Pt. 5 – Their finale
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Quinn leaned forward, placing a series of kisses along Tate’s formidable shaft. She’d messed around with some penised individuals in the past, so she wasn’t completely without experience. She opened her mouth wide, licking deliberately from shaft to head, trying to get as much blood into the area as she could.


Then she took him in her mouth completely. Tate’s groan was deep, scratching an itch on his soul. There was a pop as Quinn released him, eliciting another shorter grunt from Tate.


“Feel okay?”


Tate nodded, looking up at the ceiling before meeting Quinn’s eyes again. Quinn flashed him that trickster grin as she took him into her mouth once more. She kept eye contact, only breaking for a slow strategically placed blink.


Quinn let out a groan of her own as she began to pulse to and fro on him.


“Oh!” Tate embedded his fingers into Quinn’s silky hair to keep himself stable. “Darling that’s…” They trailed off, but their words elicited another deep moan from Quinn.


Quinn’s movements became familiar enough that Tate began to move just a bit, keeping time with his girlfriend’s bobbing.


He felt perfect and electric. He pulled harder on Quinn’s hair and she moaned again.


Quinn picked up the pace, and Tate could see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was going to be an explosion. He looked down at Quinn and paused. A thought had occurred to him.


Quinn noticed the change immediately, releasing Tate and standing up to hold him.


“Are you alright? Do you need to take stop?” Her sincerity was evident.


“It was amazing, I just…”


A million potential endings to that sentence ran through Quinn’s head. She’d been wrong. She’d been wrong about everything and this was the final straw. Quinn threw the worst at herself in a self-sabotaging attempt to prepare for her partner’s words.


“I was wondering if we could do something that made you feel good too.”


Quinn melted. The tension she’d built up in half a second vanished just as quickly.


Tate saw the emotions darting across her face, but was unable to parse them. “Would that be okay?”


Quinn kissed him on the cheek. “I’d love that.”


Tate smiled and shed their pants completely. They sat down on the couch, guiding Quinn back on their lap as they’d been before.


“This good?” they asked.


Quinn nodded, biting her lip as she lowered down.


The two of them together guided Tate’s still hard cock to Quinn’s opening. The couple let out breaths in unison as Tate pushed through. The breathing was immediately followed by playful laughter from the two of them.


Fuck they both felt so good.


Quinn, being in a position to better moderate the speed began to rock back and forth. Rolling her hips up and down in an elliptical fashion. Tate thrust in and out, slowly at first. The couple took their time before gaining speed, taking breaks to kiss and be present.


As the couple picked up speed, they pressed their foreheads together once again. Their bodies moved in unison. Whatever bond sealed their transitions, granted them an unspoken knowledge of each others’ rhythms.


They began to cry out in a chorus of pleasure. Both drew close to a high. Tate’s hands were firmly placed on Quinn’s bouncing ass while she braced herself atop them. He dug into that ass, holding, rubbing, squeezing. 


Then, remembering her reaction from before Tate leaned forward. He brought one of Quinn’s nipples once more into his mouth.


The girl cried out. Tate had done just enough to bring her to climax.


Her rise was still more gradual than any she’d experienced before, and she worked it for all she could.


Tate felt Quinn’s vaginal muscles clamp down on him. The pressure built, both of their muscles stiffening. That in turn brought Tate to climax as well. They pumped inside of her until they gave out.


The couple moved as one, guided by their shared connection as they experienced the high of each other. Then the two became a fit of smiles and sweat.


“Where did you learn to do that?” Quinn asked. “I know it wasn’t from me.”


“I don’t know, didn’t feel like I was doing much.”


She slapped his chest playfully, her head resting on his shoulder.


“You don’t,” she caught her breath, “give yourself enough credit.”


“You were the one doing all the gyrating. And— oh my god. You’re not on birth control!”


Quinn kissed Tate’s temple. “Not that I totally saw this coming but when I picked this body, I made sure that I couldn’t get pregnant.”


Tate pulled himself all the way out from with her. Both of them slumped against the couch. They shared an exhausted laugh.


“This wasn’t how I planned for tonight to go, by the way.”


“Oh?” Tate raises an eyebrow. “You thought you could reveal that you were the princess all along and that I would just bask in your brilliance? Baby, you’re fucking hot.”


He’s called her “baby” before, but it had sounded different. As hetero as it was, Quinn liked the protectiveness conveyed in their voice.


She was already making a mental list of things to try the next time they fucked. The world of possibilities that had just been opened.


“I guess we have to clean up now,” said Tate.


Quinn snorted. “I guess we do.” Despite the magic and revelations, the evening had suddenly felt very mundane.


The couple washed off, taking turns in the shower. Quinn tried to fit back into her T-shirt.


“I don’t think that’s gonna be the most comfortable anymore.” It took work for tate to keep his eyes fixed on hers without flitting down to her still hardened nipples poking through the shirt.


Quinn sighed. Now things felt truly mundane. She could shapeshift all she wanted but she’d still have to get new clothes and come out to her family and work and the list quickly got out of hand.


“Wanna borrow one of mine?” Tate held up an old cotton sleep shirt. “Probably a little big on me now.”


The list-making in Quinn’s head ceased as she looked at Tate.


“Yes please.”


She shimmied into and sat down on top of Tate’s comforter.


“Woah, you think you’re sleeping over?”


Quinn scoffed. “You’d let a woman go back out there alone in the cold with nothing but a t-shirt.” She reached up to turn off the light.


“A joke, I kid.” Tate pulled the comforter over the two of them. Quinn snuggled in close, reaching around so that Tate was the little spoon. That reassured Tate. Change was good, but transition could be a lot.


“Quinn?” Tate rolled over to face her.




“I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone like this before.”


“Did you just say you love me?”




“I love you too.”


“We’re cheesy, aren’t we?”


“Ehh, call it camp and that makes us cool again.”


“I love you.”


“I love you too. Goodnight.”