chapter 2
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Knowing I may find Riley there, I walked to the closest train station in attempt to finally go back home. In that situation, our fallback strategy was simple: she ran, I fought, simple as pie.

When I got home, I walked up the stairs to our apartment and waited silently without opening the door. Soon after, I heard footsteps inside, and my sister opened the front door; she was dressed in comfy pajamas, had just showered, and her hair was falling down, spilling water on the floor. I walked in and collapsed on the couch, sighing heavily, I was so tired of it all.
- Is everything okay? - she inquired.
- yeah. You okay?- she nodded, tired as well, and went into the kitchen, coming back with two beers, one of which she handed to me. I raised my bottle as a toast and began gulping quickly. I unzipped my jacket, exposing the envelope, a small amount of my blood staining the white paper.

- I’m going to shower as well- I told Riley as I stood up, leaving the envelope on the table.
I walked up the stairs to the first floor, stopped by my room to grab some clean clothes, then went into the bathroom and started the shower. I undressed, struggling with my shirt and jeans due to my dried blood on it that had stuck to my skin. I stepped into the shower, and the water quickly turned red. I lathered myself and noticed that, as usual, all of my injuries healed on their own, except for the little sting on my arm. That’s odd; I ignored it because I was too tired to think about it right now; I had to save my energy for the job I had to accomplish by 8 a.m., and it’s now after 11 p.m. I despised my job with all my heart, but it was the price of being me. I dressed after I finished showering and returned to my twin.
- Is your arm healed? - she inquired.-
- No. Yours? - I wondered, arching my brow

- neither -

- we’ll figure it out later. Now we have to get to work - I said as I took the envelope and opened it.

- I truly hate it - she spit out looking in the opposite direction

- I know - I sighed.

I felt sorry for having dragged her through all of that twisty situation, but I didn’t have any other choice, or at least didn’t want to consider the other option.
I scanned the information written on the inside of the documents: Male, 47 years old, human. On the last page, there was a photo of my target, who seemed like a nice guy with a genuine smile. He was looking away from the camera when the photo was taken, his long black hair blowing in the wind. He had cute dimples and wrinkles all over his face, and he looked like an 70s rock star. I sighed, a lonely tear slipping down my cheek.

Riley’s hand was immediately on my bare leg, squeezing slightly in an attempt to comfort me. I was the one who dragged us through all of that shit, and she was the one who was always cheerful and comforting about it. I encased my emotions inside myself, ignoring them and allowing the calculative coldness to spread within me.
- You can stay here - I said, knowing she didn’t like my job and wouldn’t want to be a part of it if she could.
- no - she said as she looked at me - I’ll come. I’ll stay inside - she forced a smile to cheer me up and squeezed my leg tighter.

Oh my goodness, what had I done?

- i’ll go get dress then – I said to her as I stood.

I walked upstairs again and wore a comfortable all-black outfit.
- you sure? - I asked Riley again.
- positive -

I then approached her and focused on our bond, lowering my mental defenses. I soon felt a pull toward her, and we became one. As we joined, I noticed her body blurring and fading away, pulled by my energy. I felt The familiar tingling sensation on my chest, and the black ink of a tattoo can be seen from the neckline of my black sweater. I grabbed the jacket and walked out of the house, back into the dark city, while everyone was fast asleep.

I rushed over to my target’s house and climbed over his fence. Squatting, I approached the window and peered inside. Everything was pitch black, and I could hear snoring on the first floor. I took a step back and approached the gutter, intending to climb on it to the first floor, where I assumed my target was sleeping. I tested the gutter’s strength, attempting to predict whether it would creak as I began climbing. I lifted myself up, putting my right feet on the first bolted joint and listening to see if anyone inside had been disturbed by the small noise I made outside. As I managed to reach the first floor level I began swinging to reach the parapet of the window of the room where the snoring was coming from. As my left feet had a firm grip on the parapet i leaped myself forward it and squatted down peeking inside. My target was sleeping peacefully on a king-sized bed, alone; at least he didn’t have a family to mourn for him. I tested the window to see if it was locked, but today wasn’t my lucky day, and I now needed to figure out how to break in without making any noise. I had to rely on my physical skills to enter the house because I couldn’t rely on my unique abilities. When I looked around, I noticed that the window next to it was slightly open. So, crawling up against the wall, I reached it and entered. With soft steps, I made my way to my target’s bedroom, where I stretched my ear staying against the wall to hear his now-comfortable snoring. I got inside and approached the bed silently and bent down to see his face, comparing the supine man in front of me to the photo i memorized. they matched. I moved my face closer to his, feeling his warm breath on my lips. Two deep black eyes stared at me as I was about to complete my mission.