80: Flashy, Sparkly, Glittery Makeup
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After having spent way too much time in the breakfast hall, Lin Songmei and Yan Mingqing had been kicked out by a “gentle” clean-up person. 

... Was that what they were called? 

Anyhow, now armed with their very expertly, drawn napkin, they were ready to kick some ass!

Songmei was sure, she knew, from the bottom of her feet to the tips of her hair, that this napkin was world class! If someone followed this napkin, they could probably become a 5 billion meridian cultivator in a few days! 

Well that was a little bit of an exaggeration, but still, that was the idea. Their napkin kicked ass!

That was until a gust of wind blew by... 

Because of that, now, instead of having a kickass napkin, they instead saw a little white square fluttering away in the wind. It was far out of reach, that was for sure. It was now just... living its best life, making new friends with the birds that were flying nearby in the sky. 

“So... Do you want to go and finish that show we were watching first?” Songmei asked, lacing her fingers into Mingqing’s. “It’s our break day after all...” 

“Of course! Hell yeah! What else are we going to do? You’re not Cai Yufei, and I’m not Cai Yufei. We are NOT going to be training todayyy~” Mingqing sang with a laugh. “Maybe some Qi circulation at most.” 

High-fiving Mingqing with her other hand, Songmei pondered, “Do you even know where those two are? We haven’t seen them for a while...” 

“I heard that they got back wayy late last night.” Mingqing shrugged, walking along with Songmei back to the elevator so that they could return to their room. “Well, ‘heard that’ more means ‘I saw them.’ But yeah, kinda felt bad for them, but it’s chill. They’re probably still passed out.” 

“How’d you even see them?” Songmei asked, tilting her head. Songmei herself didn’t remember... anything. She just remembered falling asleep in bed and then just waking up the next morning... 

In Mingqing’s arms of course. That was critical information that Songmei had burnt into her memory. 

“I got up after you fell asleep,” Mingqing explained, pushing the up arrow to call the elevator. “I went downstairs to get some water, and while getting some water, I heard some... explicit cussing from outside the door.” 

Stepping through the doors of the elevator, Mingqing offered for Songmei to push the floor button before continuing, “So I just peeked through the peephole, and... there Lu Qiang and Cai Yufei were, stumbling down the hall.” 

“Cussing?” Songmei asked, raising her eyebrows as disbelief coated her voice. “The fact that either of them have the capability to even cuss...” 

“I know right??” Mingqing shook her head with a similar eyebrow raise. “Crazy stuff. But yeah, it was Cai Yufei cussing up a storm...” 

Songmei didn’t even know what to say to that... 

Well, everyone was bound to change once they got here at Westriver. She herself had changed a fair amount... maybe? 

Anyhow, Songmei still had what... probably a year in Westriver, there’s still plenty of time to change and develop!

Stumbling through their doorway, Songmei and Mingqing made their way back upstairs, retreating into their beds as if it was the middle of winter. 

It was pretty much the middle of spring though. 

“I just realized there was practically no point in us actually dressing up...” Songmei murmured, taking off the outfit she had chosen after 15 minutes of painstaking deliberation, and putting her sleepwear back on as she climbed into bed. “Like, I don’t even think I’ll be going outside again today.” 

“That’s fine,” Mingqing shrugged, changing as well. “I can go out if we want to buy some food or something, or we can just have some delivery.” 

“I mean... those delivery robots are soooo cute...” Songmei gushed, flopping back onto the bed like a brick. “They’re made like little bees and just... ahhhhh they’re so cuteeeee, they even do the little twirl here once you get your food...” 

Shaking her head with a laugh while also climbing into bed, Mingqing wiggled up close to Songmei, wrapping her arms around her. “I’ve never seen someone have such a visceral reaction while gushing about the bee-like delivery drones before...” 

“Well, they’re cute, they deserve it,” Songmei nodded, her eyes hardening as she clenched her fist. “It’s of critical importance that they get shown the love they deserve, okay?” 

Doing a laugh-exhale combination thing, Mingqing began pulling up the TV show that they were watching while Songmei cuddled up near her. 

They were what... 5 seasons in now?

That meant they only had another 15 seasons to go!!

That was pretty good progress, in all honesty. Each episode was an hour long, and then each season had 24 episodes. 

It was... long. 

It was about cultivation though, so it was understandable, a cultivation comedy sitcom. Allowed for the continued prolongation of the content. 

Mingqing herself had looked it up and found out the first season had come out over 50 years ago! Luckily all the actors were actual cultivators, and another season was in the works, so... Songmei and her would have a lot of content to make their way through. 

Cuddled up in bed, Songmei and Mingqing started their episode. “Anything you’re looking forward to Songmei? Any continuing plot lines?” 

Craning her neck to look at Mingqing, Songmei pursed her lips as her brain slowly inched along, remembering what happened last time. “I mean... obviously I want to know what happens next, they found out that the father was actually like... funding the secret organization. So I'm excited to see them go fold the secret organization like a paper crane...” 

“True true...” 

“The thing is, I also have to like... make sure to not fall asleep, which is hard. This show is really easy to fall asleep to. Especially while watching it in bed like this...” Songmei sighed, her head flopping back onto Mingqing’s shoulder. 

“You can fall asleep if you want, I’ll wake you up for lunch if you want?” Mingqing offered, raising an eyebrow. 

“Well, I shouldn’t fall asleep with makeup on...”

“That’s true...” Mingqing mused, nodding along. Songmei did have a point with that, it wasn’t good to fall asleep with makeup on. On the other hand, Songmei seemed to have not realized, or did realize but was too lazy, but she could just take off her makeup... 

Of course, Mingqing wasn’t going to be the one to bring this up. She enjoyed admiring Songmei with makeup on... 

Girl was wayyy prettier than she realized after all... 

That was something Mingqing had known from day one of talking to Songmei, and she wasn’t about to just... tell her now. Otherwise, knowing Songmei, she’d get all embarrassed and not wear makeup again... 

This, along with that one time Mingqing had put makeup on Songmei while Songmei was passed out on her feet were memories Mingqing was going to burn into her mind. 

They were important after all, very important, items of the utmost priority!

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