Chapter 52 – Beatrice’s Retaliation (Aria’s POV)
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It’s been two months since I started doing some light physical exercises with Letty. I felt a significant boost in my stamina and found myself much more energized than usual. At first, I was very angry at Letty for using such an underhanded trick, but now I feel like I should thank Letty for pushing me.

The training also helped me improve my new skill, Evasive Aura. After leveling it up to level 2, it can repel most of the lowest-tier magic spells.


I am working on multiple new products for our plan to attract the rich class’s attention. And the first product was almost ready, a shock absorber. For this, instead of relying on actual springs, I thought about ways to harness the power of wind magic. And I succeeded.

This is how I did it: Within each wheel hub lies a miniature vortex, a controlled tempest contained within an arcane apparatus. As the carriage traverses uneven ground or encounters obstacles, the wind magic within the vortex acts as a responsive force, dampening vibrations and shocks.




Yes, a blank stare. That’s the reaction I got when I first showed it off to everyone. They looked at me as if I were going crazy. Except for Letty, who was awestruck. She’s so sweet.


Anyway, Sophia suggested that instead of just selling the device itself, we should design an elegant carriage with the device installed in it, and sell the carriage instead. A carriage that not only looks cool but is also super comfortable. That is sure to attract attention.


Until the others are busy working on stuff related to the new carriage, I decided to put some work into my side project, the taser gun, on which I’ve been struggling for the longest time. The taser gun.

Although I say that, I’ve practically given up on achieving anything today. Maybe I should abandon this crazy idea and start from scratch. Ah, f*ck it! This is so frustrating. 


I give up!


I put some mana into an odd section of the circuit, intending to overload it and destroy it in the process. But…




Wait… What was that? I pulled the trigger out of curiosity.




I pumped my fists and yelled as loudly as I could, “IT’S WORKING!”


Soon, everyone at the lab–Letty, Sophia, Carolina, and Wies dropped their work and gathered around me to see what’s working.


“Guys, check this out!”, I said as I pushed the trigger yet again.




“Wait, no way! Please tell me it’s not what I think it is”, Carolina asked.


She’s talking about the crazy enchantment that I forced her to do yesterday. She warned me that I was wasting my time with this. It was a long shot, and I had almost given up on the idea. But it worked!

After going through all the necessary safety procedures, this device would be good to go.


“Oh yeah it is!” I jumped in excitement.


Seeing the others clueless, I started explaining, “Let me explain in simple words. I’ve been working on this taser gun for a while now without any significant development. And I just succeeded by using a crazy idea”


“No, no, no. It’s a way bigger deal than just that. You literally made a device to store and release combat spells. This is crazy! In this case, you have modified the device to accommodate lightning spells, but with the necessary adjustments to the structure of the device, you can store any kind of combat spell in that formation and release it at will”, she then took a breath to calm herself and continued, “This is something that only you could have pulled off. But at the same time, this could be very dangerous in the wrong hands”


Yeah, I kinda went overboard. Rather than generating a lightning spell. I stored it. Which is unheard of. Many have tried and failed, but somehow it worked.

Accidentally or not, maybe I really am a genius. I bet Letty would be even more proud of me now.


“Yeah, what she said. So please keep this a secret. I won’t be making more of these. And I hope that I never encounter such a situation in which I’m forced to use it”, I said, completely glossing over the fact that it was completely accidental.


Amid the awes and wows, the brat, Wies, opened his mouth and said, “All of this for that tiny spell. This is so useless”, he said. “Instead, let me be your bodyguard, big sis Letica. I’ll protect you instead of her”


Letty chuckled and said, “It is deliberately set up like that for experimentation. The actual spell will be like the normal one”


“You brat! It looks like you are getting stronger. Go and fetch the crate of high-grade mana stones from the store room. That is, only if you are strong enough to handle it…”, I said, spitefully.


“Aria, he’s just a kid”, Letty said, “Wies, thank you for your concern, but I’m already strong enough. And you don’t have to bring that crate yourself. I’ll have somebody pick it up later”


“No, I really am strong. I’ll get it in no time”, he said, before dashing towards the store room.


‘Heh, too easy’


“Aria, why did you have to provoke him? You meanie!”, she lightly punched me on the shoulder before asking a guard to help him out.


So adorable.




After some more days, while I was chilling, cough-cough working in the lab as usual, Letty returned from a meeting. And from her drooping shoulders, it’s safe to assume that it didn’t go well.


“What happened, Letty? Your meeting didn’t go well?”, I asked.


“Yeah, for some time now, I have been trying to arrange a meeting with Duke Arboun to initiate a deal about buying lithonade directly from the miners. But as it turns out, he isn’t interested in this deal”, she said.


So it’s about lithonade. Well, it might be a bit costlier right now, but nothing that we can’t afford. But I can’t say that to her after all the work she put into it.


“Moreover, I heard that they have some sort of secret exclusive deal with Rose Emporium. I’m worried that they won’t stop here and might make it harder for us to obtain other such crucial raw materials as well”, she continued.


Well, that stinks. We should probably look for some countermeasures soon.


But for now, I should cheer her up. I don’t like gloomy Letty.

“Don’t worry, Letty. This is just a minor setback. As Dad says, when one door closes, we should take this opportunity to explore the others. Thank you for your hard work! Now cheer up! Don’t worry about things that aren’t in our hands”, I said.


It’s troublesome, but we can handle this much.

She giggled and said, “Thanks Aria. You always say the right words at the right times. Rather than crying over spilled milk, I’ll investigate their involvement so that we can decide our next course of action”, she pumped her fist with determination.


“It’s my pleasure to be of your service, madam”, I playfully said. “Although, if you are really grateful, my lips have been feeling neglected lately. Care to give them some much-needed attention? Just to make sure they stay in good spirits, you know?” I teased her while pointing at my lips.


“Not here”, Letty mumbled. She eye-pointed towards Carolina, who was rolling her eyes.




Meanwhile, in Traumera City, the capital of Rose County:


Beatrice POV:


Prince Jumair is such a great fiancé! Once I told him about my worries about Alteria’s Haven stealing our market, he came up with this great strategy to block off their input supplies.


Even before I asked him for help, he struck an exclusive deal with Duke Arboun for me. Being the third prince means that he is often overshadowed by his older brothers, but little do they know that he is far more cunning and ambitious than the other princes. Truly befitting of being my future husband.


He also plans to monopolize all the other suppliers of ‘lithanode’, and, after that, ‘forassium biodide’. All for my sake!

When I asked him, ‘Why stop at these two metals/compounds?’. He explained to me that while these elements’ demand isn’t high in other sectors of the market, they are crucial raw materials for the manufacturing of the kind of products we sell. Moreover, the major suppliers of these compounds, Duke Arboun and Count Kashimor, are very close aides of Prince Jumair.


Hence, once they take our side, it will be easy to persuade other suppliers to join. And once we have successfully made deals with all the suppliers, we can effectively cut off their input supplies, crippling their manufacturing unit.


Haha, they won’t see this coming.


And once they come to the conclusion that importing these compounds daily won’t be a practical option, we will extend our hand in exchange for her new product ideas.


That way, we will reap the benefits of their hard work, and behold the downfall of Alteria's Haven, as it crumbles into dust before our very eyes.


Ah, I’m acting like a maiden in love! His ambitions are so far ahead in the future. I can’t thank my father enough for setting up this engagement.


He is just what I needed to take the Ernius House off their pedestal and make my father proud.



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