8. Celia’s Reward (R18)
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I reach the town.

Without paying any attention to the other shops, I head straight to my destination.

There’s only Celia standing there, just like when we first met.

"Celia-san! Sorry for the delay."

I raise my voice.

It can't be helped.

I'm already full of expectations; my heart and everything else swells up.

"It was later than I expected. What happened?"

"No, I just got so absorbed in it."

"What? Aren’t you looking forward to it?"

Yeah, that's right.

I love that little bit of laughter.

"Then let's go to my house first. Come with me."

I walk with Celia-san.

Is the destination just halfway between North Avenue and West Avenue?

I thought it would be more estranged, but it’s a surprisingly solid house.

It is a two-story building with a living room and multiple rooms.

Is it because it's a game?

If it's made poorly like a slum, it might really become a slum.

"You're hungry, aren't you? Should we eat first? I'll make some for you too."

Of course, I’ll accept your good intention.

After Celia-san left the kitchen for a while, what come out was Oyakodon.

Did you have rice, Celia-san?

I feel a little guilty having her use ingredients other than the ingredients I brought.

Let's bring some rice next time.

With "Itadakimasu" I dive in through the bowl.

The food is surprisingly delicious. Celia-san’s wife's power seems very high.

After dinner, the mood becomes more subtle.

No, let's just say I don't have much time to talk. From my point of view, I'm the one who buys, but I can't be too bullish.

"Haa, you don’t have to be so nervous."

"Oh, thank you…"

"For now, please take a shower first."

I take a shower as she recommends.

Anyway, I can't think anymore, so I left everything at her disposal.

Still thinking about being seen, I will somehow cleanse my body.



I can't help but raise my voice at the sudden sensation I feel on my back.

When I turn around, Celia is there, baring her naked body to me. She has a sly grin on her face.

"Ce-Celia-san!? Why are you here!?"

"Fufufu~ I thought I'd wash you anyway."

"Ah, you’re going to wash me?!"

"Well, I think this is also a service. Besides, you've been too stiff from a while ago. It's okay, just leave it to me. Hora!"

There is nothing I can do about it.

Admittedly, I’m very confused as to what to do next.

How should I talk to her? How should I touch her... I don’t have any clue.

Celia-san grabs a towel and wraps her arms around me.

Then, while pressing her chest against my back, she stretched her left hand below my chest.


"Even though you're bigger than me, you're firm, and your breasts are nice and chewy."

She whispers softly in my ears while she gently caresses the skin on my breast.

It's the first time I’m feeling something like this. The pleasure I feel is overwhelming.

"Hnn, hnn, ah~"

Her left hand relentlessly plays with my boobs, sometimes it rubs and squishes the fat meat like it's a sponge, and sometimes it focuses on my budding nipple, kneading, rolling, and pinching it as they please.

Celia-san is really not going easy on me.

On my back, I can feel the softness rub up and down, making my body shiver in pleasure.

I gasp, and my eyes turn hazy.

"Aah… Celia-san… shoo good! it feels good, it feels so gooood…"

Celia-san's fingertips reach up to my lips and cover my mouth.

"Eve, please just call me Celia."

"Celia, Celia, Ah… it's okay, it feels good…."

I keep calling her name like crazy.

I can't believe I became like this just by rubbing my chest.

I am already scared of what will become of me at the end of the night.

Celia turns me around as if she has fully enjoyed my chest.

Her lips are slowly but surely approaching mine.

"Mmu, nn, nn"

"Hmm, ha, ah, slurps, slurps, ah"

My lips, which are already out of breath, are covered by Celia's lips, and her tongue immediately invades my own, not letting me rest even a little bit.

Both of our mouths are already messed up with each other's saliva, and you can't tell which saliva it is.

"Fufu, was this your first kiss?"

Her voice is so sweet and seductive, my ears feel like they are dipping in a honeypot.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha"

I forget to breathe, so I can only nod.

Even so, the kiss continued, as if it made her feel better.

However, this time we didn't put our lips together.

Celia's lips stretch right next to mine, and from there she showers me with kisses all over my face.

On my nose, on my cheek, on my eyelids, and on my forehead. There’s no place left unattended by those soft and plump lips.

Not wanting to be left behind, I follow her every move and kiss her lovely face.

Both of our faces are already wet and sticky.

At that time, Celia's tongue suddenly slides from my face to the side and pierces into my ear.


"Ahh.. no, not that place… that’s my ear… Celia w-what are you doing?! Ah.. aahhh… Ahn….!"

Splurt. Splurt. Splurt.

The moment Celia licked my ear, a pleasure that I had never experienced before flowed into me.

The cock that hadn't been touched yet exploded with only indirect pleasure, and the semen poured down on Celia's body. The pleasure finally broke my knee.

"Fufufu, Eve's ears are weak."

Celia whispers in my ear. Even that voice becomes a pleasure and goes through my brain.

"Celia, Celia, Celia…"

I am as good as a lamb before a wolf. The only partner to rely on is Celia. My sloppy mouth just keeps calling out the name of this pleasure-giving Celia.

"Okay, let's go to bed now."

After taking a light shower, I wipe my body with a towel.

In the meantime, I can't think of anything, so I'm at her mercy all the time.

She leads me to the bed with that hand and pushes me down into the bed.

I'm lying on my back obediently. In Celia’s eyes, I must’ve looked like a fish on a cutting board.

When I lower my eyes, I catch a glimpse of my penis standing upright splendidly.

Even though it has just exploded, it hasn't lost its hardness at all.

"Nee, Eve… I'll take the lead from here… You can just enjoy it…"

As she murmurs in a bewitching voice, she climbs over me.

Celia straddles me, on one knee, and rubs my dick against her slit.

Hurry up... Hurry up!

"Celia, please, please stop teasing me!"

I beg her with all my strength. My head is already full of anticipation when my dick shoves into her pleasure hole.

My swollen dick twitches even more vigorously while I eye her with a blazing gaze full of desire.

"Fufufu, Eve is so cute… It’s only a little bit teasing, but Eve can't stand it anymore~"

Saying that, she stops moving for a moment, and then Celia regained her posture.

"Eve, look at me. From now on, Eve's dick will enter me... I'll claim Eve's dick's virginity for mine. Ufufufu~"

Celia grabs my rod, directs it to the entrance of her secret place, presses her pussy on top of it, and bends her knees little by little.

My tip touches Celia’s slit.


I can feel tightness squeezing my shaft. Celia’s expression turns a bit painful, but still, she does not stop falling, slowly, slowly, my dick sinks into Celia's pussy and is wrapped.

"Hmm! Ahhh! Sooo bigg… Eve’s dick is soo bigg… What’s this? What’s is this?? It’s so gooddd…."

"Aaaaah! Celiaah!"

She must have been right-handed. It seems that it was difficult to balance with only the left hand.

Celia is adjusting her balance on my body with her left hand, while my hand's gripping her waist tightly pushing and pulling her body in and out, and the shock pierces Celia deep inside.

Shlapp, shlaapp, shlapp…

The sounds of flesh hitting flesh filled the room as I desperately pound my body at her while she, at the same time, rocks her hips up and down.

The lewd smell lingers around us, further decreasing my self-control.

We’re going against each other like animals, drowning in carnal desire. All the different sensations turned into pleasure, and before I know it, I'm launching deep inside her.

"Haa. Haa. Haa."

"You can still do it, right? Because the night is still young."

While I’m gasping for breath, she slowly begins to move, slowly grinding her hips back and forth, side to side.

Each time my penis moves with it, it rubs a little, and the pleasant feeling flows in.

"Celia, moree.. give me moreee…."

Before I know it, she has removed her left hand that has been supporting me, and we kiss as if to cover each other, pressing our breasts together, facing each other.

I hug Celia with my free hands, holding her in my arms and surrendering to the pleasure I feel as she moves back and forth.

"Uhh ahh Celiaaa… Ahhh ahh ahh…"

"Goood, Eveee, you’re so good… keep pounding at me... do me moree… AAAhnn~~!"

While touching each other's lips and calling each other's names, we are drowning in pleasure.

A strong feeling of ejaculation comes up in my penis.

"Celia, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again!"

"Okay, Evee, Evee! Just take it out inside! Give me your love seed, fill my womb with your warmth!!!"

Celia! Celia!

Now all I can think about is Celia.

I forgot what the other was like.

All I know is that my dick is deep inside Celia's pussy.

I put my strength into my already melted hips and thrust a thrust deep into her.


"Aaah~ So deep… Eve is sooo deep inside me~~"

Celia howls sloppy words, and her expression turns into bliss.

This is probably the deepest part.

My dick nudges its tip against Celia's cervix.

Celia's trembling body, her pussy, led me to the climax.

"I’m cummingg!!"

Aiming for the innermost depths of her, I surrender myself to that pleasure.