323. Battle in Space
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The enemy vessels were not uniform; at a glance, there were several different styles among these 300 battleships.

Of course, it was only the design that varied. These so-called space pirates would not keep weak allies, and all their battleships definitely lived up to the title of "Invincible Fleet."

Meanwhile, inside one of the most strangely shaped ships, which looked like an insectoid hive, several alien beings had also spotted the opposing fleet.

Behind those two battleships was the azure planet.

"So that is the third planet. Plenty of water resources, mineral resources, and biological resources," a half-human, half-insect being greedily eyed the planet.

She was the insectoid queen, Shirelle!

"Damn, we've been tricked! The information we received said that all of the third planet's interstellar fleet had left. Why are there still several battleships?" The one who spoke was a creature with a beast's face and a man's body, with gray-brown skin and standing over two meters tall. When he spoke, his four beastly fangs were revealed.

He was the beast king, Hock.

"It's only two battleships, Hock, is it necessary to be so nervous?" Shirelle scoffed. "Crushing these two battleships will be as easy as squashing ants."

"How boring, we've traveled so many planets, and not one has offered a challenge. Is our life only about burning, killing, and looting? Don't we aspire to more?" A towering figure in a tattered cloak, standing behind Hock, lamented.

He was one of the eight alien races, the eternal undead, Bone King Redisco.

"Hmm? Not right!" Shirelle suddenly frowned. "My children tell me that they have more than two battleships!"

"What? Could their battleships have stealth capabilities in space?" Hock was puzzled. "Have your disgusting bugs take a closer look!"

Shirelle snorted, "Hock, if you insult my children again, I'll make your life a living hell!"

Hock, remembering Shirel's tactics, couldn't help but shiver. He wasn't afraid of Shirel, he just found her tactics too revolting, not to his taste.

Besides, now was not the time for internal disputes.

"Alright, alright, I won't say anything. You just hurry and see how many carriers they have."

Only when Hock admitted his mistake did Shirelle let it go. Her eyes rolled back as she entered a perceptive state.

"Eighteen in total! All of the same class!"

"Damn, eighteen interstellar carriers? Not bad, Earthlings," Hock said somewhat impressed. "Old bone, how about it? Is this enough for you to fight?"

Bone King Redisco snorted coldly. If it weren't for Hock's strength, countless people would have wanted to tear this offensive mouth to shreds.

"Eighteen? Are you joking with me? Even one hundred and eighty wouldn't be enough!" Redisco shook his head. "Don't waste time, defeat these inferior fleets, I want to go to their planet!"

"I want to show them that death is not the end. As long as they swear loyalty to me, I will grant them eternity!"

Hock looked disgusted, "Old bone, spare us your spiel. We're all too familiar with it."

"Shirelle will use Earth's creatures as incubators, and you, you will only turn them into walking dead like your minions, talking about eternity, the only one who can live forever is you!"

"Ah, I'm the most straightforward, I will only use them as food, and will never deceive them."

The three were already looking forward to this trip to Earth.

However, among the eight alien races, these three were not the only members. While they were arguing and joking, the doers had already taken action.

"Holy shit, Moshin is ready to use his particle beam! Isn't it nice to chat with those lowly races? He starts fighting right away! That guy has no sense of fun, he's just a war machine!"

"Alright, Hock, if you want to live longer, you'd better not complain about Moshin, or he won't hesitate to kill you!" Shirelle said. "You guys go back to your own ships and prepare for battle."


The incoming party seemed to have no intention of greeting the Earthlings. Raine noticed the main cannon on one of their streamlined flagships was vigorously gathering energy. And the other battleships were releasing a large number of diverse starfighters.

Those large interstellar carriers were like hives, releasing a mass of worker bees. They had already begun their action!

"Captain, it looks like the other side doesn't plan to waste words with us!" Delkel's voice sounded somewhat anxious. "Their main cannon has locked onto me! Request permission to fire!"

Raine's brows furrowed. Just how confident was the other party that they didn't even bother to say a word and directly took action!

Well, in that case, there was no need to be polite with them.

He immediately ordered, "Fire at will! Other battleships deploy fighters!"

Star Carriers No. 17 and 18 activated their weapon systems in the first instance, deploying two thousand floating cannons, their main cannons also accumulating energy, targeting the main ship of the enemy that was charging.

Other star carriers successively materialized, releasing a large number of fighters and floating cannons.

The main cannons of the two main ships fired almost simultaneously. In the starry sky, two beams of energy hit the enemy's electromagnetic field shield.

It could be seen that Delkel's mothership was enveloped in a transparent light shield, and the energy beam and thermal shock wave generated by the enemy's particle cannon were blocked outside by the force field shield.

The enemy's main ship's shield likewise resisted Delkel's particle cannon attack.

"Captain, the electromagnetic field shield has depleted 37%!" Delkel quickly reported, "Our power system has malfunctioned, currently using the backup power system."

Both parties' ships had just conducted a round of probing attacks, and at the same time, the enemy's massive fighters were rushing toward them at an extremely fast speed.

Fighters are always the focus of the battle!

Eighteen thousand firepower specialists and the enemy's starfighters, like two groups of dense bees, clashed instantly.

As soon as the two sides clashed, the battle heated up.

The primary close-range weapon of both sides' fighters were laser cannons, with numerous laser cannons filling the entire space.

In the initial clash, a large number of fighters were hit and exploded! But the real battle had just begun.

Such a complex degree of aerial melee could no longer rely on the system for automatic piloting. All firepower specialists used remote control systems, controlling the fighters in real combat simulation cabins to fiercely fight with the enemy!

"Brothers, kill! We must not let them get close to our ship!"

"Their fighters outnumber us three to one, I must take down at least three!"

"Thunder group, maintain formation, concentrate fire!"

"Enemy behind us, don't let them lock onto us, request support!"

"Their fighter performance is not worse than ours, everyone be careful! Rely on the floating cannon cover!"

In Raine's total system, the number of his own fighters was rapidly decreasing.

18000, 17500, 17000...

Of course, the enemy's fighter numbers were also decreasing.

The fighter battle was heated up as soon as it came on stage, and the contest of the battleships also began at this moment.

Missiles were fired from both sides' battleships, and almost all main cannons on the main ships were charging, preparing to attack.

The final interstellar battle had already begun!