Chapter 51: Breakfast
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Ten minutes after we had left the post-apocalyptic world and were cuddling in bed together, Mochi and Pocky also came to my bed to cuddle up to us.
“They must’ve heard we were awake.” Sam says while softly scratching my head.
“I think so too.”
Pocky walks up to our faces and gives a little meow.
“Good morning to you too, little Pocky. Did you sleep well?”
She meows back.
“Oh, I see.”
“What did she say?” Sam asks, her other hand now also petting Pocky.
“That they were sleeping on the sofa.”
“Oooh, I know another kitten who likes sleeping there, especially when her girlfriend is there too.” She kisses me on my neck.
“Hihi, I wonder who that is.”
“Let me show you.” She takes up pocky for a second and then rolls right on top of me, pinning me to my mattress with a long passionate kiss.
“Best girlfriend.”
“I know.” She kisses me again after which she continues cuddling me. 

“Sam, I really think I should get up now, it’s 7:00…” I say twenty minutes later, Sam is still on top of me.
“Hmm, sadly for you I can’t really get up now.”
“Saaaaaaam.” I give her a small kiss.
“No, I’m serious, Pocky and Mochi started sleeping on my back like 10 minutes ago, I can’t move.”
“Ah, I see the predicament.”
“So we will have to stay here for the rest of our days.”
I smile. “Mochi, Pocky, do you want breakfast?”
Immediately the two cats jump from Sam’s back to the side of the bed, both starting to meow.
“Ah, well, they are cats after all.” Sam’s eyes suddenly start glowing. “Does this little kitten want some fishies too?!”
“Nyaa!” I enthusiastically wurm myself from underneath my girlfriend and look at her with wanting eyes, just before I realise what she has done to me. “Darnit!”
“Well, you are a cat after all.” Sam starts giggling. “Anyway, let me make some breakfast for you to pay you back.”
“Alright then, but it better have fishies in it!”
“I’ll see what I can do.” She smiles and sits upright on the bed.
After I help Sam get ready with her leg we go to the living room where I start preparing the cats their food while Sam prepares our breakfast.
“Do you think your sis would mind if I use these sardines?” She takes a tin can from one of the closets and shows it to me.
“Don’t think so, Nikki and Lise aren’t the biggest sardine fans, so you might want to check the date on it.” I distribute food between the two bowls for Mochi and Pocky who are patiently waiting next to me. “Here you go kitties.”
“Oh, plenty of time to spare.” She smiles to herself after looking at the tin and opens it up, the odor is making me salivate almost instantly. Pocky and Mochi are also looking towards Sam.
“Sorry little friends, that’s for me.” I pet them both and whisper. “I’ll buy you a tin when I come home from uni, okay?”
They meow.
“Good.” I smile and head over to Sam. “Tell me if you need any help, okay?”
“I’m also going to make some scrambled eggs for your sister and Nikki, maybe you could start with those?”
“Yesh!” I take some eggs from the fridge and start helping. In the end I only had to clean up one egg that somehow landed on the floor. It could have been two, but I handily caught the other one! 

“Hmm, that smells great!” Nikki comes walking in just when I put the pan with the eggs on the dinner table.
“We made you some breakfast.” Sam smiles. “Well, it was mostly Ami who made yours.”
“Thanks kitten.” Nikki gives me a head pat.
“It’s not only eggs I smell though.” My sister walks in as well.
“Yeah, I’m making something with sardines for Amicia.”
“Did you check the date on those? They’ve been in the closet for a while.”
“Yeah, they were still fine.”
“And what are you going to eat, Sam?” Nikki grabs a couple of plates from the cupboard.
“I’ll just eat a bit of bread with Jam.”
“That won’t do, you are a sporty lady, you need the energy! These eggs are too much for me and Nikki anyway, so make sure to eat some from it too, okay?” My sister insists.
“Yes, ma’am.”
Sam finally walks over to me with my fishies on a plate.
“There you go, my love.”
“Thanks, Sam.” I quickly start munching down on them.
“Are they good?”
Sam also takes her seat at the table and together we have a great family breakfast.
“So, are we playing Turn of Destiny today?” Sam asks while putting the last of the egg between some bread. “Also, can I have the ketchup please?”
“There you go.” Nikki hands over the ketchup.
“We could if you want to. I’ll just have to notify Hilda if we are going in.”
“What do you say Ami, want to play today?” Sam looks over to me, I was slurping on a sardine which makes her giggle a little.
“Hey, no judging the kitten.” I pout after I devoured the sardine. “And yes, that would work for me.”
“Okay, great, I’ll let Hilda know.” My sister takes her phone and starts texting.
“And are you staying over today again, Sam?”
“If you wouldn’t mind. I still have fresh clothes and everything with me.”
“Of course we don’t.” Nikki smiles. “Just so we can get the food we need from the store.”
“We can just give Ami a baggy of cat food and give her share to Sam.” Lise jokes around.
“That won’t do! I would need at least two!”
My sister starts laughing. “That’s what you are complaining about?” 

Oh no, my cat instincts were at it again.

“T-that’s not what I meant…” My face becomes bright red.
“I can barely think of a different way to interpret it.” My sister keeps laughing.
“It’s fine, Ami. I like your catgirlness.” Sam scratches me behind my ear, starting the purring machine.
“I don’t know, what if she becomes more catlike every day?” Nikki falls in on a serious note. “What if one day she forgets how to speak and only is able to meow, or walk on all fours.”
“It won’t come that far.” Élise confidently replies. “She’s part Goddess and that's not how the nekote in Turn of Destiny work anyway.”
“Well I heard a rumor that when they are in h…”
“I’ll ask Hilda to be sure. She’s the lore-expert of us all anyway.” Lise cuts of Nikki before she can continue.
To be honest, I barely heard anything of that conversation because I was too busy getting ear scratches from Sam.
“Sam, she’s going to slide off that chair like a wet noodle if you don’t stop soon.” My sister notices what’s happening, and she’s probably not wrong.
“I know, that’s what I was trying to accomplish.” She smirks.
“Need… to… uni…” I manage to stammer out, trying to resist the urge of completely collapsing to the blissful feelings I’m getting bombarded by.
“Alright, I’ll stop.” Sam lifts up her hand but her devious smirk still rests on her face.
“Phew, that was close.” I sit myself back upright on my chair, letting out a sigh of relief but at the same time also a sigh of regret. “How late is it now?”
My sister looks at her wristwatch. “8:45.”
“I should really get going now, lesson starts at 9:30…”
“I will go with you. Mine starts a bit later but I can walk you to your classroom like last time.” Sam gets up from her chair and lends me her hand to help me up from mine.
“Thanks, Sam.” I take her hand and her help does prove to be necessary as I almost go through my knees the moment I stand up. “Oh no, the scratching noodleified my legs!”
“I don’t think I can carry you to uni... well, you don’t weigh that much... I can try?”
“I’m fine, I’m fine… I don’t want the entire uni to see me like that.”
“Getting princess carried across campus?”
“Yes, exactly that.” I blush. “in any case, I think my legs are fine now, so it’s not necessary.” I let go of her hand and walk to my room to get my choker but almost immediately stumble to the floor.
“Are you sure you are fine?” My sister giggles.
“Yes! That was just practice.” I pout and head off, this time with a bit more grace.
“Please go with her Sam.” Nikki giggles as well.
“Mhmm, I will try to make sure she doesn’t cartwheel into her room.”
“Cartwheel?” I can hear my sister spurt out in laughter.
“Oh, did I not tell you about how Ami met my mother?”
“Sam!” I cry out from my room, my face flushed red.
“I’ll tell you another time.” I hear her whisper.
“I heard that!”
Sam laughs and runs over to me, also preparing the last couple of things to go to uni herself.

What lessons do I even have today? 

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