Chapter 21: Two Departures
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There were many towers attached to Aphrodite's Palace. Each of the towers belonged to either Aphrodite or her children, with the top most floor being a penthouse where its owner resided.

The other floors mainly housed facilities such as; a storehouse, kitchen, training grounds, library, and the residences of any of their Household Members or the maids that took care of their daily necessities.

After tea with her mother Primrose had returned to her own tower.

She now sat on her bed in a meditative pose as she took deep, even breaths; continuously cycling her Divinity throughout her body. 

Space around her warped as her body released a heavy sense of pressure and snakes condensed from red lightning danced about in her surroundings.

After a few hours of continued cultivation her aura began to recede as the snakes condensed from lightning entered her body and she slowly opened her eyes.

She got out of the bed and walked over to the open aired terrace. She gazed down on the palace guards who patrolled the grounds and the maids who moved throughout the halls in pursuit of her duties as she became lost in thought.

Her gaze then moved to the crystal clear lake surrounding the palace and the clear blue skies up above.

*Knock* *Knock*

After awhile she suddenly heard a knock on the door, interrupting her train of thought.

"Just a moment." She spoke to the person standing on the other side of the door as she cast a final glance towards the distant horizon.

She then turned from the terrace and walked over to the door and pulled it open.

On the other side of the door stood a slender maid with gray eyes and hair. She possessed stoic expression, and gave of a strict aura.

This was Veronica one of the few maids that resided in the tower alongside Primrose and took care of her day to day life.

She gave a small curtsey as she bowed her head and spoke; "Good afternoon Young Mistress."

Primrose nodded her head in recognition before she asked softly; "What is it?"

"Your sisters, the Young Mistresses, Cynthia, Josephine, and Diana have arrived downstairs." After raising her head the maid spoke in a tone that was neither prideful nor submissive.

"Very well. Lead the way." Primrose responded as she stepped out of her room, closing the door behind her.

Veronica once more curtsied before turning around and leading Primrose to the elevator that led to the various floors.

After they stepped into the elevator the doors slid closed seamlessly and Veronica pressed her hand against the wall, channeling her Divinity into it.

A control panel made of light appeared in front of her and she pressed on the button representing the lower most floor.

The elevator then began to move and after a minute or so came to a stop.

The doors then slid ope revealing the lobby beyond.

Cynthia, Josephine, and Diana were sitting in the resting area not to far away.

In the years since her birth she had spent what could be considered a significant amount of time getting to know her siblings; mainly those that Aphrodite had saw fit to have present when Primrose used the Origin Milk to Awaken her Bloodline and reach maturity.

Of the boys; Aargon usually kept to himself, but when he did interact with others he was very forthright and honest. He also possessed a great deal of pride in both his own strength and talent aswell as his lineage.

As she interacted with him she came to understand that he wasn't as nearly self absorbed as others would claim. Instead he simply didn't place much importance on forming new relationships with people, choosing to focus on nurturing the ones he already possessed already. This caused him to have a more introvert personality.

Luka and Lancel possessed very adventurous personalities and had inherited the desire to stir up trouble that both of their parents were known for.

Although they were trouble makers it was very easy for them to make new and lasting friendships because of their easygoing and loyal mindsets. 

Primrose had formed good impressions of them both, though she also reminded herself to not fall for any of their tricks.

But regardless of any of that she had spent the most time getting to know the three girls standing before her now.

Cynthia had a very bubbly and inquisitive personality, yet she also possessed a natural shyness. She was very easily flustered and tended to be get embarrassed by her own excitability.

Diana similarly to Aargon was very proud of both her own talent and lineage. She possessed a very blunt personality yet also faced some difficulty in addressing her own feelings.

Primrose could tell that she held no small amount of admiration towards Aargon, if not affection. But, because of the father's conflict and their own complicated relationship she was willing to admit this to herself. Her turbulent emotions led her to become somewhat volatile at times, which made others construe her as overly aggressive and rude.

Josephine was a very amicable person who could get along with anyone and possessed a very understanding nature. She was warmhearted and could often locate the crux of the problem in any situation. Overall she was very comforting to be around and possessed a motherly aura.

She was the sibling that Primrose got along with the most, the two often getting together for lunch or simple small talk.

After Primrose exited the elevator Josephine gave a warm smile and rose to her feet. She gently waved her hand and spoke; "Good afternoon Prim."

"Hey Prim!"


Cynthia and Diana spoke as they rose to their feet aswell.

"Good afternoon to you all aswell.", Primrose returned their greetings as she waved.

She then walked over to them as Veronica trailed behind her, and cupped her hands in gratitude; "Thank you all for inviting me to Oceania with you all."

"Oh, it's no problem, it's our job as elder sisters to show you around and help you get your bearings,” Josephine responded before asking; "Are you ready to go?" 

"Yes I am." Primrose nodded in response.

"Then let's go! If we get their to late all of the good stores will be crowded!" Cynthia spoke enthusiastically.

"She's right." Diana spoke aswell.

"Actually, I know its last minute but before we go I would like to ask if Veronica could come along with us to Oceania, as it is my first time leaving the palace." Primrose asked as they were about to depart.

"Huh? Oh... not at all." Josephine spoke first after giving it some thought.

"Of course we don't mind."

"Yeah, its fine by me."

Cynthia and Diana then nodded their heads as they spoke words of agreement.

"Now that that's been settled let's go." Josephine turned and led them from Primrose's tower.

The others fell in line behind her as she walked through the maze like halls of the palace; leading them to the atrium located at the palace center.

The atrium was square in shape and possessed glass walls of various colors. The room was around afew hundred square meters and a circular Transportation Formation covered the ground.

Josephine lead them to the center of the Formation and channeled her Divinity into it.

The Formation released intense rays of dark blue light before the four of them vanished from sight.


Elsewhere within Hephaestus’s Divine Realm/Internal world;

Hestia was standing absentmindedly in the center of the grassland as she watched the clouds pass by above.

She, Vanessa, Andromeda, Astraea, and Xenovia had been within Hephaestus’s Divine Realm for around a week; and as of late her mind had been constantly assaulted by a feeling of unease.

As an Immortal who was less than half a step from reaching reaching the 10th Tier and entering The Primal Soul Realm, with some degree of Authority over Fate and Divination this sense of foreboding could potentially equate to a disaster that shook The Three Realms.

As she was lost in her own realm of thought he sound of muffled footsteps Suddenly awoke her from her reverie.

As her eyes regained their clarity she turned around and asked, “You have news?”

Vanessa nodded in affirmation as spoke, “Yes, according to the intelligence we have gathered The Crescent Moon Guild led by Her Highness Artemis is making preparations for large scale deployment, and all signs point to their target being the territories of True Demons located in the Western Regions of Eden. Specifically the region under the control of Amon.”

”She goes in pursuit of War?” Hestia spoke after a moment of reflection.

”All signs point to this being the case.” Vanessa nodded.

”Very well,” Hestia nodded in understanding before speaking once more, “Would I be correct in assuming that all preparations are being made for our forces to  assist her when necessary?”

”You would be, Andromeda and the others are already issuing orders to that effect.” Vanessa affirmed.

Hestia’s eyes narrowed as she thought to herself, “I’m not sure what Artemis’s ultimate goal is or what dangers she will encounter exactly, but something tells me its closely related to this internal sense of foreboding that has grown increasingly intense in recent days.”

”Good, then come. It is time for us to say farewell to Hephaestus before we head back to the main temple to oversee the more imperative preparations ourselves, because I have the strange feeling that this war could reshape the political situation within not only Eden but The Three Realms as a whole.” Hestia spoke with a rarely seen expression of graveness after a moment of silent reflection.

She then looked back up at the picturesque sky as she released a silent sigh and eventually turned to head back to the farm house with Vanessa in tow.