Chapter 4.5
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[?BL!] This chapter contains incest, intersex, foursome, peeing from the fucking amd swallowing of pee.

#4.5 Chapter Four’s Extra: Cum and pee are shot into his three holes while his small stomach is abouy to burst!


Ye Ling sees that Ye Qun finally completed the task and finding it very interesting too, he thinks, the little thing can actually pee from fucking. I can try that next time. He takes Ye Qing into his arms, making the other two men having to adjust their postures. Kissing Ye Qing’s hair whorl, Ye Ling teases, “Qing Qing feels good from coming, but you peed over me. What should we do?”

Ye Qing can’t open his mouth now with Daddy’s dick in it, so he can only twist his body to please his eldest brother he is leaning against. At this time, the head of the family gave his words, though it is directed at his eldest son: “Just return it to him then.” Before Ye Ling can respond, he hears his father sneers, “Learn this.”

Speaking, he makes Ye Qing deep throat his dick that has been enjoying itself in the small mouth a few more times, then shoots his cum into that mouth while pressing his dick against the deepest part of his youngest son’s throat. Ye Qing cleverly closes his red lips in fear of the cum leaking out, swallowing all the weirdly sweet fluid in his small mouth little by little, and licking the dick that has been given him the cum several times out of habit.

The little bitch heaves a sigh, thinking that one of his small hole can be released at last, but the meat rod that has just finished coming and became half soft suddenly hardens again. Ye Qing opens his eyes in horror: it shouldn’t be so fast!

Then he receives the treatment that he hasn’t even met during their disciplining: a big, hot stream of urine is shot into his little mouth! In order to not choke, Ye Qing, who is can’t move because of the meat rods, has to swallow the urine in. But there is still some flowing down the corners of his mouth, making his tender neck and swollen nipples stained with urine. At this time, Ye Qing is like a real sex doll, played by his masters and being helpless about it.

Finally, the urine that is being shot into his mouth stops. Ye Qing only feels his stomach filled with Daddy’s urine, but there is still a bit in his mouth that he didn’t swallow.

He looks at Daddy, feeling wronged, while still keeping the urine and meat rod in his mouth. Why? You’ve never peed in my mouth before... Uuh uuh... As if seeing his doubts, Ye Zhixuan smiles and says naturally, “Who asked baby’s mouth to be so comfortable. Dad wants to pee but I didn’t want to take it out...” Ye Qing looks at him more accusatively, bad Daddy!! But Ye Zhixuan touches his head and says, “Okay, swallow it down... Remember the rules, hm?” Uuh uuh, I remember, I must eat everything shot into my mouth obediently. Ye Qing cries feeling wronged while trying to swallow the urine just shot into the stomach.

Ye Zhixuan is more satisfied. “It seems that baby likes it too. Let’s do this too next time.” He says so, but doesn’t even give the little sex slave the opportunity to refute, his huge dick stuffing the younger’s mouth fully.

And Ye Ling and Ye Qun are bewildered. Ye Ling growls in his heart: So I said the older is more experienced!!!

They had no intention of urinating just now and now, they just feel that their bladders are going to explode, desperately wanting to shoot everything into the little slave. The two brothers look at each other, understood each other’s thoughts, and begin to fuck harder. And Ye Zhixuan finally played enough and gets out to let the servant prepare the dishes.

The two people who are still thrusting are red-eyed in excitement from the scene just now, just wanting this little thing to be peed all over by themselves and contaminated by their own scent from in to out. Ye Qing, who has no meat rod in his mouth, finally has the ability to speak. Just when he wants to beg for mercy, the sudden rush from his two brothers’ thrusting makes him only able to emit seductive moans...

“I’m going to be fucked broken~~ Uuh ah!! Qing Qing feels so good... Fuck Qing Qing to death please~”

“Too deep~ Softer ahh~ So good, so good!! This little bitch is going to die... I’m fucked loose ah~”

“Ahhhh~ I came again, ah~~”

Once again, Ye Qing’s pussy and anal hole which are coming from the fucking are desperately contracting, clenching tightly on the mean meat rods inside, making his two brothers surprising coming at the same time. Unfortunately, them coming at the same time only increases Ye Qing’s pain.

Sure enough, both his holes are filled by familiar and hot cum. Ye Qing moans weakly, feeling that his stomach is fuller now. At this point, after accepting the familiar cum, the liquid coming in still didn’t stop: they are shooting their pee in!

At last, Ye Qing, who realises this tries to struggle, but the men climaxing hold him still on their meat rods. He can only become a poor dick toilet, used by his brothers.

Ye Ling and Ye Qun block the holes to excrete while enjoying the beautiful scene in front of them. The stomach of the little sex slave bulges up at a visible speed in naked eyes and becomes more and more bloated. Accepting three men’s urine, Ye Qing’s stomach is inflated as if he is pregnant for 10 months, every movement hurts...

“Ah... Don’t come anymore, I can’t take it anymore... Uuh uuh uuh” the little slave begs helplessly with unfocused eyes...

Ye Ling makes a look at the second brother. They pull out of the two holes at the same time and sure enough, the two holes can’t even close. The yellowish urine mixed with the white cum rush out and wet a big area, making the little slave look like he is soaked in the urine and semen.

Ye Qun can’t help laughing at him: “Qing Qing, did they really become loose this time? They can’t even close.”

But Ye Ling isn’t that satisfied. “Tsk, they are leaking out so soon. Next time, plug it up or like Dad, I’ll shoot it into the small mouth above and let it eat my pee.”

The little sex slave may be very dissatisfied, or may be very satisfied by the loving, but who knows, he can’t speak right now...

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