Chapter 1.5
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[!!!] This chapter contains incest.

#1.5 Chapter One’s Extra

Big brother=Da-ge


Ye Qing gets up at 6:15am on his second brother’s bed. This is the timing his big brother, Ye Ling, is about to get up. He swiftly moves away from the arms hugging him and gets down to go to his big brother’s room.

It is already about time Ye Ling wakes up due to his body clock, so he is only in a shallow sleep now. Ye Qing got under the blanket and took Ye Ling’s standing thing, which every man has in the morning, into his mouth to lick.

“Ngh...” Ye Ling moves and reaches down to touch out of habit, feeling the small head diligently moving as expected. Raising his body, he kisses Ye Qing’s hair whorl, “Morning, Qing Qing.” Following Ye Qing’s lips and tongue, Ye Ling starts moving in that small mouth and comes into it near 6.40am. Ye Qing obediently swallows all the cum in his mouth, and then carefully licks his big brother’s dick clean, “Da-ge, good morning!”

Exchanging a morning kiss, Ye Ling gets out of bed to wash up, while Ye
Qing goes to Ye Zhixuan’s room. The man still asleep looks cold as usual, but he is emitting the irresistible pheromones of men. According to his Daddy’s favorite method, Ye Qing starts licking downwards from the man’s stomach and meticulously fondling the two balls. Finally, he puts the whole dick into his mouth from the tip and starts moving.

And without him realising, the man above has already opened his eyes and is patiently enjoying his licking. “Ngh... Daddy~” As Ye Qing speaks, his throat tightens further around the big dick in his mouth. Ye Zhixuan can’t bear to be too rough on Ye Qing and presses the younger’s head, carefully thrusting before he comes inside after a short while.

He kisses Ye Qing on the forehead, “Good morning, baby.” Ye Qing snuggles against his Daddy’s arms, acting cute for a bit before he returns to his second brother’s room.

At this time, Ye Qun is sitting at the bedside, prepared to get up. Ye Qing quickly presses his gentle second brother onto the bed, something he won’t dare to do to the other two. He kneels between Ye Qun’s legs, then buries his head in to take the the warm dick into his mouth. “Sorry, Qun-gege, Xiao Qing is late today.” Laughing, Ye Qun gently touched his face. “Lick it up. Still apologising pretentiously, you little bad boy...”

Just like everything that has happened today, Ye Qing successfully ate the three men’s semen, and the new day officially begins.

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