Chap 13.2- Awakening
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Chap 13.2- Awakening:


{Location: Mino City; Time: 3:31 p.m.; P.O.V: 3rd Narrator}:



  Now the impostor begins to fight the heroes, the more experienced ones manage to defend themselves, as for the ones who barely know how to fight... They don't have such luxury....


  The battlefield being one of the streets near the center of the city, now all destroyed, and the sounds of battle are heard.



''Shit..... why do we have to take this place anyway? {Manas!:Fire!}''- One of the heroes using a spear asks while activating a magic.


  ''I have no idea, but at least we haven't died *CLING*.... YEEeeet!!.'' - He is thrown backwards flying, one of his partners helps him stand up again., but not without both being carried for some good 10 meters back.


  They look at Zoh and Prin, both of them together are managing to at least hold their enemy back.


  The others? Most tried, but were thrown away in different ways.


  Zack was combed, with a kick to the neck followed by one to the side of his head, throwing him to the side spinning around.


  Caby tried to attack the monster with her daggers, she even managed to exchange a few blows with her high speed, dodging and attacking, but just as she was about to land an attack, 'Zero' increased her speed, and with a straight kick to the stomach the assassin was trashed back with absurd force.


  They were trying to attack together, but when she didn't dodge something, she hit them throwing them backwards with their arms shaking from the impact they defended, the mages and archers had it way worse, almost dying after the impact.


  They have lost two so far, Zoh is somehow managing to go head-to-head with 'Zero', obviously with Prin shooting arrows at every opening that appears.



  'Zero' redirects a slash from the top to the bottom coming from the axe, and then immediately jumps up, dodging an arrow and delivering an axe kick still in the air towards Zoh.


*CLIING!* The kick connects on the axe, a small wave of shock is created.


  "AAAHHHGGGG!!!!"- Zoh learning his lesson, puts his Manas into his weapon this time, and to his body too.


  The ground beneath him cracks, these small cracks expand.


  'Zero' uses all the momentum she had on the attack, but soon throws herself to the side exploding her mana in her hand, and dodging several spells and arrows.


  'They're finally back huh.'- She straightens up, and prepares herself, this 'Zero' seems to prefer kicks, as the classic was more 'everything goes' type.


  She activates her aura, and now the real battle begins.


  She starts walking, then running, and in a matter of seconds her speed increases and increases, with no visible limit.


  Zoh sees this and something clicks in his head, himself having a basic understanding of physics.


  'SHE CAN FUCKIN GAIN MOMENTUM WITHOUT STOOPING!?'- He understands the basic part of 'Zero's' powers, but not the general idea.


  He runs to Spar and explains with a summary.


  "She....*breaths* can gain an indefinitely amount of momentum, it's one of the reasons she hits so hard, I think she's somehow transferring all that energy she gathers to the ones she attacks, that's why you couldn't help me earlier...*breathes out*"- Prin nods, if her powers are like Zoh says, the best plan would be...


  "We need to make, so she can't move, like gather that energy ya know?.... Maybe the mages know of something..."- She says while looking at Dock and Joely facing their apparently doom.


  "It's what we have..."- Zoh says trying to stay unnoticed by their enemy, and make a run towards the mages that still around.



{Location: Zero's Mind; Time: ??:?? apm?.; P.O.V: 1st Zero}:



  Where.....where I am? I was up in the sky..


Preparing to help some minotaur guys, then I heard someone's voice..


  "Well ya did hear that, I needed to do a LOT to keep your conscience alive, you know? Had to do a backup in the memories even *sighs*"


  I turn around startled, who is even this?


  Someone very tall at least 4 meters tall, that's made of pure white energy with two yellow dots for eyes.


  "Look chibi, I am someone who that 'one' sent to take care of you, I'll explain things, you with me?" - The being raises a brow? How....*nods*


  "Okayy look, I don't have a name, because in a way, I am you, not your conscience, but still you, there's another two, and one of them is the one who give me to you, to help you."- Another me? Why do I feel like heard someone say that before.....


"I am here because 'he' knew some shit was going to happen, your own skill tried to do shit on your mind *sighs*, like I can't give the memories back right now, but when you are mature enough,  ye, with me?"- I have a Skill doing stuff with me? .... That's why I was so sick before fainting, I nod again.


  "And that's where I came in, to teach you some stuff, I am here to try and give you some control of this Skill, you need something like, an on and off button,  right now it's active 24/7, passive and active sometimes, we getting you to control it will let you choose when to evolve, and not evolve to don't need to sleep, right now you just need 2-5 hours, and you can go on for a week..."


  My eyes go widen,  If it's evolving everything,  wait...that mean my-


  "BINGO *clicks tongue*, your emotions that interfere in your concentration are going to go *puff*, you will be an edge walking killing machine, no sympathy, no mercy, and that's why you can't feel emotions like before, it's evolving, because it makes you sick. You will turn into what Seno was expecting to get, not an alive being, but a weapon with a purpose."


  That's why they bowed down.... they didn't want to force someone who has a conscience, someone truly 'alive' to do something like fighting in a war…


  "Smart cookie, me likey, well let's get going, I will start to show you some cool stuff, time here is confusing, so I'mma try to teach you the things I learned while here! *smiles proudly*"



{Location: Zero's Mind; Time: ??:?? apm.; P.O.V: 3rd Zero}:



  Zero has been seeing on repeat a fraction of the last Village attack, the other version of her said it's a good way to make her emotional.


  She receives the fraction of memory, but together comes what she felt at the time.


  Hatred, sadness, questioning, confusion and there's another one, a primal instinct.


  The 'White' as she started calling the figure,  said to focus on the Instinct, not the other emotions, because she would be overwhelmed easily if she does so.


  She got overwhelmed a lot, White was always there, like a calm older brother, teaching her things she would ask or question, he can read her mind, so any questions she had, he would answer.



  After a looooonng time, she finally seems to get close to it!


  Exploding again with emotions, she has heat in mana form all around her, aggressively trying to burn everything, but she represses it, afraid.


  'You can do it! I know!'- White in his thoughts support Zero.


  "UUUUGHHHH! HUUUAGHHH!!"-  Zero screams, but not in pain, but just pure raw emotions being thrown at her head.


  Her face twisted, the famous creepy smile trying hard to creep up her mouth, tears roll down at the same time.


  "NOO!! UGHHHHH!"- Tears roll down her eyes that don't have pupils at the moment, she is trying hard to keep sane.


  White notices something but don't say anything but smiles. -'Finally giving a hand huh?'.


  A little figure with a purple mysterious aura goes down from the dark void they stand,  and wraps her hands around Zero's neck in a caring manner.


  "Don't let it erase who you are...."- The same little girl Zero saw in her dream, and after saying that she disappears, but her words echoes in Zero's mind.


  'I....I want.... I WANT TO SEE IT!... What's like... A world where you can live... Where they can live....ughhh.' - She falls a little,  but White don't let her fall, and unlocks even more memories.


  The heat of the mana flames now looking like a tsunami in size.- ' THAT.... SHIT LIKE THIS!!'


 Her fists shake with anger, if she had a real body she would be drawing out blood.


  In timing White gives everything back to Zero, and that's it, everything around starts to crack, the void cracks and flames come out of them.


  "DON'T  HAPPPEEENNNN!!!!"-  Zero scream, the void shaking and breaking even more.


  A smile appears in White face as he starts to disintegrate.


  "I've done my part, the  next time, she's yours.....lil'sis"


  As White disappears, the outside world finally feel the pressure of someone's who has the determination, instincts and the will to evolve enough to conquer what she wants.