Chapter 85: Revenge Tour (pt.2)
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Canada, Appalachian Mountains

HYDRA Preparatory Academy

The Blackwoods

Next Day


(Brock POV)

As the sun rose on another morning, the hovercar ventured deeper into the Canadian wilderness, skirting the edge of the rugged mountains. The scenery below was a desolate expanse, devoid of human habitation, its untouched beauty captivating yet haunting.

In the distance, snowcapped peaks rose majestically, crowned with icy-blue tips that danced with the wispy clouds above. The sight was both awe-inspiring and intimidating, a reminder of the untamed power of nature.

As we progressed, the terrain began to shift, transforming from flat plains into towering rock formations that stood like ancient sentinels.

The hovercar effortlessly weaved its way through the narrow gaps between the mountains, guided by my steady hands on the controls. The wind whistled around us, carrying with it a sense of adventure and trepidation.

Ava and Zeru, their faces a mixture of awe and excitement, leaned closer to the windows, their eyes wide in wonder as they took in the breathtaking scenery unfolding before us.

The mountains stretched out endlessly, their jagged peaks embracing the sky, while the vastness of the Blackwoods—the woodland that protected Hydra Preparatory Academy—loomed ever closer.

My heart quickened its pace within my chest as we approached the edge of the Blackwoods, where the ancient trees stood like solemn guardians, their branches intertwined in an intricate dance, warning intruders of the darkness that lay within.

As the hovercar descended, I skillfully maneuvered it to a smooth landing on the outskirts of the forest, ensuring our arrival remained undetected. The engines silenced, and a hushed stillness settled upon us, as if the forest itself held its breath in anticipation of our next move.

Stepping out of the vehicle, my boots sinking slightly into the fertile earth, I inhaled deeply, taking in the familiar scent of pine mingled with the rich aroma of the Blackwoods.

The gentle breeze rustled the leaves, creating a symphony of whispers that resonated through the old forest.

My gaze swept across the landscape, memories flooding my mind like a torrential wave. The Blackwoods stood formidable, its towering trees bearing witness to the transformative years I had spent within those hallowed grounds. It was a place where innocence had been shattered, where darkness had thrived, and where I had been molded into a weapon—a pawn in Hydra's wicked game.

As I stood there, a mix of emotions washed over me.

Bitterness mingled with a simmering rage, yet beneath it all, there was a lingering thread of nostalgia. I had endured the brutal training, the indoctrination, and the cruelty. But it was also within those halls that I had discovered my own strengths.

"Bringing back memories?" Ava's voice cut through the silence, her eyes scanning the surroundings, her body tense with anticipation.

I nodded, my jaw clenched.

"Yeah, but this time, things will be different. I'm not the same little boy who first entered these grounds all those years ago." I replied, my tone heavy with anticipation.

Ava's face lit up with excitement as she activated her visor, pulling up her hood and concealing her features.

I glanced down at Zeru, who was examining a small device in his hand, his fingers dancing across its surface.

"Any sign of surveillance?" I inquired, wanting to ensure we remained undetected as we entered the treacherous woods.

Zeru glanced up, his gaze landing on a hidden camera nestled among the branches of a nearby tree.

"There's one camera up ahead and a few motion sensors scattered around, but I can take care of it," He replied confidently and, with a fluid motion, silver liquid metal began seeping from his body, flowing gracefully and enveloping him in a formidable Exo-suit.

Following their lead, inky black tendrils began to crawl up my skin, responding to my mental command, as my own suit materialized. The armor encased me, the sleek black plates pulsing with crimson light as they locked into place.

I flexed my fingers, feeling the power surging through my veins, a tangible reminder of the strength I had gained over the years.

"Ready?" I asked my two companions as they both nodded in approval.

With everyone suited up and ready for action, we took our first steps into the dark embrace of the Blackwoods. Each footfall was deliberate, our senses heightened, and our instincts honed to detect the slightest sign of danger.

We stepped forward, our boots crunching against the forest floor, as we made our way toward the camera Zeru had identified.

Approaching the location, Zeru raised his hand toward the device, and a silver drone, no larger than the palm of his hand, shot forward like a streak of lightning.

It darted through the air with incredible precision, its metallic wings almost invisible as it flew toward the hidden camera. As the drone approached, its body seemed to morph and change, adapting to the technology of the camera. It latched onto the device, and within moments, Zeru had full control of the surveillance system.

"Cameras hacked, and sensors disabled," Zeru announced with a satisfied grin, the eyes of his suit glowing faintly as it displayed a live feed of the forest within the HUD of his helmet.

"Nice work," I praised the boy, giving him a small pat on the back as I stepped past him.

With the surveillance system under Zeru's control, We continued deeper into the woods, moving with stealth and purpose. The dense canopy above cast long shadows as the forest seemed to come alive with the chirps and creaks of its inhabitants.

With Zeru's drone acting as our eyes in the sky, I led the way, navigating through the dense undergrowth with an almost innate familiarity.

Memories of my youth resurfaced as I recognized the traps that lay hidden beneath the forest floor and among the branches above. I pointed them out to Ava and Zeru, guiding them around the dangers that could easily catch anyone who wasn't cautious off guard.

The deeper we moved into the forest, the more dangerous and elaborate the traps became. It was evident that Hydra had significantly bolstered its security measures since my graduation from the academy.

As we continued our journey, the forest's silence was occasionally interrupted by the distant sounds of wildlife, reminding us that we were not alone in this unforgiving landscape.

As we neared a particularly dense patch of trees, I instinctively slowed my pace, a faint tingling feeling going off in my head.

Suddenly, I caught a whiff of something unfamiliar—a subtle mix of woodsmoke and a metallic tang. It triggered an immediate response in me, a primal instinct telling me that someone else was in the area.

I halted in my tracks, my senses on high alert. The others followed suit, their movements synchronized with mine as they scanned their surroundings.

"What is it, Brock?" Ava whispered, her voice laced with concern.

I didn't respond immediately. Instead, I closed my eyes underneath my helmet and focused, filtering out the surrounding sounds until only one remained—the slow breathing of someone hiding just beyond the thicket of trees a few yards away.

Opening my eyes, I scanned the area as I sniffed the air once more, a distinct human scent filling my nostrils with a warning.

Suddenly, time seemed to slow down as I instinctively tilted my head to the side, narrowly avoiding the arrow that whizzed past my helmet, its deadly tip burying itself into the tree behind me.


Upon the impact of the arrow, an explosion suddenly echoed throughout the forest as the tree trunk splintered, sending its wooden debris flying in all directions.

Another arrow streaked through the air, heading straight for Zeru.

With lightning reflexes, Zeru formed a shield of liquid metal, blocking the arrow just in time. The impact of the arrow against his shield caused a brief spark of electricity as the metallic liquid absorbed the energy of the blast.

"It seems our little stroll in the woods hasn't gone unnoticed," Ava said as she scanned the trees, searching for their assailant.

"Up there!" Zeru shouted as he pointed up toward one of the trees.

Perched high on one of the numerous towering tree branches, a mysterious figure dressed in a dark green and yellow suit could be seen. His face was hidden behind a half mask, the emblem of Hydra prominently displayed on his chest.

"Oh, you caught me," The figure taunted, his voice betraying a hint of arrogance as he pulled another arrow from the quiver on his back. "Doesn't matter, you're all still going to die."

"Who the fuck are you supposed to be?" I asked derisively, examining the Hawkeye wannabe as I signaled Ava at my side.

The figure stepped forward on the branch, his movements graceful and confident.

"They call me Bowman," He replied with a sinister grin. "The best shot in all of Hydra. But you can call me the one who ends your little adv-"

Before Bowman could finish his monologue, Ava's eyes glowed with an intense light, and her body began to levitate off the ground. With a swift motion, she soared toward Bowman, closing the distance between them in an instant.

Bowman's eyes widened in surprise as he fumbled to notch another arrow, but Ava was already closing in on him with incredible speed.

As Ava shot toward his position, two sharp blades retracted from the wrists of her suit, gleaming with a deadly shimmer. With a swift motion, she swung her arms, and the blades sliced through the air, heading straight for Bowman's neck.

Realizing the imminent danger, Bowman's reflexes kicked into overdrive. He quickly drew his bowstring, releasing the arrow with remarkable speed and precision. The arrow hurtled toward Ava, aimed at her heart.

But Ava's agility surpassed his expectations. With a fluid movement, she effortlessly dodged the arrow, her body twisting in mid-air as she closed the distance between them. The blades on her wrist descended, their lethal trajectory unwavering.

In one swift motion, Ava's blades met their mark. The sharp edges sliced through Bowman's neck, severing his head from his body. Time seemed to slow as blood sprayed from the wound, raining down on the grass below.

Bowman's lifeless body slumped forward, toppling from the branch, while his decapitated head spun through the air before landing with a sickening thud.

The forest fell into a stunned silence as Ava landed gracefully on the ground, her blades retracting back into place. She stood there, her visor concealing her expression, as she turned back towards Me and Zeru.

"Well...that was anti-climatic," She whispered, clearly disappointed with how easily the archer had been dispatched.

"What did you expect," I replied as I approached the headless body of Bowman, checking to ensure there were no other hidden threats before turning back to Ava. "I'm guessing he was the Hydra version of Hawkeye...and I never took that guy as nothing more than a second-rate Avenger."

Ava chuckled, the tension of the encounter slowly dissipating. "Well, he certainly didn't live up to the original. But let's not get too comfortable. There could be more surprises waiting for us in these woods."

She was right, of course.

Despite how easy the first obstacle went down, I knew we couldn't afford to let our guard down, not even for a moment.

With Bowman's lifeless body lying at our feet, we continued our trek through the Blackwoods, our senses heightened and our weapons at the ready.

The dense forest seemed to close in around us, its ancient trees reaching toward the heavens, creating a natural canopy that filtered the sunlight into dappled patches on the forest floor.

Shafts of golden light pierced through the thick foliage, casting a ghostly glow on the moss-covered rocks and vibrant wildflowers that dotted the forest.

The air was filled with the earthy scent of decaying leaves and the delicate fragrance of pine.

As we pressed forward, the trees grew denser, their towering forms obscuring the sunlight, plunging us into deeper shadows. The air grew cooler, and the atmosphere thickened with an unsettling aura.

I couldn't shake the feeling that we were being watched, that unseen eyes were tracking our every move.

Despite the eerie sensation, we persisted, following the faint trail that led to Hydra Preparatory Academy. The path weaved and twisted, intentionally designed to confuse and deter intruders.

Yet, with my memories as a guide and Zeru's drone, we made steady progress.

The school's presence loomed larger as we ventured deeper. Finally, we emerged into a clearing, and there, standing tall before us, was the imposing structure of HYDRA Preparatory Academy.

The school was constructed of dark stone and iron, blending seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness.

Intricate carvings and foreboding gargoyles seemed to stare down at us with menacing gazes as tall, arched windows with stained glass panels added to the eerie ambiance, casting colorful patterns across the courtyard.

Turrets and spires reached toward the sky, creating a silhouette that stood out against the backdrop of the mountains.

The main entrance was guarded by massive iron gates adorned with Hydra insignias. Beyond the gates, a cobblestone path led to a grand staircase, flanked by statues of Hydra leaders from the past.

Their stern expressions and raised weapons were a constant reminder of the school's dark legacy.

Surrounding the academy, a tall stone wall encircled the premises, further emphasizing the sense of isolation and secrecy. Thick ivy climbed the walls, as if nature itself was trying to reclaim the fortress.

Yet, despite the outward beauty, there was an unmistakable aura of darkness that clung to the academy. The knowledge that lay hidden within its walls, the secrets, and the manipulation that had taken place there left an indelible mark on its very essence.

As we stood on the outskirts of the meadow, gazing upon HYDRA Preparatory Academy, determination burned in our eyes. We knew that our journey had only just begun and that the true challenges awaited us within those formidable walls.


Canada, Appalachian Mountains

HYDRA Preparatory Academy


(John Garrett A.K.A Deathlok POV)

The empty halls of HYDRA Preparatory Academy echoed with the faint sounds of shuffling cards and the clinking of glasses. The once bustling school, now devoid of students and teachers, seemed to groan under the weight of its abandonment. Yet, a few remnants of HYDRA's presence remained, myself included.

Sitting around a small table in a dimly lit room, I found myself in the company of Hammer and Militant, two loyal Hydra soldiers who, like me, had been left behind to guard this empty fortress.

We had become a small band of misfits in this desolate place, searching for purpose and meaning in our servitude to an organization that had abandoned us.

I absentmindedly shuffled the deck of cards in my metallic hands, the clinking sound resonating in the empty hallway. As the three of us sat there, nursing our drinks and trying to distract ourselves from the emptiness that surrounded us, I couldn't help but feel a sense of bitterness creeping into my thoughts.

Forced to undergo extensive cybernetic enhancements, I had become more machine than man. My limbs, organs, and even a portion of my brain had been replaced with advanced Hydra technology, a constant reminder of my servitude to an organization that saw me as nothing more than a tool.

Hammer and Militant, on the other hand, were living examples of Hydra's failed attempts to recreate the powers of Thor and Captain America. They were the remnants of experiments gone wrong, walking reminders of the organization's inability to harness the true power of these iconic heroes.

As the cards were dealt, we exchanged tired glances, the weariness etched upon our faces.

The game of poker had become a monotonous routine, a feeble attempt to pass the time and distract ourselves from the lingering questions that gnawed at our minds.

As we continued our card game, the conversation turned to the recent evacuation of the academy. The halls that were once bustling with students, teachers, and the echoes of their footsteps now stood eerily silent.

The question of why we were left behind to guard the empty halls hung heavy in the air.

Hammer, a burly man with a shaved head and a scarred face, let out a heavy sigh, his voice tinged with frustration. "I don't get it, fellas. Why the hell did they leave us here? What's the point of guarding an empty school?"

Militant, a short soldier with a perpetually scowling expression and augmented muscles bulging beneath his uniform, grunted in agreement. "Yeah, it's like they just forgot about us. We're Hydra's loyal dogs, and they toss us aside like garbage."

I leaned back in my chair, the metal creaking under my weight, and stared at the cards in my hand. My thoughts drifted to the countless missions I had carried out for Hydra, the lives I had taken, and the sacrifices I had made. All in the name of their twisted ideology.

"Maybe they have bigger plans. Or maybe they don't trust us enough to be part of whatever they're up to." I murmured, taking a sip from my drink, the bitter taste of alcohol mingling with my disillusionment.

The room fell into a momentary silence, the weight of our uncertain future hanging heavily in the air.


Before we could dwell on our thoughts any longer, a loud explosion suddenly resonated through the corridors, reverberating through the walls and jolting us from our despondency.

The three of us exchanged surprised glances, our card game momentarily forgotten. With a shared sense of curiosity, we hastily rose from our seats and made our way toward the source of the commotion.

As we approached the front gates of the school, our steps quickened, anticipation coursing through our veins. The once-imposing gates now stood ajar, revealing a scene of chaos beyond.

Smoke billowed in the air, punctuated by flickering flames that danced along the edges of the entrance. The scent of burning metal mixed with the acrid tang of explosives, assaulting our senses and further fueling our curiosity.

My cybernetic eyes scanned the area, searching for any sign of the intruder. The smoke slowly dissipated, revealing three figures standing in the midst of the destruction.

Clad in various different combat gear, they moved with purpose, their steps giving off an air of confidence that resonated even from a distance, it was clear that these were no ordinary trespassers.

Hammer, always eager for a fight, cracked his knuckles and grinned. "Looks like we've got some unwanted guests. Finally, some action!"

Militant, his face twisting into a grim smile, nodded in agreement. "Let's show these amateurs what it means to mess with Hydra."

Without hesitation, we advanced toward the invaders, our training and instincts kicking in. The years of service to Hydra had honed our skills, and we were ready to defend our territory, regardless of the emptiness that surrounded us.

As we closed the distance, the intruders spotted us, and weapons were raised, as the air crackled with tension and we prepared to clash.


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