Chapter 4: Uh…She Is Gone…
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The mysterious Kaeya, the Cavalry Captain. His appearance was as unique as Yomite's. His diamond-shaped pupils and long navy blue hair completed his unique and foreign appearance. He had waist-length hair pulled back into a ponytail and an eyepatch covered his right eye.

Yomite wondered if he had lost his eye or if it was a chuuni accessory.

'I guess I'll have to ask him later.'

His form-fitting attire included a white fur cloak over a white jacket that revealed his chiseled chest, a navy shirt, and navy pants. Over his left shoulder, he wore a cloak shaped like a single wing. This individual had an even more unusual appearance than Yomite and wore more exotic clothing.

Yomite also noticed that he possessed the godly source of power, the Vision, which was hanging around his left thigh. His Vision looked different in both design and color from the Vision that Hu Tao had.

His Vision was blue with two feathers, however Hu Tao's Vision was red as crimson flames and had no resemblance whatsoever to his.

'He is really strong.' Yomite wondered to himself as he observed him from head to toes.

Particularly, the manner in which he conducted himself was something that could only be acquired via extensive practice.

However, Yomite was truly most perturbed by his attitude.

'He let us in without a care in the world, called me his little brother, and now is leading us to the commander of this city...Something is fishy here. But the good thing is that we made it into the city despite the fuss at the gate.' He unconsciously looked at the carefree Hu Tao who was still licking away at her candy.

He examined the city and discovered that it was certainly brimming with activity. People appeared to be in good spirits. That was a good sign. If the citizens were happy, then there was less chance of meeting an oppressive higher-up that might drive him away because he had no identification.

Well, he was fortunate that he wasn't thrown into a world where there was an ongoing war or something, but he was aware that the peace would eventually end and the war could occur, as Hu Tao had told him that there were many other small cities like this one, that had ambitions to expand their territories, and as was well-known in the history of mankind, there were always stupid reasons to start a war.

For instance, he recalled reading about a war that began when two fishermen began throwing cod fish at one another. The war was titled The Cod Fish War. It involved a disagreement about fishing territory.

People were crazy and would fight over anything.

As they stepped inside the city, he felt as if he was on a market. All around him were shops of all kinds. From a shop that looked like it was selling flowers, to an outside blacksmith, to something that resembled a scam, selling some kind of protective 'Divine Artifacts Charms'.

'I have never seen an outdoors smithy before. I used to spend a lot of time in a smithy back on Earth. My father's friend owned a smithy, so we attended it regularly. Seeing one that is maintained outdoors, and looks like it's a self improvisation brings a lot of joy to me.'

The smithy was run by a burly middle-aged man with a beard, together with what looked to be his disciple.

The forge was also pretty well done for an improvisation.

"I told ya to pre-heat it! Pre-heat it! Do ya know what that means, ya Bampot!"

"Bu-But master! I wanted to quickly finish it so that I can start making another sword!"

"Jobby! Tis' trash! Yer reapin' what ya sow. I won't allow ya to go play by yooehrself! Yer better finish tis' thin' before the sun lays low! Awa' n bile your head!"

"Y-Yes, master!"

They drew a large gathering of onlookers who laughed at the boy's misfortune. It was a common occurrence, and it was too amusing to listen to his master's extraordinary and abundant dictionary. It resembled a comedy skit.

Yomite also couldn't help but smile at the sight. He remembered being the same, inexperienced child, but he learned along the way and from his mistakes.

'Good luck, kiddo.'

As he looked further to his left, there was a large building with a sign that read 'Adventurer's guild'.

Yomite was pleasantly surprised he could read, which could either mean his body was modified by the goddess to the point that he could perform speech, read and write in their language, or that the language of this world was identical to that of Earth.

He noticed there was a black-haired beauty behind a counter, which was also outdoors for whatever reason. Typically, in isekai stories or fantasy settings, the adventurer's guild was a boisterous place filled with people who would try to pick a battle with the main protagonist. There would always be a cute lady behind a counter, but the counter and the board with quests were usually located inside of the guild and not outside, so this was a breath of fresh air.

The woman behind the counter looked diligent and didn't move a single inch since the past minute. The professionalism of this person was definitely showing.

'It's almost scary, she isn't even blinking. Is she a human? '

As he was looking around, Kaeya stopped and waited for him to feast his eyes upon the city. Yomite noticed this and got moving.

"Do you like it here?"

"Oh yeah, it's really peaceful."

"Of course! Knights like me are the reason why! Your older brother is simply an outrageously amazing person." Kaeya chuckled in amusement as he said this.

" should I address you? Is Kaeya enough?"

Kaeya smiled and gave him a wink, "Kaeya is fine, but you can also call me older brother! I always wanted to have a younger sibling, you see, my older sibling is rather...grumpy you could say. He is so cold to me, but it's fun to tease him, that's for sure."

"An older sibling? I see that you have your hands full."

"Well, we aren't really related by blood as I was adopted into his family, but I regard him as such."

"I see. I never had a sibling, so I can't really tell how it feels like to have one, but it has to be fun to some degree. Also a bit annoying."

"Well, it's a shame that you couldn't experience the greatness of having a brother to bull—I mean, have fun with! Teasing him is one of the funniest things. But don't worry, now you have me, so come me brother, older brother, big brother, Aniki, anything your heart desires~!"

There was a reason why Kaeya was this excited. The trigger was the words that Hu Tao spoke of before. Having another brother sounded interesting and fun to him.

Being able to tease two brothers at once was better than one!

Moreover, he did look like he came from the same place as him. So his hidden motive might have had to do something with it...

"Ehm...I think I will stick with Kaeya for now..." Yomite was a bit uncomfortable calling a stranger brother.

"Is that so? What a shame, little brother. I know you will change your mind soon enough! Well then, follow me. We are almost there."

They turned right and followed a short path, quickly arriving in front of something that resembled a pub.

"Eh...this doesn't look like the place..." No matter how much he looked, this was a pub. It didn't look like the Headquarters of a fortress at all.

"Don't mind don't mind! Come on in!"

Yomite's face twisted into a troubled look at Kaeya's words.

Maybe he was overthinking it, maybe this pub was a hidden place where the strongest of individuals from the city gathered in like a secret room or something. That was a standard plot for a lot of novels.

Yomite decided to go in after all, 'Wait...where is Hu Tao?'

He turned around but she was gone.

"Kaeya, where did Hu Tao wander off? How did we lose her? Was she kidnapped?"

"Hu Tao? Oh, you mean the little girl? She said she had something to discuss with the Guild about her coffin discounts. She will be back shortly. If I remember, I saw her before. She came here like two years ago I think, and raised a ruckus about selling coffins to healthy people. She is a lively one for sure!"

Yomite facepalmed himself, 'Jeez, so she was serious when she was talking about the discount stuff? She is so small I didn't even notice she had disappeared...'

Unwillingly, he followed Kaeya inside the pub...