Enlightenment Growth
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A/N: I've been reading a couple of novels lately in order to get some more ideas and skills to stea- COUGH!

To borrow!

As well as to figure out a type of background for Genji to further layout the future chapters and whatnot.

Read two good stories;

Zero to hero in the Martial Arts Library

Absolute Great Teacher


Walking under the moonlight, Genji couldn't help but have sappy feelings as he thought about Azula's expression from earlier.

Despite being so cruel and living under a father who could kill for the smallest thing, Azula had never killed anyone herself. Now that she had killed someone, Azula was having an inner turmoil.

Something no one should be worrying about since Azula is strong mentally, but Genji's worries were on other problems.

For example, depending on what Azula begins to think to get over this death, which might not take long, Azula might not value any life besides her own.

Which is a big problem for someone strong and 'messed up' as her.

Although Genji had never studied psychology or anything similar, he had to do his best to keep Azula on the right path.

A path assigned with his interests in mind.

Just as Genji was finishing his thoughts, he felt his hair stand up in alert.


Genji dashed to the side and didn't stop there as he dropped to the ground and then rolled away rapidly.




Just as he stood up and looked to where he was before, Genji saw three large icicles thrusted into the ground with great force.

Frowning in displeasure, Genji turned to look at the culprit, Pakku, who was standing far away with a look of anger on his face.

Seeing him, Genji's eyes were filled with confusion before a hint of enlightenment flashed within his eyes.

'He must have figured out that I lied about being part of the Order of the White Lotus,' thought Genji as he stood up with a straight back. He watched as Pakku approached him slowly and steadily, his eyes not losing a bit of hostility. 'But isn't it too much to kill someone for lying like this…


Pakku would definitely kill someone for this from pride and embarrassment. A man who would truly retaliate even against gods because of pride.'

Genji shook his head slightly in disappointment at Pakku's character.

'Why is he shaking his head…' thought Pakku as he frowned in annoyance. 'How dare he still look down on me. Who is he to be disappointed IN ME?!'

Gnashing his teeth, Pakku decided to no longer drag this out as he moved his arm in a fierce manner.


A blade of water sprouted from the ground and made it's way over to Genji before being easily dodged by Genji who slightly turned.

Pakku didn't stop there and quickly attacked, sending many water blades of countless sizes out without pausing.




Genji's body swayed, dodging each water blade as he slowly made his way over to Pakku with a smirk on his face.

"Did you think it would be easy to defeat me, Pakku?" said Genji with a ridiculing tone.

Pakku grew angrier and yelled in frustration, "Shut up!"

"You had already lost to me before. Just give up."

Hearing Genji's words, Pakku's frown deepened and remembered the day he felt humiliated in front of all his students.

What was even worse was how Genji was wearing a blindfold at the time and he still lost to Genji. Ever since that day, Pakku began to train his students less and less and instead began to train himself.

Sometimes he would train all day and not eat until it was already night.

Despite believing at the time that Genji really was a part of the White Lotus, Pakku just couldn't let go of the embarrassment of losing to a blindfolded person, not to mention the fact that Genji was still so young!


Pakku only grew angry the more he thought about it and his attacks began to grow faster and stronger.

Not only that, but he began to attack in a more irregular manner, surprising Genji.

Genji was caught by surprise and quickly bent back as he watched a water blade flying horizontally and narrowly missing his nose.

'Shit…' cursed Genji as he looked at Pakku in a daze, not expecting him to grow a little.

'Stupid arrogance, my poison.'

Standing back up, Genji began to take this a bit more seriously as he began to use his Waterbending as well. In terms of skill, both Genji and Pakku were at the same level, something that mildly surprised Genji since he had already 'maxed' out his skill level.

Although this wasn't the limit of skill in the world, most people wouldn't make it past the beginning parts of the Expert Rank.

Which is why Spirit is a requirement to advance further since the more skilled a person is, the more unnatural and unrestricted they are to the world.

Having sufficient strength, speed, or intelligence is also a requirement, but such requirements aren't as harsh as the spirit.

Pakku having broken through into the Expert Rank made his skill on par with Genji, but that was it.

With the empowerment from his Mystic State skill, Genji's Waterbending was more powerful.

Just as Genji was going to activate his Mystic State skill, Genji paused slightly, almost getting cut by a water blade in the process.

His eyes focused on Pakku and how he was moving and suddenly felt like he could see through him.

Like looking at a mirror.

He could see every flaw, wasted movement and even how he could improve the movements and strength of Waterbending.


Genji's eyes focused and his movements began to slowly change as he blocked Pakku's attacks.


Suddenly, Genji twisted in such an awkward and unnatural way, scaring Pakku as he watched Genji twist his body. He heard Genji's body crack as he twisted abnormally.

What made him cringe even more was how there was no change in Genji's expression as he twisted his body.



Suddenly, like a stretched rubber band, Genji snapped back to his 'original' form and flicked his arm as a water whip formed instantaneously and slapped at Pakku leaving a red mark on his face.

'What was that?!' Pakku thought as fear grew in his heart.

He didn't manage to see how he got hit by the water whip, he couldn't catch a single shadow.

Pakku's face burned from pain and embarrassment as he began to glare at Genji. With every ounce of his being, Pakku wished for Genji to die.

To be constantly humiliated and outshone by Genji made Pakku be filled with unreasonable hate.

Pakku rubbed his face and snarled before getting back into his stance with a more serious disposition.

Suddenly, Pakku felt his body shudder as he looked at Genji fluidly getting into his stance like a Master. He couldn't believe his eyes.

The person before him was only 18-20 and yet he had achieved such high mastery in waterbending. Just a minute ago Genji's waterbending was on the same level as his.

He went easy on me?!

At that instant, Pakku felt even more angered, feeling as if he was being looked down upon by such a young man.

Pakku raised his vigilance and focused onto Genji's eyes that still seemed to be stuck in a strange state as a blue screen appeared before his face.

[*^*@^#7&*^ *^@ @(&#@()!&*]


Genji didn't notice this as his mind was still wandering as it continued to try and improve his Waterbending.

He was having an enlightenment.

The weird thing about this was that he hadn't used any skill to make this enlightenment happen.

Whilst Genji was still in his 'dazed' state, Pakku took advantage of this and quickly attacked with his all as he shot out sharp ice discs, pointy icicles, water whips and water blades.

Anything he could use, Pakku tried it all.

Including freezing him in place.

It was all useless as Genji moved his arms and made all the attacks disappear before Pakku's eyes. Freezing Genji in place didn't even work as he could steal the control of water and ice from other waterbenders, including Pakku's.

"Impossible! Just how are you doing this!"

Pakku began to roar in anger as he looked at Genji's face that continued to hold a dazed look when Genji's eyes suddenly shot open.

It was like a light shone within his eyes revealing wisdom and understanding.

Genji slowly lifted his hands after lowering his head to look at them in amazement.

A silly grin spread on his face as he clearly felt that he was more close to the water and ice elements now. Not just that, but the energy within his body felt more fluid as it easily changed within his body according to his body and mind's whim.

The energy was more pure, letting it carry a crushing pressure like a waterfall.

It wasn't just his waterbending and energy that received a qualitative change, but also his body, making it become fluid and flexible like water. This allowed Genji to use his strength better and pull off unexpected attacks from unnatural poses of his body.

With the amazing combination of a more flexible and fluid body with the improved waterbending, Genji could easily defeat those of the same strength as him. Even defeating someone with more strength than him would be possible with the improved quality of his waterbending and flexibility of his body.

Pakku couldn't take it anymore as he twirled and swept up his arms as countless water blades were condensed around him before he flicked his wrist and shot all of them out towards Genji with great force and lethality.

Genji didn't even move and only straightened out his back.

His entire person was filled with confidence, his hands sliding into his pockets as he looked at the rapidly approaching water blades with a smile.




In the blink of an eye, all the water blades disappeared as they dropped to the floor and disappeared back into the ice.

Pakku tensed up and just couldn't believe his eyes on what had just happened. He didn't see Genji make a single move or gesture, the water just suddenly disappeared before his eyes.

"What did you do?!" Pakku raised his voice in fear and suspicion.

Genji kept quiet and just smiled at Pakku as he spread his hands and shook his head.

"Fine! Keep your dirty secrets!"

'This damn old man is annoying the hell out of me, should I just kill him?' Genji thought as his lips twitched in annoyance.

Pakku could no longer hold back, his anger filling his entire being and his hate for Genji reaching the utmost limit.

"Just die! You manipulated me! You lied to me! You controlled the entire city! And you brainwashed the Princess!

You are a dangerous person!!!"

Pakku's eyes were bloodshot from all the anger and felt his blood rush to his head, making him red from anger.

It's amazing he hasn't coughed up blood from all that anger.



Pakku moved his arms wildly and with great force as he sent out any attack he could. Mustering up all his strength as he attacked Genji.

Genji stood there in place, feeling once again what had happened earlier within his mind.

It was like Genji had attained a domain.

Near absolute control of ice and water within 6 feet of him.

Before, Genji could already steal the control of water and ice from other waterbenders, but now, he could completely control the water and ice within six feet of himself.

This type of control was also different from before, Genji was able to control water without a single movement. Water and ice controlled this way was much weaker under Genji's control since he wasn't used to this.

Before this enlightenment of Genji's, he could already control water and ice with minimal gestures, but now, not a single gesture was needed.

Every water blade and icicle made by Pakku exploded outward as they smashed into buildings nearby and destroyed them.

Buildings collapsed and the icy roads were being disfigured under Pakku's angry outburst.



However, just like the first set of water blades Pakku attacked Genji with, they all dispersed themselves before they could even reach Genji.

Seeing this happen, Pakku didn't feel dispirited and instead felt compelled to try even harder as he began to approach Genji once more. His attacks did not stop at all as he stared at the motionless Genji with anger.

'Just die already! Let me get one hit in!

Let me see that arrogant head of yours roll on the floor!'

Giving in to his desperation to get at least one hit in, Pakku began to attack harder and harder. His water blades traveled faster and they turned even sharper than before.

Genji didn't even flinch at this, easily taking down the water blades with his masterful control of waterbending with his own mind.

He wasn't too panicked or worried about Pakku's advance.

'Should I tire him out before attacking back-'

Just as Genji was thinking of attacking Pakku later, he noticed Pakku destroying nearby buildings and taking various items from these houses.

Particularly sharp items like knives.

Genji frowned and knew that he had to properly defend now.

Without thinking about it, Genji lowered his body a little, prepared to receive any attack at a moment's notice.

His eyes narrowed slightly as they turned serious and focused themselves onto Pakku who began to control the water whips holding various sharp and heavy objects.

Walking forward slowly, Pakku began launching the various sharp and heavy objects near him. He threw them with great force towards Genji.

Happiness filled him as Genji stood there, doing nothing as the objects all appeared before his face.

Just as he thought that the objects were going to hit Genji, Pakku looked on in shock as Genji effortlessly caught the small objects whilst dodging the bigger ones.


Stepping forward with a heavy foot, Pakku ran towards Genji, distracting him with the various thrown objects.

With a knife in hand that he picked up earlier, Pakku dashed toward Genji with the hopes of cutting him into various pieces.

"Shit…" mumbled Genji. 'This is getting more annoying… I'll just kill him now.'