Chapter 1 : a students hope
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It was a cold winter morning at the university of kale a bustling city full off life filled with people with a passion for everything that brought humankind knowledge not even to be quenched by the cold embrace that winter brought. Yet for the students who attended it was a different story.

"aaargghh! i hate these morning lectures!" a male student exclaimed "how does this not break several Geneva conventions ?" He complained further.

"First off all why do you still quote a 600 year old document and secondly the Geneva conventions are for wars you dummy. well 250 years if you don't count the original 429 articles" A female student answered with a soft chuckle

"Hey! I feel like this is war making me come out off my bed this early in the morning " the male student pouted "and ever since we had to read that darned document to find the 124 flaws in just 2 nights that's all i can think about" he said while answering the chuckle with a bright smile

"well ill have to give that one to you i never want to do that again" she sighed "not that I think that it isn't an important piece of history but 8047 articles off law in 2 nights is complicated even with the advanced computing chips we got given"

"Yeah my head still hurts from the overdrive" sighed the boy "and why the second world war its so boring" said the boy while rolling his eyes with the prolonged pronunciation off boring "why couldn't we research the great change off 2023 or the great discovery off 2207" the boy continued.

"at least be happy i didn't let you research the first cyberwar off 2051 a deep voice said behind him startling both students.

"professor Wilson!" the students exclaimed "now now miss Allice don't be alarmed" he said between joyous laughter "I'm sorry professor where we standing in your way?" the boy apologized with an embarrassed smile knowing he was caught complaining in earshot off his professor.

"oh no you weren't mister Hammel i was merely overhearing a complaint about a task i had given and decided to lift your spirits a bit with the announcement that today's lecture will be given by an expert historii"

as the eyes off the both students lit up professor Wilson could only laugh understandably as an historii is extremely rare to meet and even rarer to get a lecture from. as they were one of the three groups off people who governed the entirety off the human race. And as an expert they stand only one step away from the peak off humanity right below the elders of their respective group.

"which one professor?" Hammel asked with eager eyes barely able to contain his excitement "please tell me it's the archaeologist please tell me its the archaeologist" .

"well lets guess mister Hammel there are currently only three acknowledged experts under the elder off education" Professor Wilson said with an amused look on his face.

"we have his excellency the explorer who discovered every single missing link in the evolutionary tree off humankind. but he is currently not on this continent handling business abroad representing the historii".

"we have his excellency the librarian who is the only human on earth whose chip contains the entirety off human history but he is currently looking for the cause off the great change in 2023 which takes up 97% off his computing power and he must be assisted by 2 S-AI's at all time to keep all the data packets in one place so he wont be relocating anywhere this decade". S-AI's standing for super AI's

"that leaves only his excellency the archaeologist who discovered the first and second language off humankind and possibly off our shared ancestors too in the great temples beneath the Sahara dessert".

"who currently is setting up his lecture in that room" Professor Wilson smiled while he pointed at the largest auditorium off the entire university a room that can hold a lecture for over 5200 students.

"oh and since you guys are my favorite students you are the first to know this so i would hurry and take the best places" Professor Wilson said while nodding at the door.

"Hammel let's go row 1 seat 12 and 13 are ours" Alice said while smiling so hard she thought her cheeks would tear.

"oh my god I can't believe it I just can't" Hammel said while laughing out loud as he said this quite loudly other students waiting around for the lecture to start looked confused at the couple rushing toward the wrong auditorium but their confusion was quickly settled when the students' portable holograms came whizzing to life

"dear students this is an announcement for all students today is an incredibly special day"

a voice boomed in all of the students head it was the headmaster an incredibly well respected member in the board of education and rumored to become the next elder of education

"i am incredibly joyous to be able to announce that today we have a very special lector today"

as the headmaster said this he let a dramatic pause fall as he did this the students looked at each other questioningly as they did not receive the usual news like when there was going to be another lector.

"I know this comes as a surprise however we at the board decided to keep it a secret and to keep it as a reward for all our students who so diligently studied this year to give them the reward off being able to follow a lecture of his excellency the archaeologist!"

The moment he said that enormous waves off surprise excitement and happiness spread among the students as they but also the professors hurried to the auditorium they had been appointed to

but when all students had left the halls only one student remained writing in what seemed to be a diary as one of the professors who was rushing to the auditorium saw him he stopped and said to the student.

"Daniel, you're not going to see the lecture?"

Daniel looked up quite surprised as he just had woken up.

"I'm sorry professor going to where?" the student asked.

"where u sleeping?" the professor asked surprised "anyway there's going to be an once in a life-time lecture believe me kid u don't want to miss this" the professor said getting impatient with the student who just sat there like he didn't care there was a man with the knowledge of millions off humans just a few room from him.

"about what?" the student asked while stretching.

"the history of mankind" the professor said with a certain awe in his voice.

an awe that Daniel had seen many many times the professor saw his reaction and was quite surprised when he saw something for only for a second no even shorter to look in this student's eyes a look that looked like nostalgia but the professor shrugged this off as the student being somewhere else with his head so he decided that he was going to let this kid decide for himself.

"anyway kid I'm not going to miss even a second off this lecture you decide for yourself but don't blame me if u miss it".

as the teacher left rushing toward the auditorium the student thought to himself why go see something that we have already studied? but decided that it couldn't hurt to listen so he stood and walked towards the auditorium as he walked towards it he heard that they already started.

"oh well ill be quiet like always"

he said to no one in particular and he opened the door.

when he stepped trough the door he was a bit relieved that the lecture had not started yet as most of the students had taken a place they could find many where also left standing as Daniel looked around he estimated 6000 people where in this room as he took his place next to some students thanks to him being so large he could easily see over all the other students and saw that the lector was getting ready to speak.

"ahem ahem"

He just cleared his throat but that was enough to get the undivided attention off every single one in the room.

Daniel was quite impressed while he knew now from the students around him that the man speaking was an expert historii he had never seen somebody silence this many people at once with just a bit off noise he did see a boy getting overly enthusiastic but the girl right next to him smacked his head so fast Daniel wondered if she even was a Historii trainee it seemed that she slapped so fast that nobody in the room had noticed it.

Well anyone but Daniel of course he had that characteristic of noticing the things that nobody else noticed. ass the boy in front quickly held his head and adjusted him self the lector started talking.

"alright ladies and gentlemen today we will talk and discuss about the many quirks off humans and oh do they have many"

as he said this whit a chuckle everyone else in the room chuckled as well if any group off people would know about the quirks of humans it would be them they prided themselves on that.

"First off all i want to thank the headmaster for allowing me this like minded audience" the archaeologist said while nodding towards the headmaster who was seated on the front row

"but of course i probably think that everyone knows me here so ill skip the introductions you may know me as his excellency the archaeologist" he said that in a sarcastic tone making quite a lot off people chuckle rather nervously

"and while i do appreciate the respect you may all address me a sir that will suffice for now"

what he said flustered everyone in the room an idol off them allowed them to address him like a normal person while they set themselves over this quite unusual event not many believed their ears but stayed silent

"now u students must be confused about what this lecture is about let me answer that with a question how many off u know of my latest expedition?"

as he asked this almost everyone raised his hand

"great that will make this easier for the ones that didn't raise their hands hmmm let's see"

the archaeologist looked around and let his gaze fall on Hammel whose hearth nearly exploded from excitement.

"You kid. You where one of the first ones who raised his hands can you tell your fellow students what i did on my last expedition?"

At first Hammel didn't know what to do the one he admires is in his presence and just spoke to him it felt like a mountain had just spoken to him but a quick poke shook him back to reality

"Y-yes sir you went to the great Sahara dessert with your assistant Allice Bekkerman to dig up the lost temples of the first civilizations and to find clues that can be additions to the grovian book"

the Grovian book is the new Rosetta's stone a book with more then 8000 sentences from a language that on its discovery was called the language of ancestors or "Aldus" all translated to a very old dialect of "Domus" another language that was discovered in the deepest parts of the Sahara dessert deep below the dunes. that with the help of the librarian was translated to English.

"Correct it seems you did your homework good job"

as he heard this Hammel thought he was going to faint but he could trust on a trusty poke from his friend who was getting quite tired of poking him every time the archaeologist looked their direction.

"Of course my dear friend Mustaffa participated as well its quite handy off having an expert bolter as a friend"

This came as quite a surprise how did an expert of a group who are known to be more radical then a normal member manage to befriend another expert especially a group known for their hotheadedness this question lied on many students tongue but only rolled off that of one

"S-sir how did you make a friend with an enemy?"

As the archaeologist heard this he was quite surprised but laughed anyway

"well its true that our groups have a bit off friction but that doesn't make us enemies anyway it seems i have some explaining to do so let me tell u the story of my latest expedition"