Chapter 100: Just Slow Down
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Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is purely a fanfic for enjoyment.

Cross-over from various games, books, anime, manga, and movies.

The familiar characters you see here belongs to their respected authors and owners.


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Chapter 100: Just Slow Down

The next day*

Year 27: Day 167: Bets

(Mercer's Household: Training Room)

"So, why are we doing this?" I ask my wives, where all of them decide to face me in a sparring match. While Repellista watches over the kids, where all of them are watching from outside the Training Room. "Not that I'm complaining. I'm just curious, that out of nowhere we had breakfast, then you girls decide to want a spar, with you girls versus me."

"We have a bet going on among us. We'll let you know after this." Esdeath answers for the others. "By the way, I want you to handicap yourself with one [Skill] and one [Martial Art Skill] during the spar. You may use weapons as long they are mundane. Also, we're limiting this match for 10 minutes too."

"Am I limited to what type of [Skill] I could pick?" I raise an eyebrow at my wives, curious about what this bet is.

"None that could instantly kill all of us within a second or less." Esdeath answer without thinking, as if she plan this out with others beforehand.

"Alrighty, then." I rub the back of my head, then already have my [Skills] picked out of the many I possess. "I'll use the [FOF Changes - Alter System] and the [Hua]." I told my wives what are the two selected [Skills] I shall use against them. 'Huh, going by the look on Esdeath and Raven's face. I can say they were hoping I didn't pick either or both of the [Skills] I picked out.' I narrow my eyes at these two, then pay attention to the rest of my while as I activate the [FOF Changes - Alter System], placing a single [FOF Circle] underneath my feet in the size of a 10-meter radius. Then, took on the fighting stance of the [Hua]. "I'm ready when you girls are."

"Go!" Esdeath shout, as she and Raven disappears instantly while both Gabriel and Serafall took up to the sky. Where the former formed multiple [Light Spears] in the sky and the latter covering those [Light Spears] with a freezing cold air under the power of the [Dao of Deception] and [Devil Magic].

Yuri and Ryun appear on my left and right, with only Alice is staying in the same position from the start. Not that it matters, as Alice opens her mouth to sing.

"Tue rei ze croa riou tue ze~!" Upon the last part done. A purple bubble covers me entirely.


You have been inflicted by the [First Fonon: Nightmare] and within 10 minutes be put in a status effect: Sleep. While steady losing 10HP per second. Duration: 30 minutes.

I trigger the [FOF Circle] under me to alter the effects of the [First Fonon: Nightmare].


The [First Fonon: Nightmare]'s effects have been altered, where there is no longer a status effect, nor losing any HP and disappearing in a second.

Before Alice's [Fonic Hymns] could even cause any more damage to me other 10HP. I remove the threat from it instantly.

Using [Hua: Hoowa Slide], dodging Yuri's straight punch towards my torso by sliding under it, then follow up with a sweep kick, which Yuri took a step to the side to avoid it. But, I continue with the sweep kick and use the momentum while I trigger the [FOF Circle] again, to shift gravity, causing me to raise up very fast as I perform a spinning kick to Ryun, who tried to stomp me, but end up with a kick to the face, knocking her off her feet and into the ground.

Once again, I trigger the [FOF Circle] to shift the gravity pull, evading Yuri from trying to poke me with her right index finger as she was trying to hit one of my pressure points. Something, that actual work on me and I learned the hard way in the past. So, I avoid any time Yuri tries to hit my pressure points.

"Like-GAH!" Raven appears on my right and was about to say something if I didn't grab her by the shoulders while I was still floating in midair and slammed my left knee into her face. Sending her away with the extra force of gravity backing me up.

Rising my left forearm in front of me, blocking one of Esdeath's [Icy Devil Knives] from stabbing me in the neck while I only lost 100HP from the blocking.

With a single thought. I alter Esdeath's momentum and release it right back at Esdeath, causing her to become unbalanced for a few seconds. Then switch the gravity to normal as I roll backward while at the same time delivering a double kick to Esdeath's torso, kicking her away from and to gain momentum to distance myself away from the other, but was a second too late as Yuri grab me by my right shoulder and slam me into the ground before throwing multiple high-speed punches at me.

Ignoring the amount of HP being drained from me. I can see up in the sky, where Gabriel and Serafall haven't moved from where they're and continue to form more [Light Spears], with a hue of blue glow covering each of these [Light Spears]. I roughly count over a thousand in numbers while Yuri continues to pound me into the ground as I lose a large amount of HP.

Seeing how things are getting worse for me. I form another [FOF Circle] under me and activate it, to alter Yuri's fast punches to slow, nearing to the point Yuri very slowly performing a punching motion.

I was about to kick Yuri in the stomach if I wasn't sudden bind by Alice, who is in her Monster Lord form, with her serpent lower half has wrapped me entirely.

"We can't have you do that, now can we?" Alice whispers into my left ear as she uses [Aura Enhance] to increase her physical strength or else she wouldn't be able to keep her husband down. Then, quickly begin singing the [Dao of Music: Forgotten Intention]. A song to put people to sleep upon listening to the song.


You have 10 seconds before forcibly put to sleep.

"Keep him down, Alice!" Esdeath shouts, as she begins helping Gabriel and Serafall from the ground as she creates countless icicles in the sky now, with Ryun quietly doing the same, but with [Fire Spears]. Of course, Ryun compresses the heat from spreading into the [Fire Spears], causing the [Fire Spears] to turn pure white, making it look like [Light Spear] if no one knew.

Yuri didn't stand by and watch this without doing anything. So, she moves next to Esdeath and points to the sky, as she uses the [Storm God Slayer Magic] to follow Serafall's example by covering Esdeath's icicles with lightning.

"I guess I need to put a bit more effort." I said calmly, causing Alice to panic and apply more pressure, but that didn't stop me from forming a large [FOF Circle], where even the other figure out something is wrong.

"I got this! [Sky Sword Dao: Return to Fantasy]!" Raven slash down with her sword with both hands, hurling a massive compressed [Heartforce] and [Sky Sword Qi] down onto the large [FOF Circle]. Where the [Return to Fantasy] use the [Heartforce] base and [Sword Dao] to 'cut' the connection between reality and fantasy, making the target in reality to become a fantasy. Turning what is real into an illusion, causing the [FOF Circle] to fade from reality.

'Well, I did not see that coming.' I wonder what other [Dao Techniques] Raven has created for her [Sky Sword Dao], where I can detect that Raven's [Sky Sword Dao] contains her [Sky Dragon Slayer Magic], [Heartforce] and the [Sword Dao]. All three, merge into the [Sky Sword Dao].

"Alice! Move away!" Raven shouts to her lover when she noticed something wrong as in their husband seems too calm and not even trying to get out of his binding.

Alice opens her mouth to say something, but end up spitting out a mouthful of blood as she felt multiple sharp objects piercing into her at all angles. This lead to Alice having to forcibly release her husband or risk of dying, then be kicked out of the game.

As Alice moves away while coughing up another mouthful of blood, everyone could see what these white sparkling threads moving around Alice's body like a snake. And before anyone could do anything to help Alice. She falls onto the ground dead, not moving for a few seconds before she twitches as the Training Room revive Alice back to life. No long her body has these weird white sparkling threads moving across her entire body.

"Damn it!" Alice curse, as she got up and head out of the Training Room, where Repellista and the kids are in a grumpy mood since she the first one to be taken out. After she transform back into her human form.

"I'll stall!" Raven shouts to the others, as she descends from the sky and thrust her sword right at her husband. Where Raven can see her husband didn't even move from his spot other than standing up after dealing with Alice.

"[Hua Ultimate Secret Arts: Monkey Claws]." I form a tiger claw-like swipe at Raven, creating [Dark Matter Blades] from my fingernails, forming five giant black blades that can easily cut through metals. Adding [Dark Matter] into this [Technique] made it even more dangerous to face. Furthermore, I can use this multiple times in a row.

Raven didn't dare face this head-on and avoid them through the gaps between the [Energy Blades]. As she uses the [Heartsword Art: 16th Stance - Serene Mind Stance], where it entrusts herself to the flow and attains a serene mind. Increasing one's offensive and evasion abilities. Allowing Raven to easily avoid all the [Energy Blades] being rapidly hurled right at her from the ground.

"Oh?" I realize my attacks were doing nothing to Raven and I can see behind Raven, where Ryun is the one preventing any of the [Energy Blades] from coming up to the sky within a certain distance and Esdeath would help some times as well. Lessening the load on Ryun. "How about this?"

[FOF Circle: Ten-Layers - Air Pressure + Hoowa Punch]. I throw a fast punch with a spin in it, along with ten-layers of [FOF Circles] spinning together with the punch directly to the sky, mostly at the massive numbers of spears floating above, any moment of dropping.

A massive hurricane form directly at Raven, who is briefly shocked by this, but quickly move out of the way by a skin of her teeth, where if she was a second too late, then it's over for her.

"Drop them!" Esdeath order the other, where she, Yuri, Ryun, Gabriel, and Serafall drop all the [Energy Spears] they've made during the entire time this spar began. Not worrying about killing Raven in the friendly crossfire, something she knew right away and the rest as well. Therefore, Raven continues moving forward from the side of the hurricane without slowing down.

"[Sky Sword Dao: Fading to Fantasy]!" Raven uses another [Dao Technique] she created, where she briefly fade from reality and appear directly in front of her husband, who has a shocking look on his face of seeing her. This brought a smile to Raven's face as she pushes her sword directly into the area where her husband's heart located.

However, that smile disappears from Raven's face as her husband literally disappeared from her eyes, too shocked by this as Raven crash into the ground, forming a big crater while also being rained down by numerous [Energy Spears] as well. Instant killing Raven and by the time all the attacks are done. We can see Raven limping over to the exit of the Training Room with a bitter look on her face.

"I shouldn't have volunteer..." Raven groan, as she knew that she would have lasted even longer if she wasn't the one having to stall her husband for the others to get ready.

"[Fire Dao: Black Fury]." Ryun spoke softly, as her entire body covered in vicious and scorching black flames. Extremely fiery and poisonous. Without an opposing [Qi] to contract and neutralize it, the victim will die after being touched by these deadly black flames. "[Fire Dao: Black Fury Mode - Speed]." Ryun uses a variant version of the [Black Fury] and increases the speed of her deadly black flames' poisonous burning speed.

"Woah!" I move back as Ryun attacking me by using a series of powerful and well-positioned kicks. Each kick hurls a black fireball at me, making it difficult for me to get close to Ryun with those deadly flames of her. I can easily tell, that if I don't time it right, the poisonous flames I can sense in these fireballs would cause massive damage to me. Even if I have [Dark Matter] to counter it, but the timing for me to deal with each fireball would throw my flows off balance, leading to Ryun overwhelming with ease. Therefore, I have to keep on dodging her kicks and fireballs while the rest restart producing more [Energy Spears] above.

I move to my right, where I dodge a [Ice Spear] almost hitting me, causing me to look at the sky in surprise that they've already started shooting those [Energy Spears] at me. But, only to see a stream of black fire instead of the sky and with the flames falling right down at me, forcing me to roll to my right as I attack Ryun with a sidekick from the ground while rolling.

"Sorry, my god, but for now, I must keep your eyes solely on me." Ryun said to me, as she raises her right hand and forms a spearhand, then thrust it forward, releasing a spear-like flame directly towards my eyes.

"By trying to take out my eyes?" I duck down, feeling some of my hair catching on fire, which I put out right away with [Dark Matter] and [FOF Circle] placed on Ryun's stomach, where I strike with my knee with double the speed I was going at previously. Then follow up with another attack.

"The match end!" Repellista called out, as 10 minutes are over.

Ryun groans in intension pain, causing her concentration to waver a bit. But, sighed in relief as she sees her god/husband's knee almost smashing directly into her face. That would have caused a major headache, luckily she was saved by the time and not been head to the face.

"Damn it! We were a few seconds too late." Esdeath let out a frustrated sigh, as she dismisses the [Ice Spears] she created, with Gabriel doing the same as she and Serafall flies back to the ground.

(Mercer's Household)

"So, this bet?" I ask my wives, as we exit the Training Room, where all damages repaired itself in a matter of minutes. Around 5-10 minutes before everything is fixed. Well, I exit the Training Room, the rest stayed behind.

"Well, the bet was the last one of us last against you will get travel with you in the next universe to create the [Gamer's Ability: Reality Core] while the rest of us stay here for the time being." Raven explained to me while sighing in relief she wasn't chosen as traveling to another universe would require putting a bit more effort before she could lazy around. "Of course, if there are more of us by the time of the hour for the match ended, then they'll be facing each other to declare to stay with you. However, since Alice and I are out, that means we don't have to fight the others and remove from the candidate list on who travel with you."

"Hubby! I can't wait for it to be just the two us, including our baby as a family!" Serafall burst through the door, with the others following right behind her with a frown on their faces. While Gabriel just looks sad instead of frowning with annoyance like the others.

"What you girls do? I didn't see any fighting or hear anything related to fighting." Alice asks the ones that managed to stay alive for 10 minutes.

"We did a rock paper scissor game. Two out of three, I won twice in a row." Serafall grins while making a victory pose.

"Hate to break it to you, Serafall. But, you still have things to do here, remember?" Raven smirk at Serafall, who looks confused for a second before remembering the main reason why she and the other didn't want this universe to be destroyed so it could be converted into a [Gamer's Ability: Reality Core].

Esdeath smirk and open her mouth, but Raven cut her off, "I'm sure as a principal. You can't have a vacation just yet." Raven grin at Esdeath, who glares at her. Raven didn't care, if she isn't going to be chosen, then she will make it almost impossible for the others from being chosen as well.

Now, that Raven outed Serafall and Esdeath. Ryun and Yuri look at each other, as these two are the ones that most free and not in a permanent position in this universe.

"Actually, I'm in the same position as Serafall as I still have many things to learn from this universe's culture in clothing." Yuri spoke up, knowing that she would be outed anyway with the way Raven is looking at her. May as well get it over with.

"So out of everyone here. Only Ryun is free since she mostly just help Ragna here at the Clinic when not at school." Alice said what's on everyone's mind. "Honestly, out of all of us, other than Gabriel and Serafall, she the only one that hasn't been alone with Ragna while traveling before. Even if some of us have a short period of time. Better to have than not at all." Almost everyone nods their heads at this.

"What about the kids? I mean..." I glance over my kids, where they are looking back at me. Especially with Rin and Pyrrha. While Artoria is once again taking her nap, following the footsteps of Raven, much to everyone's amusement. Black and Rock are too busy trying out working out each other to care really. Little Asia and Alluka didn't seem to mind really as they're used to not having me in their life most of the time and understood why. "Okay, how about I'll take the kids who want to tag along. I'll make sure to protect them and Ryun there too."

Both baby Rin and Pyrrha raised their hand instantly.

Baby Rin glance over to the sleeping Artoria and slaps her against the cheek, causing the latter to work up instantly and look around quickly as if she was under attack, then notice the look baby Rin giving her. Artoria connects the dots and raise her hand as well. But, everyone can see Artoria is clueless about what she raising her hand for.

"WAAAHH! MY BABY LEAVING ME!" Serafall snatches her baby from the ground and begins wailing, as she rubbing her cheek against baby Rin, where everyone can see how annoying and embarrassing she is right now due to Serafall's action, even to the point of using one of her tiny hands to push Serafall, leading to wailing even louder. Almost everyone can tell Serafall wasn't for real and just acting; however, those that can't tell would believe Serafall is really sad.

"Actually, I don't mind waiting a bit later before we head off. I mean, the kids are not even a year old and with me gone. At least with the other ones. I've been in their life long before going off. And I can just wait until the year for my original body to recover to be finish by the time we can leave." I point this out, that there is no need for us to leave so soon when the kids still need a Father in their life, no matter if they are [Reincarnators] or not.

"That's true. I guess when we've learned about how to create a [Gamer's Ability: Reality Core]. Everyone thought you would have to leave as soon as possible to convert many universes into one." Esdeath mentally sighed in relief, that the love of her life wouldn't be leaving any time soon and she doesn't have to find any excuses to quit her job as a principal after doing all the works of getting it. Well, a bit of effort, not that hard; nevertheless, she still puts effort into it and she rather not do wasted time tasks.

"Anyway, I'll say we spend a few years here until the kids are around the same ages at their older siblings before we switch to another universe." I said to everyone, causing some of the wives to mentally sigh in relief. "Now, that's over. I think it's time for us to do whatever. I think I'll relax at home instead of opening the Clinic." I stretch my muscle a bit. "I'll be honest, being limited to how many [Skills] made it very difficult for me. Remind me of the time when I first begin as a Gamer."

"Difficult?" Esdeath snort, then smirk. "If anything, you were only having a hard time due to how much [Mana] you could use at the time and [Sword Qi] as well. The rest were fine, you just had to gain EXP to level up." Esdeath knew back then, it wasn't truly difficult as her husband says.

"I guess, but I'm so used to having so many [Skills], that just using only a few ones made me feel a bit uncomfortable." I shrug my shoulder before picking Artoria up from the ground, who let out a yawn before going back to her nap as she moves closer into my arms. Making me sweatdrop on why this Artoria desire to sleep all the time. If she was birthed by Raven, then maybe it in the family, but Gabriel gave birth to Artoria and I'm not like Raven, who wants to sleep any time she has the option to. 'I do wonder where she gets this from or this is something common for her in her previous life.'

"Okay, I'm going to head off to sleep." Raven also lets out a yawn, as she falls on top of the same couch she always used to sleep on.

"Oh! I'll continue my studies! I can't wait to teach." Gabriel spoke in a cheerful tone, then head upstairs to the second floor to resume her study to become a teacher.

"Come on, little Asia and Alluka. We'll have a tea party before I leave!" Serafall said to the other two older girls, taking the horrified baby Rin with her to the second floor, to one of the other free rooms available for anyone usage.

"Well, I had a good work out. Time for me to eat, so if anyone needs me. I'll be in the Kitchen." Alice said to everyone, then head into the kitchen to eat.

"Guess that leaves me with watching over the rest of the kids." Esdeath glance at the kids on the ground before her eyes slide over to Repellista.

"I got it. I'll help you out, no need to say it." Repellista rolls her eyes at the unspoken order by the main wife, not that she needs to be told in the first place. She loves playing with the kids. So, Repellista grabs Rock, then head upstairs with Esdeath holding Black, to another guest room. Leaving Pyrrha behind, where both Esdeath and Repellista knew that Ryun wants Pyrrha for herself.

"Well, we can just watch a movie or something." I said to Ryun, as she picks up Pyrrha, with just the four of us by ourselves in the Living room.

"I don't mind, my god." Ryun smiled as she walks over to another couch to sit in, that's not being used by a sleeping Raven.

"Great." I grab the remote control from the table and sit down next to Ryun before turning the TV on, not caring that it may wake Raven up since I noticed Raven wearing her earmuffs she got from a local Store and been using it since then whenever she takes her nap.