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This week: as many chapters this week as I can, preferably 1 per day.

Also this week: I want to rewrite my shabby introduction, rethink tags, etc.

After New Year: more scarce releases for a week or two because of holidays, and It's about time to republish my novel on RRL, which is why I am gonna spend time on editing my early chapters, seeking out holes in the plot and inner logic. Maybe rewrite a few paragraphs here and there, place a few hooks for the dramatic turn in Act 3. Nothing major and game-breaking.


I am not sure if anyone noticed, but my chapters 3.2-3.3 already have almost 2k words, unlike my stable pace of 1.5k words in 2.x and 1.2-1.5 in 1.x. My writing speed is growing together with the number of readers :-) For the last part you receive my sincere thanks. For a person of vanity such as I, dead soulless numbers are a source of motivation.


Special thanks to my commentators and voluntary editors!