Chapter 87: Revenge Tour (pt.4)
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Washington D.C.

The Next Morning


(Omniscient POV)

Meanwhile, as Brock and his team made their way to Sokovia, Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon continued their mission to stop Project Insight in the heart of Washington D.C.

During their investigation, they had discovered Camp Lehigh, an abandoned training facility from World War II, and stumbled upon the preserved consciousness of Arnim Zola, now in the form of an AI.

After a tense conversation with Zola, they learned about the Algorithm, a program designed to identify targets for HYDRA by analyzing people's private data online. The Algorithm predicted threats to HYDRA's organization based on this data, both present and future.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, the trio formulated a plan. They would kidnap a high-ranking HYDRA member masquerading as a SHIELD agent and use them to gain access to one of the new Helicarriers.

Their goal was to reach the terminal where Steve would use the device he had been given by Brock, which was supposedly capable of shutting down all of Project Insight's systems.

But before they could act, they had to pick their target.

"Sitwell is our best chance to get inside the HYDRA operation," Natasha stated, her voice filled with conviction. "We know Pierce is sitting on top of the most secure building in the world, but Sitwell is the next best option."

Steve nodded in agreement, his blue eyes reflecting his determination.

"If we can get to Sitwell, we can use him to gain access to the Helicarrier and shut down Project Insight from the inside." He voiced.

"That's a good plan," Sam Wilson chimed in, his voice eager and excited. "But how exactly are we supposed to locate this guy? I mean, he must be held up somewhere secure, right? We don't have time to search all over D.C."

Natasha smiled.

"Let me worry about that," She replied, her voice playful. "I'll find him."

Natasha tapped into the few remaining trusted contacts she had within S.H.I.E.L.D, and through those sources, she discovered that Jasper Sitwell would be meeting with a senator at a high-end hotel restaurant in Washington D.C. tomorrow evening.

And so, with their target's location identified, the trio of heroes gathered in Sam's small apartment to formulate their plan of action.


Washington D.C.

Hay-Adams Hotel

The Next day


The following morning, the team positioned themselves strategically near the hotel restaurant, with a view of the designated location, and waited for their target.

Captain America, his shield discreetly concealed beneath his clothes, blended in with the crowd, keeping a watchful eye on the entrance.

Black Widow, dressed in an elegant disguise, positioned herself near the restaurant's exit, ready to intercept Sitwell as he made his way out. Her keen stealth skills would ensure they wouldn't miss their target.

Falcon, perched on a nearby rooftop, scanned the surroundings with the enhanced vision in his goggles. His metal wings fluttered slightly as he adjusted his position, ready to launch into action at a moment's notice.

Time seemed to stretch as they watched the minutes tick by, their eyes trained on the entrance of the Hotel.

Finally, the moment arrived as a convoy of five black SUVs pulled in front of the building and Sitwell emerged from one of the vehicles, accompanied by his security detail, the Senator, and a few aides. All of them wore dark-colored suits and ties that were typical to the upper echelons of the American government.

As the team watched, the group entered the busy Hotel and made their way through the lobby toward the restaurant connected to the building.

Captain America's gaze sharpened as he observed Sitwell, his eyes tracing the man's every movement. He could feel the weight of the mission pressing upon him, the fate of countless lives hanging in the balance.

"There they are," Cap whispered over the comms, his voice hushed. "Get ready."

Black Widow's senses heightened, her body poised like a coiled serpent ready to strike. And Falcon adjusted his goggles, his fingers tapping restlessly against the edge of the rooftop.

The atmosphere grew tense as the minutes passed, anticipation hanging in the air like a heavy cloak, as the bustling sounds of the city seemed to fade into the background, their focus solely on the glass windows of the restaurant, where they had a good viewpoint of Sitwell's party.

Inside the restaurant, the meeting progressed, oblivious to the approaching storm. Glasses clinked, voices murmured, and the aroma of fine cuisine filled the room, creating a backdrop of sophistication and opulence.

Finally, the meeting concluded, and the Senator and his aides bid Sitwell farewell as the HYDRA operative stood up and moved with purpose, his demeanor exuding confidence as he made his way toward the restaurant's exit, flanked by his security detail.

Just as Sitwell stepped fully out of the hotel, the trio of heroes sprang into action with impeccable coordination and efficiency. Captain America and Black Widow swiftly neutralized Sitwell's security, incapacitating them with precise strikes and well-timed moves, leaving them unconscious on the ground.

Sitwell froze in his tracks, a mix of recognition and fear flickering across his face as he locked eyes with the two Avengers, his mind racing as he knew the level of danger he was currently in.

Without wasting a moment, Sitwell turned on his heels and tried to escape, his heart pounding with panic.

But before he could take a single step, Falcon swooped down from the sky with impressive speed and precision. His mechanical wings glided gracefully as he grabbed hold of Sitwell, securing him in a tight grip and effortlessly lifting him off the ground and soaring into the air, leaving Cap and Widow to finish off the remaining security.

Cap and Widow quickly closed in on the scene, finishing up their own tasks efficiently, and regrouped to follow from the ground.

The trio wasted no time, taking Sitwell to a secluded location where they could interrogate him about Project Insight and the names of those involved.

Within the confines of the safe house, the atmosphere grew tense. Sitwell sat bound to a chair, his expression a mix of defiance and trepidation. The trio of heroes stood before him, their eyes piercing and unwavering.

Steve, his voice steady but tinged with worry, broke the silence. "Tell us everything you know about Hyrda and their plan."

Sitwell hesitated, sweat plastering his bald head as a battle raged within him. The fear of HYDRA's retribution warred with the knowledge that his life was in immediate danger if he didn't comply.

Seeing the traitor's inner turmoil, Black Widow stepped forward, her eyes narrowing with a mixture of determination and ruthlessness. She raised her fist, ready to strike, and without hesitation, delivered a swift blow to Sitwell's face.

The impact echoed through the room, causing Sitwell to gasp in pain. Blood trickled from his split lip as he desperately tried to catch his breath.

Black Widow reached back to hit him again when Sitwell suddenly called out for her to stop.

"I-I'll tell you everything!" he gasped, his voice hoarse. "Just...just don't hurt me!"

Widow took a step back, a smug smile playing at the corners of her lips.

"That was easy," she said, her voice dripping with satisfaction.

As Sitwell began to divulge the information, his voice quivered with a mixture of fear and desperation. He revealed the full plan of Project Insight and the full depth of Hydra's infiltration and corruption within S.H.E.I.L.D at the highest levels, including the involvement of Alexander Pierce, the man who had orchestrated this whole operation.

As Steve listened, a mix of anger and despair washed over him. The corruption ran deeper than he had ever imagined. He couldn't help but wonder how many lives had been lost or ruined because of HYDRA's influence.

Amidst the revelations, Sitwell began to chuckle, a sinister sound that sent shivers down the heroes' spines.

"What's so funny?" Falcon questioned as Black Widow moved up to the man.

Widow, not one to tolerate insolence, delivered a swift punch to Sitwell's gut, silencing his laughter.

Through gritted teeth, Sitwell managed to speak, his voice dripping with smugness. "You think Project Insight ends with the Helicarriers? That's just the beginning....Guns in the sky are a good deterrent, but we still need boots on the ground to keep the peace."

"What are you talking about?!" Black Widow questioned, her fist rising to strike the man again.

Sitwell flinched at the motion and continued, "HYDRA has a whole army waiting in the wings. And they're ready to be unleashed."

Steve's worry grew, his mind racing with the implications of Sitwell's words. He had to know more.

"Where is this army being kept?!"

Sitwell's face twisted into a smirk. "I don't have that information. Only the highest-ranking members of HYDRA know the location. And they won't be easy to find."

Steve's frustration boiled over, and he grabbed Sitwell by the collar, his blue eyes blazing with intensity. "You have to give me something, Sitwell. We need to stop this!"

Sitwell's bloody smirk widened. "I can give you one clue. Sokovia. That's all I know."

In the wake of Sitwell's revelation, a heavy silence settled in the room, broken only by the sound of Sitwell's labored breathing. The trio of heroes exchanged grim looks, realizing the magnitude of the threat they were facing.

As they processed the information, they knew their mission had become even more urgent.

With the weight of the world on their shoulders, the trio knew that time was running out, and that they need to move fast if they wanted to put a stop to Hydra's sinister plans.



HYDRA Research Base


Deep within the forest of Sokovia, hidden beneath the towering trees and thick vegetation, stood the heavily fortified HYDRA Research Base.

The building itself was a massive structure, constructed with sleek dark stone and imposing in its sheer size and presence. It seemed to exude an aura of power and malevolence, serving as a chilling reminder of the evil that went on within.

The base was surrounded by a formidable energy shield that crackled with electric blue energy, a barrier designed to keep intruders at bay. Turrets equipped with Chitauri energy blasters lined the perimeter, ready to unleash their deadly firepower at a moment's notice.

The HYDRA battalion patrolling the base added to the sense of foreboding, their movements unnatural and robotic, as if they were mere puppets controlled by an unseen hand. They were equipped with Chitauri cannons, machine guns, tanks, trucks, and jetpacks and moved with unsettling precision, their every movement calculated and devoid of emotion.

The surrounding forest was fortified with watchtowers and bunkers, adding to the sense of impenetrability that the base exuded, turning the surrounding wilderness into a formidable obstacle for any intruders.

Inside the HYDRA Research Base, a labyrinthine structure of twisted corridors and high-security doors, Dr. Werner Reinhardt, known to his colleagues as Dr. Whitehall, stood in a dimly lit lab. His cold gaze was fixated on one of his many specimens, a silver-haired young man lying on an operating table.

The man's body was covered in strange markings, evidence of the twisted experiments he had undergone at the hands of Dr. Whitehall.

As the doctor meticulously worked on the specimen, his mind focused solely on his cruel pursuits, General Hale entered the lab. Her presence was commanding, but there was a weariness in her eyes that she tried to hide.

"Dr. Whitehall," she said, her voice authoritative, "Secretary Pierce has sent word. We need to prepare to move the army."

Dr. Whitehall looked up from his work, an annoyed sigh escaping his lips. "Can you not see I'm a little busy at the moment?"

Hale ignored the Doctor's words and glanced at the body on the operating table, her expression momentarily showing a glimpse of sorrow before regaining her composure. "You weren't supposed to be meddling with the twins. They were meant to be a gift for the five heads, not your personal playthings."

Dr. Whitehall's face remained unchanged as he responded, "The twins showed great potential, I couldn't resist the temptation of exploring their abilities further. Besides, it's just the boy."

Hale's eyes narrowed, a hint of frustration in her voice. "Tighten up. You know we can't afford any mistakes right now. Hydra is expecting results."

The doctor let out a sigh, setting his tools aside. "Yes, yes, of course. But I can't help but feel a pang of disappointment. After they leave...I won't have any more test subjects to work on."

He turned to General Hale, his cold gaze fixating on her. "That reminds me, how is your daughter doing? Is she showing any signs of rejection after the operation?"

Hale's face showed a brief look of sadness at his words, which Dr. Whitehall noticed, before becoming impassive once again.

"She's doing fine. She's recovering well." She said stiffly.

Dr. Whitehall nodded dispassionately at her answer before turning back to the body he was currently experimenting on. His mind was already moving onto the next stage of his plans.

Hale watched him for a moment before turning to leave the lab.

"Just make sure you're ready to move the army when Secretary Pierce gives the word," she commanded.

Dr. Whitehall simply nodded, his focus already back on his cruel experiments.

As General Hale left the lab, he returned to his work, his heart devoid of any empathy or remorse.

His wicked smile grew wider as he moved swiftly, gently cutting off the top of the young man's skull and exposing his brain. With practiced precision, he attached a metal helmet-like device over the missing portion of the head, the device latching onto the exposed brain with an ominous click.

Lines of text began running on a holographic display attached to the table, indicating the successful connection between the device and the young man's brain.

The doctor's excitement was palpable as he celebrated his genius work.

His dark eyes gleamed with satisfaction as he watched the data streaming on the holographic display.

"This is just the beginning," Dr. Whitehall murmured to himself, his voice filled with a maniacal glee. "If I could just get my hands on the girl as well-"


But before Whitehall could fully relish his triumph, a sudden thundering crash  reverberated throughout the compound, followed by a small earthquake that shook the very stones of the building, sending bits of dust cascading through the air.

Dr. Whitehall stumbled, nearly losing his balance as the ground trembled beneath his feet. The smile on his face faltered, replaced by a mix of confusion and alarm.

"What in the world...?!" he muttered, glancing around the lab in search of an explanation.

The base's alarms blared, indicating an imminent threat. The HYDRA troops outside the lab rushed to their positions, their robotic movements intensified by their alert status.

Dr. Whitehall's heart pounded in his chest as he quickly realized the gravity of the situation.

The compound was under attack.

Someone had breached their defenses, and the security he had put in place was being put to the test.

In the chaos that ensued, the young man on the operating table remained motionless, the holographic display still flickering with lines of code, oblivious to the impending danger.

As the earthquake subsided, Dr. Whitehall's mind raced with possibilities.

Who could have infiltrated their base, and how had they managed to bypass the energy shield?

He glanced at the young man on the table, his creation, and then back at the holographic display. Despite the looming threat, he couldn't help but feel a surge of pride at his accomplishment.

"Well, I needed something to evaluate your capabilities on..." Dr. Whitehall murmured with a smile. "Looks like someone's offered me the perfect chance to do exactly that."

He stepped away from the table, intent on finishing what he'd started.

"Eyes open, little man," He commanded, his tone filled with anticipation as he went to pick up a small remote. "Time to make yourself useful."


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