Chapter 2 Part 1
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FCM Chapter 2 – 1

Hunger awakened the young one, his stomach, all the way to his throat, screamed in pain from dryness as though it is a still-operating motor that ran out of fuel.

Strenuously enduring the discomfort in his body, he struggles to get up but is met with the realisation that he currently lies in an occluded space with a wooden cover wrapped in silk cloth directly above his head.


The area is frighteningly quiet, the air is also unusually thin. However, what makes him even more surprised is the cognizance of his independence of his survival from this thin air.

Is this not something every living thing needs?

The youngster’s body subconsciously cringed. He stretches out his hands to stroke the silk cloth above his head as a myriad of thoughts invades his blank mind.

--Am I dead? Is that why I do not need air?

-- But how did I die? Who am I? What is my name?

And... Where am I?


The growls from his stomach appears immensely distinct in this dead quiet atmosphere, even returning a dull echo, effectively distracting the young one from his thoughts. It is as if it is a cue to bring the discomfort in his stomach to attention, allowing it to take control over his reasoning.

Escape, escape and you will find out where this is, escape and you can quell your hunger.

With one hand, the youngster exerts some pressure on the wooden board. Nonetheless, despite his efforts, the wood showed no sign of budging. Placing both his hands against the wood, the youngster arch his back and once again try to pry the silk-wrapped wooden cover open. However, this wooden board seems to be heavily weighed down, not budging a single inch.

The searing pain in his stomach intensified. He can even sense sparks appearing from the the friction in his throat.

He does not need food to satisfy his hunger. He just needs water to extinguish the flames in his throat.

He needs a lot of water! The best is water with a metallic sweetness!

As the strong desire burned in his heart, a soft golden glow from his eyes dimly illuminated the dark space and the strength in his arms multiplied by folds. The initial stubborn wooden board finally starts to loosen up and dirt begins to fall into the cramped space through the crack.

Some of it fell on to the youngster’s face but he paid no heed, the golden glow in his pupils intensifying. As the force in his arms increases, the dirt falling in also increases.

‘Creakkk’ after multiple tries, the nine inch long coffin nail is forcefully pried open.

The youngster’s back is arched to an angle, a glimmer of moonlight gradually infiltrating the narrow space.

More and more moonlight is reflected into the wooden box. With a loud ‘BANG!’, the youngster single-handedly throws off the wooden cover. The golden glow in his eyes slowly fade away. He remains in his spot and quietly surveys the area with his eyes. There are numerous large tombstones beside him and behind each tombstone, there is a large stone slate, and his stone slate... had been impressively shifted aside by him.

A creeping silence, is this a place where by bury corpses...?

“Who is there?” Ferocious barking mixed in with confused footsteps and brusque vulgarities approached him. “Fuck, are there tomb raiders again? How many time has it been this month! There are only poor people being buried here, what is there to rob...?”

“It seems like the sound came from there, let’s go! I’ll make sure to beat the crap out of him when I catch him!”

The youngster listened to the approaching footsteps, sitting motionlessly in the coffin. He does not know why he did not run. He is apparently filled with fear but his limbs decided to just defy his wishes to escape.

Moreover, moving the coffin cover had already expended all his energy, coupled with the raging fire in his throat...

He needs water! WATER! And it is best if it is... water with metallic sweetness!

The desire quickly devoured his rationality. His gums tingled slightly and his lower lip is pushed downwards by two long and narrow fangs.

Water! Water! WATER!

The barking and angry curses draws nearer and nearer, a beam of flashlight sweeping across the area. Finally, this beam of light landed on him...

The youngster look towards the light, noting the two shadows standing not far away. However, his focus is not placed on their numbers.

The strong beam of the flashlight does not seem to affect him at all. Instead, the blood slowly flowing through their neck seems to captivate all his attention, alluring him.Swallowing his saliva, the hunger eats away at his reasoning.

“Oh my god! What is this?” The vulgarities flowing out of the grave keeper’s mouth halted.

At the end of the beam, a pale youngster with pointed chin and blonde hair sits in a coffin. The medieval aristocratic dressing on him seeming peculiar and aberrant. However, this is not the main point, the main point is the blood-shot pupils of his and the razor sharp canine teeth that glows under the soft light.


The flashlight rolled on the floor a few rounds after dropping, and the two grave keepers practically took flight at the same time.

The youngster sat there motionlessly, staring at the pulsing arteries at the back of their necks, his breathing getting heavier and heavier.

Instinctively positioning his calves and exerting some force in his ankles, the youngster leap into the air with his arms outstretched, pouncing on one of the grave keepers...

His speed is extraordinarily fast. In contrast, the fleeing motion of the grave keeper virtually looks as though it is in slow motion, every motion of raising his leg and taking a step is freeze framed.

The youngster garners some strength in his arm to hack at the nape of the victim’s neck while his fingers grabs onto the victim’s shoulders. The massive impact knocking the receiving party onto the ground, causing a flurry of dirt to fly up.

Half crouching behind the victim, the youngster boorishly grasped his hair, pulling the constantly shaking head of the grave keeper to one side.

Staring fixedly on the liquid flowing in the blood vessel, the youngster angled his head and opened his mouth, his razor sharp teeth piercing the artery in the neck.


Fresh blood spurted out, scarlet red liquid gushed into his throat and flowed into his stomach. Blood that was not swallowed in time spilled out from the corner of his lips, dyeing his pale lips.

The drought is relieved, the flame is extinguished.

However, the empty stomach screams of larger desires, not enough not enough! This is far from enough! I want more!

After having his first taste of the sweetness of blood, the youngster’s rationality completely collapsed. He instinctively suppressed the victim and greedily sucks his blood out.

“AH! Vampire! There is a vampire! Oh god!” The grave keeper prostrated miserably on the ground, screaming in fear, his body cowering uncontrollably.

Other than the stifling fear brought about by the the loss of blood, a odd numbing sensation spreads across from the victim’s neck into his nerves. Nonetheless, due to his extreme fear, he fails to notice this intriguing sensation.

The large hound that they brought along with them anxiously pace the area, a warning soft howl erupting from its throat. Despite its worry, it did not dare to proceed any further.

Upon hearing the cry for help, the other grave keeper halted his steps and look towards the source -- only to see his companion being pressed into the ground by the youngster, his body convulsing incessantly.

Without much hesitation, this individual turned around and bolted towards a lit house! He has to find help! The church, yes! Seek help from the church!

The restrained grave keeper did not notice his companion leaving.

Due to the rapid loss of blood, his lips starts to lose its colour. While his eyelids twitch uncontrollably, his eyeballs subconsciously rolls backwards, and his body begins to convulse fiercely.

“Oh god~” The grave keeper begged, praying, “Save me~”

The redness in the youngster’s pupils gradually eased. With his stomach pumped full of blood and his desires satisfied, his reasoning gradually returned.

Before the satisfaction can settle on his face, his features contorted. An acute pain attacked his just relieved stomach, feeling as though there is a knife ruthlessly slicing at his stomach walls, as if rejecting the liquid inside.

The youngster helplessly raises his head to take a quick glance at the escaped grave keeper and the eyeing hound. Supporting himself with one hand, he straightens up and guardedly retreats step by step.

Right at this moment, the large hound violently pushed itself off the ground with its hind legs, launching itself on the youngster like an arrow launched from a crossbow. With its savage jaws spread wide open, its sharp fangs aiming for the youngster’s throat, the intention to kill in one bite is apparent!

Luckily, the youngster is guarded against this attack. He stretches his arm out to retaliate, his fingers tightly fastening around the hound’s neck, and raised the taller-than-human Perro de Presa Canario¹ into midair. The shocked hound barked wildly, even biting the youngster’s wrist with a turn of its head, creating a bloody mess.

Nonetheless, despite the pain, the youngster did not loosen his grip. Instead, his expression remained calm, seeming indifferent to his bleeding wrist.


With a clench of his slender fingers, the large body of the hound slumped and the barking abruptly stopped. A complicated mixture of blood and saliva dripped out from the hound’s jaws, dousing the hand of the youngster.

The grave keeper, who had by now ran far, turns his head back, only to witness this bloody scene. To make things worse, that pair of blood shot eyes are now fixated on him...

A warm liquid seeped through the grave keeper’s pants. Without turning his head, he scurried towards the nearby house.

¹Perro de Presa Canario, also known as the Canary Mastiff, is a large Molosser-type dog breed originally bred for working livestock.