Arc 1 – The Darkest Lily 2.1 🔞
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The flower flashes bright, and the transformation is complete. 

Admitted it is even a transformation. It’s more likely it was a disguise. She’s been a demon for Corona-knows-how-long.

A wolf among the sheep.

“W-Why?” Orchid mewls, begging for an answer. “How could you… traitor!”

“Haaaa…” Lily keeps panting her ragged breath shaken by ripples of pleasure. Her golden eyes go back to her. “It feels so good. To watch you squirm in fear… it never gets old. I love Novices. They are so… cute. And so easy to break…” Lily chuckles, lowering her mouth to put a sinful kiss over her neck. Orchid tries to fight it, but the contact is enough ti make her stomach churn and her breath catch in her throat. She grits her teeth, struggling, but all she can manage to do is to make the bed creak a little bit. And between her thighs… what’s that weird sensation she’s starting to feel there? Like a coiling… a tightening feeling she doesn’t really understand…

Lily chuckles again. She shifts, straddling her and sitting over her laps as she starts to grind her hips against hers - and there’s something else between her thighs that…

“What… what is that?!” Orchid gasps at the sight of a bulging man’s… thing pressing against her inner thigh. 

“Hmmm, this position comes with a few benefits. Don’t worry you’ll love it… you are going to get crazy for dick…” she nips at her skin and Orchid’s protests die in her throat. 

“W-Why, Lily? I looked up to you! You were my hero, you were…”

“Oh, you are too precious.” Lily’s red tongue slithers out of her lips - how come it is that long and laps at her cheeks, leaving a trail of saliva all over her skin. “I love you Novices, trying to so hard to pretend you are so pure! But you are all just wanton sluts beneath the faint veneer of purity! Especially you! I have seen you leering at me during training. I know what you do beneath the blankets, you little blonde tramp!”

“That’s… that’s not true! You won’t get away with this! I will tell everyone about you!”

“That’s easily solved,” she purrs, and kisses her. 

“Mhhfh!” Orchid groans against her lips, her eyes going wide at the intrusion. But just as she’s about to push her away… something happens. “Hnngng…” the feeling of her lips against another’s… and her slithering, too-long tongue playing with her own… it sends little sparks of pleasure going off right in her head. She squirms under her former friend’s weight, her larger breasts squashed against her own slight chest, but both their nipples are getting harder and harder. A gasp, a pant, and she lets go for a moment, just enough for Lily to part her legs and press her engorged, hard manhood against her special place.

“Hnnhfhf!” Orchid tries to fight again, but the pleasure is just overwhelming. The demon’s beautiful body, her sweet smell, the faint musky aroma of desire coming from both their pussies, and the promise of the hard thing about to spear her all work to reduce her resistance into an afterthought, something she can’t really hold on. 

Lily pulls back. She looks down at her and she tries to bring her thighs back together, but it’s too late. She guides her penis level with her pussy with expert ease and her rock-hard head is limber enough to pull her panties aside. 

“Noo… please… don’t…” Orchid tries to protest. Lily chuckles again, licking her neck. 

“You little slut. You are panting so hard. Your nipples are so stiff I could cut glass with them. And your pussy is already so fucking wet. Don’t try to deny this. You want this. You little whore. Let me give you what you need…”

Orchid feels her need coil inside her. There’s a horrible sensation of emptiness growing inside her, right between her thighs. She grinds and squeezes, but she can’t get rid of it - it’s there, and it pulsates with absolute need. She wants to be speared. She wants to be taken. This is till her hero, this is still her friend… even if she has sold her soul to the Morningstar…

She needs a good dicking…

It would feel so good…

“Nnnn—hoooo, I can’t, I cahaaaa-…!” Orchid arches her back as her friend slides her hard penis inside her. “Haaa! Haa!” Orchid gasps, more shocked than anything at the first impact. Lily’s hard penis pushes deep inside her, parting her folds with ease. Orchid’s juices and a faint sheen of the tiniest blood paint her dick, but with a few thrusts all that remain are her needy, sticky clear juices. Orchid arches her back, involuntarily. She can’t… she can’t really control her body. She doesn’t want this! Or at least that’s what she says herself, as she bends her waist to better welcome that big dick inside her. 

It’s hitting places she was never able to find with her fingers, no matter how nimble they were. It’s scratching a deep, dire itch she has always felt and which she has never been able to fix before. But Lily’s dick can! It’s so thick and so hard inside her! 

With each thrust, her former superior pants and gasps - does her pussy feel that good? Why is she strangely happy about it? - and her eyelids flutter, and with each thrust she spreads her legs a little further, allowing her better access. The invader presses deep inside her, from the entrance of her pussy where she can still feel a tad of cool air all the way inside, where only moist and warmth remain. 

“Noooho…ohoho… it feels… it feels…”

“You are so fucking tight,” Lily groans, a grin spreading over her lips. “I love virgins. You are the best I have had yet!” She leans forward to kiss her again and this time Orchid can only lay down and let her have her way with her, unable to muster her strength… maybe she is right… maybe she is just a little slut who will do nothing to stop her… maybe this is what she wants… or at least what her body wants… 

“Haaaa…” she pants as more weird feeling run through her, rocking back and forth. Lily’s hands still pin her down to the bed, but at this point she’s not sure she has the strength yet to fight her. Or the will… it just feel so good to lay there and take it… to feel her hardness pound her, smooth every crevice of her needy pussy, sliding inside her like a rod of hard lava. With each thrusts her small breasts wobble against Lily’s larger and darker ones, her blonde hair mingle with Lily’s red mane. And she doesn’t even know when she starts and where she ends… her body wakes up to bing just a conduit to pleasure. And maybe she was never good for anything other than that. 

“Nnnnooo…” she bemoans, trying to gather an ounce of strength to just say no, to resist these thoughts and the effect they are having on her. 

She’s a novice… she should dedicate her life to justice and protection, not on getting speared by a thick… heavy cock! No matter how heavily it pulsates through her, no matter how amazing it feels… even if she’s spreading her legs a little more each time and she feels the incredible pressure spreading her insides and stirring her pussy… this is not what she is, this is not what she’s supposed to be! “I am… I am… a priestess…” she groans, even as she feels that that might become increasingly less true with each thrust, each time Lily’s thick breasts press against her chest. “I am… faithful… to Corona…”

“Fuck Corona,” Lily groans, gritting her teeth. “Fuck her church and her prissy battle-priests and her rules and her limits! Did they think they could shower me with perfect little novices each year and think I could just let that slide? Ha! Haaa…” 

Lily’s cock pulsates hard inside her. Something is coming. Something she doesn’t know… but it’s something… something that’s gonna turn her into a good little slut!

“Nooo… I don’t want to be a slut… I don’t want to lose to darkness…”

“… your pussy is far too good for that! Gnnn you are so hot and tight around my cock!” Lily groans, pushes forward and arches her back as a pulsating spreads from the base of her cock right into her. 

Orchid moans, her back arching as well as she feels the cock inside her explode, bursting thick, searing hot cream inside her needy pussy. She moves her hips, welcoming the invader eagerly as… 

And then it happens.

“Haaaaa!” Orchid trashes. A light going off in her pussy, spreading through her body like a wave. It snaps inside her, rocking against her hips and up to her chest and makes her throat feel tight and then it bursts through her brain. She opens her mouth in a surprised, shaken cry as whatever’s happening just… happens. This incredible feeling carries her high, makes her float and carries her into a state of war, all-encompassing bliss… 

Her entire body is getting a massage all over,. And she’s putty in the hands of this unknown giant massaging her every crevice…

And while she’s lost in bliss, her body shudders and shakes, her tongue lolls out of her mouth as blush spreads all over her face. She’s panting and groaning as Lily’s cum keeps doing its job inside her. 

“Whaaa… whaaa… whaaat was… thaaaat…” she begs to know as she slowly comes to. Lily’s dick is still inside her, but bit by bit the priestess-turned-demon pulls back, even though Orchid can feel her pussy tighten around the still-hard organ, begging it to remain inside her a little longer.

“That was your first orgasm, my little slut. The first of many.”

“Or… gasm…?”

“Yes. The kind of thing that was always hidden from you by the likes of Corona.”

“But I am… a devotee… of She Who Bears… the Sun…”

“You feel much more devoted to my cock right now,” Lily muses, clicking her tongue. “Morningstar’s horns, you are so fucking tight.”

“I don’t want to serve the Morningstar…”

Lily bursts out in a roaring laughter. Her breasts shake and wobble on her chest as she leans back. 

“Ah, that was too rich. Worry not. You did not make a pact with the Morningstar, you will not get nearly as many… perks as I did. But you will end up becoming my little demonic slut. How’s that as a perspective, my little Orchid?”

“I don’t… I don’t want… I’m not… nnnhhhhaa!?” She cries out all of a sudden as the feeling inside her changes, grows. Spreads stronger and heavier, lighting her insides on fire… “Whaaa… what’s thiiiisss?” Lily leans back, her dick springing out of her pussy. 

The cum she has spread inside her is not a pearly white.

It’s a thick, oily black. 

“Hmmm, hmmm,” Lily grins. “It’s about to start.”

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