Chapter 25: A small reminder
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Athena leaped forward at the speed of light as she swung her spear diagonally towards the Primal Source Energy; her spear blade appearing to be a highly compressed sun as it released countless rays of white light with a slightly purple-gold tint.

On the other side a transparent barrier carrying a dark-gold hue enveloped the Primal Source Energy, both protecting it from the influence of outside forces and sealing it in an alternate section of space that appeared relatively small from the outside, but was in reality quite expansive.

When the barrier sealed the Primal Source Energy into an alternate layer of space the affects of the Void Zone were removed from the surroundings of Basil and Athena; allowing the world to once more be filled with color as the threads of both Reality and Fate were once more hidden from view and time once more began to flow.

In the instant immediately after the barrier took shape Athena flew above Basil's head as the blade of her spear smashed into the barrier as thick as the average fingernail. 

Yet the barrier remained firm, completely absorbing and multiplying the force of her attack by tens of tims before reflecting it back.

As a result Athena was blasted backwards for a few hundred miles at an even higher speed than her original leap forwards.

After Athena was blasted backwards Basil gave a small smirk and reached his right hand out toward the Primal Source Energy.

The World Balancing Shell responded to his will and drifted through the air and landed in his hand.

"Magnificent..." He muttered as he gazed intently at the tennis ball size collection of Primal Source Energy perfectly centered within the World Perserving Shell, which was slightly larger than the average grapefruit and constantly absorbed negligible amounts of ambient Mana and Origin Qi from the atmosphere.

As he didn't dare to casually use his Anima to delve into the sealed space within the barrier he could only channel Divinity into his eyes in an effort to discover the full effects of the World Perserving Shell.

"This thing is not only capable of sealing Primal Source Energy within a section of independent space comparable in size to 1/3 of Olympus; it can also absorb ambient Mana and Origin Qi, and fuse them into Divinity before using it to further reinforce and expand the space contained within. Besides that as just proven its defensive specs are simply insane, capable enough to completely absorb and reinforce the attack of being such as Athena before reflecting it back at her." 

As Basil muttered to himself in fascination Athena climbed up from the crater she formed when she was flung backwards with a disgruntled apppearance.appearance.

After awhile Basil looked up from the World Perserving Shell and turned his gaze to Athena as he spoke in a jovial tone, "Do you wish to concede or do you have another card tucked away that you would like to use now?"

Athena ignored the note of mockery in his tone and remained calm as she relaxed her posture and put away her spear and took on a boxing stance before saying, "Come!"

"Very well." Basil nodded in acceptance of her challenge and the Wold Perserving Shell rushed into his forhead as he put away the pair of gauntlets transformed from Adam and Eve.

He then floated down to the ground below before taking on a box stance as well.

After a moment of silence the both of them suddenly disappeared from view as the moved at the speed of light, engaging in brutal combat.

The two of them exhibited to district, yet similar fighting styles equal parts barbaric and strategic.

Explosive sounds boomed out as they parried one another's punches and kicks, neither of them possessing any intention to dodge anything coming their way or use anything besides pure physical force and technique.

Basil through a punch towards Athena's head with his right hand, causing her to lean to the left in response.

In the next instant he stepped in close and punched her in the abdomen with his left fist.

Athena grit her teeth in pain and swung her head forward slamming hard against Basil's.

As he reeled back in pain, she hooked her arms around his neck and kneed him powerfully in the abdomen, before releasing her grip and giving him five or six punches to the the face in quick succession.

She then lithely jumped upwards and attempted to kicked him squarely in the chest with her right leg.

Basil grit through the pain of Athena's sequence of lightning quick attacks and caught her leg with his left hand as it swung towards him with the force of thunder behind it.

He simultaneously punched her squarely in the stomach with the force of his entire body, causing her gasp in pain.

In the following moment he tightened his grip on her leg before shifting his weight and once more exerting the strength of his body to launch her into the distance; producing a sonic boom.

Basil then followed closely beside her, launching a series of lightning quick punches and kicks.

Athena struggled to put up a satisfactory defense, parrying his blows as best she could.

In response Basil pushed the speed and power of his attacks to the absolute limit his body could handle, even at the cost of forsaking his previously displayed technique.

Athena pushed her mind to the limits, tracking the trajectories of his multitude of attacks, and using the minimum amount of force and movement to negate them; causing as the stability of her defense to grow, even as his attacks grew more devastating.

Basil smirked as he gained an even deeper understanding of the similarities between the two of them and muttered, "Crazy recognizes crazy..."

Athena gave a small smile in response to his remark, before she suddenly twisted her body around while simultaneously slipping beneath his punches.

She then elbowed him in the chest with all the strength she could muster, causing him to gasp in pain.

She took that moment to grab onto his left arm securely and brace her feet on the ground before lifting him over her shoulder and slamming him to the ground.

She then straddled his waist before wrapping her left hand around his throat, slowing the flow of fresh blood to his brain as she pulled her right fist back.

Just as she was about to launch a punch towards his face, his left hand shot up and grasped her right wrist securely, while his right hand locked onto her throat.

Both of their faces began to blue as Athena briefly struggled to free her right hand from his vice-like grip.

She soon gave up, and instead focused on tightening her grip on his throat, in an effort to make him lose consciousness first. 

They sared into one another's eyes as their visions began to darken, yet neither of them relented, their unyielding temperaments once more taking over.

Basil gave a small smirk as he suddenly rolled over and pressed her body beneath his.

The sudden movement almost made Athena lose her grip, yet she managed to hold onto Basil's throat as Basil pinned her other hand above her head.

As they maintained that position the both of them tightened their grips on one another's throats, even as their vision continued to worsen.

Eventually both of their grips started to slacken as their nervous systems and muscle tension continuously deteriorated.

Even then blood couldn't reach their brains in adequate amounts causing them to progression lose consciousness.

At the last moment Athena suddenly struck upwards with her knee causing Basil a significant shock as she yelled out mentally, "Concede!!"

"Never." Basil calmly replied as Athena continued to knee him in the abdomen.

"Imbecile!" Athena snorted as she began to struggle with her entire body.

"Aren't you one to talk..." Basil responded with a taunting look in his eyes.

Athena didn't responded as she continued to struggle while mainly her death-grip on Basil's throat.

After awhile she suddenly stopped struggling as she grit her teeth and released her grip on his neck, but instead of conceding afterwards she seized his wrist as she began to tug on it with all the force she could muster in her current state.

On the otherside Basil's blood began once more flowed to his brain and his body began to return to a normal state.

Although surprised by her seemingly last ditch efforts he didn't let up as he strengthened his grip, causing her body to weaken further.

He watched as the light began to fade from her eyes, even as her unwillingness to concede defeat remained.

In that moment he felt the ultimate respect for her and suddenly released his grip on her throat as he siezed her arm and pinned it beside the other above her head.

He maintained eye contact with her as her blood flow returned to normal and her face lost its bluish hue.

He released a sigh as he stated, "You are truly unbelievable Thena..."

He then lowered his head and whispered next to her ear, "I love that unyielding aspect of your personality, but it hurts my hear to see you push yourself to the point of self-harm like that."

"I could say the same about you... You push yourself just as hard, how do you suppose that makes those close to you such as Primrose and Gaia feel..." She whispered back.

Basil gave a small, self-mocking laugh as he spoke, "I am aware of the fact that I am just as bad as you, and that is in fact why I thought I should remind you that your not alone and that your actions can bring others worry. Because I know how easy it is for those like us to forget something like that."

He then lifted his head back up and stared into her eyes, taking note of the hint of tears in her eyes, that his words had induced.

At that moment he leaned dow and pressed his lips against hers, slipping his tongue into her mouth.

Their tongues tightly wove around one another as they exchanged a deep, soul stirring kiss.

Basil pinned both of her wrists down with one hand as his other one entered her pleated skirt and rubbed against her vaginal entrance through her lace underwear, causing her to writhe in pleasure as her underwear were gradually soaked through.

Eventually Basil broke off the kiss and moved his had away from her vaginal entrance, bringing it upwards so they could see the clear liquid with a silky smooth texture that covered his fingertips.

He then brought it close to his face and closed his eyes as he took in the sent.

He opened his eyes back up and locked gazes with Athena as he stuck his middle finger in his mouth to taste her sex fluids, before offering her his index finger.

Athena's checks were flushed with arousal as she slightly opened her mouth and Basil place his finger inside.

She closed her lips as moved her tongue, gently sucking the clear liquid off his finger.

As he watched her, his already hard cock, began to pulsate ever so slightly, pressing against her inner thigh and allowing her to feel its heat.

Athena's eyes shone with a seductive light as she began to move her thigh, rubbing against his cock.

Basil seemed to be entranced for a moment as he stared into Athena's eyes and recorded the carnal hunger within that seemed to be growing in intensity.

He pulled his finger from her mouth and released her arms before he shifted his body downwards.

As he did so Athena moved her hands and propped up her upper body so as to watch him.

He then flipped her skirt upwards and gazed down at her completely soaked through underwear woven from white lace before looking up and locking gazes with her briefly.

He then returned to the task at hand and pushed aside her underwear probing her vaginal entrance directly with his middle finger eliciting a small moan from Athena.

After his finger parted her labia majora and minora and entered her actual vagina he felt vaginal walls tighten as they gently pulled him further inwards, eliciting a second moan of higher volume from Athena.

After his middle finger penetrated all the way to the base he lifted the tip upwards as he began to repeatedly tap against the roof of her vaginal canal before eventually pulling his finger out and observing the clear liquid that once more covered it.

He then looked up to Athena again before extending the the finger towards her mouth.

This time she extended her tongue outwards before gently licking the sex fluids off its surface.

After she was done he used both of his hands to remove her shoes and underwear before spreading her legs once more and laying on the ground between them.

He then slid his arms underneath her thighs and supported the small of her back as he brought his face close to her vagina and breathed in the arousing smelled released from it.

He then admired the pink colored vaginal entrance set between her prominent labia majora and only slightly visible labia minora.

He then moved closer and extended his tongue outwards gently dragging it up from the bottom of her vaginal entrance to the top, causing her to release a gasp of pleasure before slipping his tongue inside the entrance.

He then closed his eyes and immersed himself in the act of exploring her vagina with his tongue, fully taking in both her smell and taste as she began to writhe in intense pleasure releasing a string of gasps, "Nahh...ha...nahh...ha...ha...ha..."

She ran her fingers through his dark blonde hair that was almost brown in color with a golden hue as waves of pleasure continuously attacked her, pushing her closer and closer towards an orgasm.

Her reactions to his tongue movements served to spur on his sense of devotion to the task at hand, while also informing him of her various weak points, leading to an even greater degree of pleasure on her part.

"Yessss...!" When Basil suddenly altered the movement of his tongue Athena arched her back as her senses were completely overcome with pleasure.