Chapter 5: Exchange of Firsts
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Gaia gave a seductive smile as she brought her right index finger to her mouth and nibbled on its tip.

"Many before you have tried to conquer me, Mother Earth, Origin of All Life in Olympus, by bringing me to the heights of pleasure. Yet none have succeeded, ate you really up for the challenge."

Her teasing tone caused arrogance to surface in Basil's gaze.

He gave a smile of his own before saying, "They are not and cannot be me, and this shall be no challenge, merely an exchange of firsts."

He then bent downwards and enveloped her lips and his, his tongue invading her mouth as he took on an even more dominant role in their respective groping.

He placed his right hand against the surface of the rock below for support and used his left to knead her right breast. His knees spread her legs open and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Their tongues intertwined as they exchanged saliva and released intermediate gasps of pleasure.

The heat of his raging cock as their body rubbed against each other excited her and she used one of her hands to reach down and grasp it. She then began to stroke it, causing his eyes to snap open as he broke their kiss.

Basil gave her a look full of primal lust, and she gave him one of continued teasing and deep-seated expectation.

He shifted his weight onto his knees and moved his left hand upwards, entangling it in her thick hair. He then once more took her lips in his and brought his right hand downwards,  rubbing against her lower mouth.

"Mmmhh... Ahhn..."

The temperatures of their bodies climbed as their moans of pleasure intermingled.

Mana flowed between their bodies, from all of their points of contact and a Menta Bridge began to take form between them as A Divine Edict appeared above them.

As it took form their senses of pleasure heightened and their minds began to merge as the felt one another's lust explode.

Basil brought his hand away from her pussy. He began to stroke his cock, spreading her sexual fluids along its surface. He then guided himself to her vaginal entrance and rubbed the head of his cock against her.   

He then thrust into her with one swift motion causing her eyes to snap open as her back arched upwards. 



He wrapped his right arm around her lower back and brought his mouth to her ear as he spoke, "I shall now fuck you into oblivion, Gaia."

"Fufufu..." Gais gave a coquettish laugh before she mockingly asked, "Shall you no longer address me as mother?"

"In instances such as this one, I don't believe I should, as a son would never do to his mother what I wish to do to you."

"I believe I understand why your brothers could never allow me to experience the peak of sexual pleasure."


As they spoke the blood which had previously stained Basil's cock due to his earlier circumcision was absorbed into Gaia's vaginal walls. Her pleasure centers began to come aglow as the faced am an unprecedented level of stimulation.


"That's something else all my brothers lacked. My blood; one of the most powerful, naturally occurring aphrodisiacs in The Three Realms. Now, let us begin, Gaia."

He then began to rapidly thrust in and out of her. 

As he did she wrapped her arms around his midsection and enjoyed the sensation of his monstrous cock moving in and out of her. Her tight pussy gripped him like a glove and its slick walls massaged him rhythmically, as he molded her depths into his shape.

*Pa* *Pa* *Pa*

"Ahhh...Ba-basil I want-no I need more...Ahhhn..."

Basil hugged her tighter as he changed the speed of his thrust, in a slightly more teasing manner.

As he did her vagina clenched onto his member even tighter and she wrapped her legs around his waist increasing the force of his thrusts even further.

Soon not only their Mana but also their respective Origin Qi's also began to freely flow between the two of them as they lost themselves in the act.

The Origin Qi altered their internal structures and further stimulated their nerves causing their bodies to become even more sensitive.

His countless thurst brought them ever closer to orgasming, and as he felt the pressure build in the base of his cock he flipped them over.

She moved her body in tandem so that she was now mounted above his waist, with her legs on either side, and her hands sprawled on his chest. It was then that she noticed the Runic Image of a tree on his chest glowing in a mystical ligh. After a brief glance, she pushed it from her mind and hunched forward as she began to move her waist back and forth.

Basil gripped onto her ass and began to knead it, occasionally spreading her cheeks apart.


As she rode him she felt the twitching of his cock inside her and released small gasps of pleasure. 

"So big...Ahhn...I can feel every inch of your cock...Ahhn...I-its molding my insides perfectly to its shape...Ha,ha,ha...Every thrust hollows me out further!" 

Her brows were furrowed and only a sliver of her purple and white eyes remained visible as she continued to moan.

As her pussy continued to clench onto him tighter she lifted her upper-body and began to knead her own breasts.

as she changed positions Basil moved his hands to her hips.

He then lifted his body upwards into the air leaving only the tip of his monstrous cock inside of her, causing her to feel empty.

She opened her eyes and looked down at him lustfully.

"Don't worry," He began with a lascivious smile before continuing, "I shall give you all that you desire, Gaia."

He then thrust upwards with great force, driving his cock into her all the way to its base. And before she could fully experience the sense of fullness that single thrust brought, he pulled out back to his very tip again.

He kept thrusting repeating this set of motions to no end, hitting against her cervix over and over again.

The frequency of her moans of pleasure increased and she used one of her hands to reach down and spread her pussy lips, revealing her pink insides and a small, pinkish-red bead. 

She began to rub it aggressively, and as she did her pussy began to tighten around him even more, to an unbelievable degree.

Basil felt the pressure in his cock build, and new he couldn't resist cumming for much longer.

He stopped moving his waist mid-thrust, and once more pulled out his cock leaving only the tip inside before, pulling her down forcefully.

His cock pierced through her flesh instantly and managed to spread her cervix open and he released his seed into the space beyond.

He did all this in less than a second and as he di Gaia's back arched perfectly like a bow, her mouth was frozen and a silent scream of pleasure. Her vaginal walls clenched him so tight now he thought that his cock might break in half.


Basil released a long drawn out breath of satisfaction as his seed painted her insides, which greedily absorbed it and Gaia slouched down onto his chest in an afterglow.


It was Gaia's turn to release a drawn-out moan before drifting off to sleep.