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Ren stared at the woman in front of him silently with his head filled with Elpis' excited voice.

-finally! you will lose your virginity!

'You could shut up? she is not seducing me.

-How is she not seducing you? She is in front of you showing a hole under her dress, showing her breasts, and waiting for your answer, how is that not seducing you?

'Believe me, I've been close friends with a prostitute in my previous life, I know when I say that she doesn't want to have sex with me.

Even though it seems that the clan chief is coming on to Ren so that he takes her to her room, Ren knew that she is not horny, and even if she was horny, Ren would not go with her.

"Clan chief, I think we have a misunderstanding between us.


The boss slightly twitched her eyebrow at Ren's words and said in a mocking tone.

-You came here using my granddaughter as a bridge, and when I let you come see me, you want to blackmail me.

"When did I do that exactly?

-Are you being misunderstood?

"But I really don't get it.


The clan chief held her forehead in annoyance.

-Just say what your filthy heart keeps at once.

"excuse me?

-what? Do you think I don't know what humans would covet me despite my age?

Ren was beside himself seeing the woman in front of him making a move with a cold stare.

-Didn't I tell you that she wants to go to bed with you?

'I'm too tired to understand this woman's logic, though on second thought… I could use her for that too.

Ren began to smile mischievously causing the boss's cold gaze to turn colder as she understood what Ren wanted to do.

'After all, he is human, he won't be able to resist me, I just need him to let his guard down for a moment and I can have him under my control.

the ice elf chieftain thought as she held back her cold smile.

"I want you to teach me it

Ren's calm words left the boss baffled as she didn't expect Ren to be so direct.

-right here? Don't you want to go to a room first?

Ren looked doubtfully at the boss.

"um... is it necessary? I don't think we need to move for you to show me that.

The boss heard the words, and couldn't help but think.

'and if someone comes in here? This human is more desperate than I thought.

-Well, if that's what you want... we can start right away.


Ren nodded with a quiet smile before sitting back while taking out a notepad and pencil, then looked at the clan chief as she waited in silence.

' I've heard of certain fetishes in humans, but it's the first time I've seen something like drawing a woman's body before doing it.

The boss shrugged calmly, as she was about to start removing the straps from her dress, Ren interrupted her as she looked at her pad.

"So, what is the beginning of your magic?


Ren asked thoughtfully again as he jotted down something on the pad.

"I asked, what is the principle of that magic? How do you manage to maintain those walls without being present all the time?

The ice chief, understanding Ren's words, frowned.

-Do you want me to teach you the principles of my magic?


The female boss stood up quietly, returned to her chair, and crossed her arms as she sneered at a bewildered Ren.

-Do you think you are worthy? don't make such funny jokes, human, you won't be able to understand my magic, let alone apply it, give up on it.

Seeing the mocking boss, Ren couldn't help but think in bewilderment.

'She was about to undress in front of me without changing her expression, but she doesn't want to show me her magic?

-That's normal, Ren.

'How can stripping naked be more normal than teaching me magic?

- for a magician, teaching the principles of his magic is worse than being seen naked, all the time and effort it took, some have no problem teaching their magic, but others just don't want to, she seems to be one of the last.

'um... what a nuisance, but hey, it only remains to do something else

"I just want to learn

-And what do I gain with what you want?

The ice chief asked ironically, believing that as the hero's servant, he won't have anything valuable that he can offer.

"um...that I don't tell anyone?

-…explain yourself

Ren began spouting nonsense to try to convince the boss.

"From what you say, you don't want anyone to find out that the principles of your magic are strange, you want them to believe that you can keep those walls up all the time... therefore, you wanted me to be silent, I only ask you to teach me your magic, just to learn, that's all

The elf chief was silent for a while as she thought about Ren's words, it was easy for her to say no to Ren, but she didn't want to cross the hero's people in a bad way, after all, if Ren leaves here and gives a bad opinion about his clan, the hero might not help him, and for the boss who is in dire straits it was a no-no

-um... I could think about it if you beat me in a fight if you make me move from where I'm standing, I'll teach you.

'why do elves like to be moved from where they are standing?

" OK.

Ren got up and positioned himself.

- If you manage to hit me, I'll teach you, but be careful human, I won't be soft just for being the hero's servant.

Ren nodded silently, then he began to gather mana around his feet to push himself with ice and try to finish with a single fast attack, the speed of the boss's magic was incredible, Ren had to be faster if he wanted to block it.


Ren was beside himself at this moment.

'what the fuck?

to the naked eye in the silent office of the ice elves boss, Ren could only be seen with a confused face while the boss had a mischievous look in her eyes, Ren didn't notice it because he was focused on the incongruity inside his body right now.

Ren couldn't summon his magic out of his body.

'I'm trying to get mana, but I don't feel it moving through my body... it seems to cut off as soon as the mana is coming out of the core... interesting, it's not like the flow has been interrupted, it's like something has. sucked.

Ren turned his gaze to the boss who was holding up a single finger.

There was a crystal floating on top of the ice chief's finger.

'A magic crystal? It doesn't look like it... this is made of ice, how the hell?

Seeing Ren's surprised look, the female boss repeated in a cold tone.

- surprised human? You can't win, give up


'I must admit, I want to learn this magic no matter what.

Seeing that way of blocking magic... Curiosity to learn was piqued in Ren right now, it was a rare feeling for the one who could learn anything he wanted just by looking at it the past, it has been like this in his old life, and It didn't change much.

a fact that Ren didn't know was the reason why the old Ren was able to enter ALL without having magical talent or even being able to hold a sword.

it was the photographic memory that old Ren was born with, Elpis said that everything related to magic and talent was brought from Ren's soul, the only thing that old Ren was was to be a perfect vessel for our Ren, but the soul Ren's only thing that gave Ren his magical ability along with his talent, his ability to memorize everything already came with the body, which meant that the old Ren was going to enter ALL only relying on the written exam.

That explains the reason for the bullying, but it doesn't explain the reason why Ren was able to get into ALL, Ren's parents couldn't pay for the test, even if they worked since Ren's birth, and as far as Ren knows, he didn't is born within any of the 6 main duchies of the empire.

Getting back on topic, Ren took a deep breath to calm down, seeing that he couldn't win with magic, she pulled a dagger from his ring.

Apparently because of that crystal in the boss's hand, all the mana in the air vanished and the surroundings felt dry as if everything had been sucked out and the only thing that could have been the crystal in the boss's hands.

-interesting, I'll let you use skills if you think you can hit me

The chieftain nodded at Ren's quick judgment in not only relying on speed magic from him.

Ren with dagger in hand stomped the ground hard, he only took a step when he felt something grab his leg.

Ren knew it was ice without turning his eyes, Ren used [Mind Flow] and [Flow] to cut off the magic and remove the ice.

Ren concentrated his mind and felt the flow of the ice that trapped his foot, it only took a pinch of mana to cut it, but when he tried to draw mana, it was gone in moments.

-you can't cut a flow without mana? From the looks of it, you didn't learn flow correctly, huh? It's your loss, human.


Ren's leg was trapped in ice that was perfectly positioned on Ren's foot, Ren began to move his foot strangely to the boss's eyes, Ren's joints were heard moving to get out of your lock.

the boss was surprised as moments later Ren's foot came out of the ice.

- dislocate your foot to escape, not bad

Ren didn't respond to the boss's words of congratulations, he just ran towards the boss, but before he reached her, a wall of ice blocked her path.


Ren hit the ice wall with all his strength to no avail.


this time Ren murmured quietly as he was running out of options seeing the mischievous smile of the boss.

The boss's smug expression suddenly changed to a frown, she canceled her magic, and the entire office which was already somewhat in disarray returned to its original position, Ren did not understand what was happening even when his body was caught by an ice hand and carried in front of her to be placed on a chair and positioned.

the scene turned a few minutes ago when Ren had attacked the ice boss.

Ren was really confused for a few moments until he felt a familiar presence approaching his position.

After a few moments in silence, the office door began to be respectfully knocked and a voice was heard from outside.

-Can we come in, Grandma?


The ice chief looked at the door and could see how her grandson Dorris entered, seeing the promising young man from her family caused a smile on the face of the ice chief, Kiriko who followed Dorris saw the chief and stared at her with mouth open unable to say a word.

Dorris, not knowing that the hero was amazed by the beauty of her grandmother, greeted her politely.

-Very good morning, clan chief, I hope she had a wonderful morning, I hope I don't interrupt her meeting with her guest.

Dorris said as she looked kindly at Ren and Ren nodded at her.

The boss waved her hand as she spoke in a much softer tone than how she treated Ren.

- Dorris, you can talk comfortably with me, I will be the head of the village but I am also your grandmother

- thank you very much, grandmother

Dorris said before walking in front of her grandmother, the boss opened her arms and Dorris gently hugged his grandmother like a little grandson.

Ren saw all that and was somewhat surprised.

' Is it a grandma's son? I thought the clan chief was a cold and emotionless woman, but she seems like she has a bigger heart than she lets on.

Ren stopped looking at the grandmother and grandson and turned his gaze to Kiriko, Kiriko was still looking at the clan chief in amazement.

'Brother, you keep acting like a virgin… Should I take Kiriko to the nightlife girls to make him lose his virginity?

-You know you're also a virgin right? even in your old life you died a virgin, no girl could taste that huge-

'I'm not the subject of this conversation, okay? the subject is Kiriko, he is a hero who will meet even more beautiful women and if he stays like an idiot they could send a beautiful assassin with a deep neckline to have his neck cut off while he can't do anything to be an idiot, or see a Kumiko nervous in some meeting when Kiriko meets with some royalty... Although well, that seems covered, she may be a stupid woman, but she's good at disguising.

- Didn't you teach Kumiko to be attentive even when she sleeps?

'Exactly, the problem is that she kills the assassin because she's some woman trying to seduce her boyfriend, Kumiko is quite jealous, um…on second thought, it seems I'll have to talk to her about doing it with Kiriko once, and for all, But how do I invent an excuse for him to do it? I can't tell her that I don't want her boyfriend to look like an idiot looking at other women, right?

Ren was in a dilemma for a while, but he found it a bummer to worry about that future and he stopped.

Ren created an ice ball in his hand and threw it in the direction of Kiriko's face to wake him up, when the ice ball was centimeters from the hero's face, Ren who was still using flow mind could see how the flow of ice The ball's magic was sucked in with great force, the ball that lost all its mana evaporated leaving only some cold air that woke Kiriko from his reverie.

Ren turned to the boss and saw how that woman was looking at him coldly while her grandson desperately tried to calm her down and not let her raise her arm to cast magic.

-calm grandma, they are friends, Kiriko told me everything about him on the way.

the boss spoke coldly almost with anger when listening to her grandson.

-You can't talk like that Dorris! he is a hero and deserves our respect as a representative of the goddess we believe in, but humans tried to disrespect him, it doesn't matter that he is his friend, he must respect the hierarchy.

In the environment that turned cold, which Kiriko noticed, she rushed forward to try to calm the clan chief.

-excuse my audacity, clan chief.

The boss's cold expression calmed down almost instantly at Kiriko's words and she returned to a calm expression.

- Excuse me for showing you that bad appearance of my clan.

The boss said as she leaned in causing Dorris a surprised look while Ren held back a tired sigh.

Kiriko, although he was a bit uncomfortable, spoke again.

-I mean, I know that Ren can be a bit…out of the norm, but I be- I ask you to have mercy on him, he is a dear companion for my group and I don't want there to be any misunderstandings between us because of this.

Said Kiriko maintaining his composure, he heard from Dorris that his grandmother can be very intolerant of people who don't respect the hierarchy, when he found out, he tried to hurry as much as he could knowing what Ren was like, someone who loves the hierarchy as the boss clan and someone who hates him like Ren would be like oil and water, luckily, he arrived in time before something bad happened.

Ren looked at Kiriko and his performance in silence.

The clan chief looked at the hero for a moment before nodding ruefully.

-I will try, I will do my best to tolerate that human while you stay in my town.

-Thank you very much for your understanding.

Ren was dying of boredom at this and tried to speak, but Kiriko noticed and cut him off.

-Clan chief, can you tell us where we can plant the seeds?

Hearing Kiriko's words, the clan chief's eyes began to shine and she nodded.

Please allow me to guide you.

The clan chief said as she stood up she stood beside her at the entrance to her office and signaled to Kiriko to follow them.

Kiriko nodded and started to leave, on the way for the short space since the chief's body took up a lot of space, when Kiriko passed the clan chief's side, Kiriko smelled her sweet scent and her cheeks reddened a little causing a smile on the boss's lips.

Dorris followed Kiriko out through the entrance his grandmother pointed out.

Ren got up and when he was about to go through, the door closed in his face.

Ren was left alone in the office while he thought.

'Damn, what an incredible change of treatment due to the hierarchy... it's a nuisance.

There were fluctuations of slight annoyance in Ren's heart who went out following the 3 people ahead.