Arc 3 – Queen of the Monster Maze 4.2 (Ember Soar)
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Kikori stands in the same room. The slime at the centre looks so different, so vibrant and full of energy. She’s talking with…

Oh, Samash. That’s her.

She’s just like she remembers her from the mosaics, the frescos, the holy depictions of Idira’s everlasting champion.

Ember Soar may be laying in her tomb since that fateful day when she faced the Morningstar, but she is a living memory, still the symbol of Idira’s greatest Knight chapter.

And she looks so homely: a simple dark-haired girl, her black mane cut short, her green eyes shining with mirth and the calm comprehension that comes from the purest of faith as she spends words with the slime.

“I am a bit embarrassed,” she says scratching her tan cheek. Beneath her ceramic and leather armor, Ember Soar’s skin is a pleasant tanned shade that goes well with her plain looks. Her nose is a tad too long, her lips a little too wide, her ears may stick out a bit too much for her to be called a beauty.

Kikori couldn’t tell her apart from any other girl at the Academia. She looks raw and real in a manner she couldn’t predict, nor get ready for. Her chest tightens.

She looks so approachable, like she could actually take a seat next to her and share a conversation… if this was anything but a memory.

“I really wanted to take part in your gifts. Sorry if I couldn’t…”

I don’t mind, as long as you come back here from time to time to share in a chat!

“I will do, whenever I can! I have my companions of a lifetime. Hey, maybe next time I can bring Candle Glow with me. And Summer Storm!”

Bring whoever you want! The more the merrier, and believe me it gets so lonely here from time to time!

“Sure! It may take a little bit because Corona has just recalled me, I’m about get my most important mission yet!”

Kikori gasps.

That’s when… when she met with the Morningstar.

“And that’s also the reason why I can’t accept your gifts. The only boon I can ask for is a stronger faith in Corona! I was thankful for the company, though. Please tell Enceladus he would do better reading a few of those books he has laying around.”

“That… it was her?

She had an impact on each of us. But we never did see her again. The one who came after was full of rage. She wanted more than I was supposed to give. She took. And took.

Kikori thinks back to the forest. It smelled like rain eternal storm there.

“I’m sorry. I would have wanted things to be different.”

What happened to her?

Kikori sighs.

“She was killed. By the very hands of the Morningstar.”

I see. There is no way I can ever meet her again then.

“I will go now. My companions are waiting for me! Thanks a lot for your company, Haliana!”

The image grows distorted and confused, like a painting left outside under the rain. Kikori blinks a few times and she is back into the present day’s room.

Now you know. And now it’s time to give you your final reward. You have proven to be a good Knight, Kikori.

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Thanks for reading. I was unsure for the longest time about finally giving Ember a definite look. She's going to be the protagonist of a couple novels I am planning for next year, so I really hope you liked her. I have also noticed a general increase in likes and enjoyment of these latest chapters. I will have a pool for you next time, as we only have about one or two more chapters before this Arc wraps up (at least the part that's for free).

At any rate... thank you so much for your support!