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Alex didn't understand a word the man said but definitely knew that he would be taken care if the mans expression was anything to go by. this was further proven when the man took alex out of the basket and read the letter in it. "hmm , alexander drake huh , what an odd name." the man said before laying alex down in a crib with a baby girl. alex was very uncomfortable since the girl seemed to treat alex as a stuffed animal and latched unto him. alex had only woken up again not long ago so he wasn't tired yet.

NAME: Alexander drake                                                                                                                          RACE: human                                                                                                                                    AGE: n/a                                                                                                                                                  TITLE: none                                                                                                                                              Feats: aspirant                                                                                                                                        Solar points:20,000                                                                                                                                Weapon: none                                                                                                                                Armor: none                                                                                                                                          Accessories: none , none                                                                                                                          Physique: celestial body{draws in the energy of the sun and moon passively strengthening the body over time with no limit.}                                                                                                                          Affinities: fire , yang , lightning                                                                                                              Kekkai genkai: celestial release{fire , lightning and yang fusion mutated from solar release and far more powerful.}                                                                                                                                        Dojutsu: none                                                                                                                                          Chakra control: awakened (0%)

To pass the time alex checked his status and noticed that it had changed greatly compared to before. for a start he now had four new tabs that each listed the various things that those with chakra had access to.

Alex noticed that he had a single kekkai genkai that used all three of his affinities that must have been the one the rob had said he would have. alex wasn't that surprised when he saw the description of the celestial body since he had long known about the relationship between the sun and moon. the biggest problem alex found was his lack of knowledge regarding what even kekkai genkai and dojutsu were. this system of power seemed far different than the aura he was familiar with as he couldn't just will things to happen , he tried.

Alex could feel the warm current of energy traveling through his body from his stomach since it felt vastly different than aura but he had no clue how to control it. it moved under his will but it was wild and didn't flow evenly so he was at a loss as to really use it. after thirty minutes of continuous failures alex gave up for the night and went back to sleep. alex officially met his new family the next morning as apparently his new parents also woke up at dawn.

Alex woke up the instant dawn hit as the energy getting sucked into his body grew many times more potent in an instant. when a slim black haired woman with black eyes came to check on alex and the girl she was surprised to she him already looking at her. the woman held both alex and the girl in one arm each as she bought them into an area with a large table and chairs. the woman set alex down while she tried to figure out the seating arrangement as they only had a single baby seat.

Alex didn't care all that much about the fuss the woman was making as he was far more interested in the strange roll of paper sitting on the coffee table. the man watched as the most strange thing happened when alex played with the scroll. a poof of white smoke replaced the scroll that the man was sure was sealed with the extra kunai's he kept stored in it. this sudden change startled alex who stared at the pile of sharp blades that had seemingly appeared from nowhere. alex's infant body affected him as he giggled in delight at the odd thing that the roll did when he pushed his chakra into it.

The woman scooped up alex before he could grab one of the strange blades and seemed to admonish the man , not that alex understood a word but he had seen his previous dad make the same expression. the woman seemed to forgive the man though when alex giggled at them with a warm smile. the man had brought alex to a hospital after breakfast where several test were run on alex by the staff. alex got several strange stares from his new dad and several of the staff once his results came back but since he didn't understand the language alex had no clue why.

Kaido couldn't believe what the test on the boy he had found on his porch late at night said. apparently the boy not only had an unknown physique that seemed almost on par with a senjus but also seemed to have been born with fully unlocked chakras. what was even more crazy was that the test said it was almost as high as lord fourths son who was the nine tails jinchuriki. this infant boy was also apparently even more special as the blood test said he had an unknown kekkai genkai as well.