked amusedly.

' It would be more correct to say that it will be a problem if this tree attacks me.

- Don't worry, he won't attack you even if he finds out who I am.

'...you told me that you don't want dragons or angels to find out who you are, doesn't that mean you're something bad?

-... that was rude, I'm not something evil, okay? or at least in the eyes of that tree, I am not.

'ha... whatever, let's get this over with.

Ren could only trust Elpis and continue walking towards the tree, Ren put his hand on the bark of the world tree and a voice was heard in his ear, but at the same time, it was not his ear...

[hello my descendant]


(here unfortunately for me, the unwanted author)

he is right, they don't even want him in his house.

(Could you shut up? It was a phrase with the aim of making people laugh)

...you have worse jokes than my old great-grandmother with her 80's jokes about how fat she was in her day.

(you can't have jokes about that if you are my creation)

therefore, you are my father, my great-grandmother is your grandmother, genius.


(Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I'm, so to speak... increasing words from my first chapters, so that there is more meaning in what I write... for future readers, so far I'm going through chapter 25)

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