Chapter 1 Empty Plains
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Green plains reach as far as the eye can see. Small hills go through the plains, creating small valleys, barley deeper than a trees height. Wind is blowing through the plains, bringing the few trees in calm movements.

The plains are deserted and calm. There are now birds flying in the sky and no wild animals like foxes or wild cows are traversing the plains. All there is shallow seemingly endless array of green hills and the muted rustling sound of the grass.

A group of riders is traveling through the plains. They are a group of three. Two men and a woman. They are traveling at a pace fast enough to travel far within a day, but slow enough so that the horses are not burdened to much.

The horses are tall and heavy the likes ridden by knights and similar heavy armored warriors. Each horse wears a long coat of dark green color On some places their metal armor can be seen. Besides their riders the horses are also carrying multiple bags and pouches filled to the brim with supplies and necessities for a long and straining journey.

The two men are wearing a heavy looking armor made of metal, with chainmail visibly beneath it. Their amor is covered in tiny scratches and dents, but nonetheless well taken care of. Evident by the lack of rust and dirt. Both knights are wearing an old sun bleached green coat over their armor. Their haeds are hidden beneath their hoods and their metal helm. On their back they are carrying their weapons, a pair of swords, a bow and a shield.

In stark contrast to the two knights the woman is not wearing a heavy armor and her face is not hidden beneath a hood or helmet. She is wearing an armor made of cloth leather and metal. The armor lies tight around her body, giving her the appearance of a rogue or thief, or someone who relies on speed and agility, rather than strength and endurance. Contrary to her armors suggesting of a light weapon to further emphasize on speed and agility, she is equipped with a small arsenal of weapons. On her thighs and waist an ensemble of daggers and two short swords is fastened. On placed on her back is a shield, a set of swords, a katana and a spear.

She has light fair skin, devoid of any signs of outside work or effects of weather. Her dull orange almost red hair is combed back to a simple braid, reveling her ears. Her ears end in small tips, similar to an elf, but significantly shorter than an elf. Her eyes are of the same dull color as her hair.

But what is the most unusual about the group of three, is the lack of emblems or signs. Neither their shield, armor or coats poses an emblem. Instead they are blank, devoid of any signs of allegiance.

They travel undisturbed in silence through the plains. All three deep sunken in their inner thoughts of boredom. After a while the taller of the two knights started talking, startling his two other companions.

“It is disturbingly quiet out her.” (taller Knight)

The second knight answered slightly annoyed

“Really? That's all you have to say?” (smaller Knight)

“Well, I am bored. So I wanted to talk with you two, but I have not better idea for a topic. Do you have a better topic.” (taller Knight)

“Sadly no. But Lets keep talking. I was about to get depressed from the silence of you and the plains. Bara what’s your opinion about the silence of the plains?” (smaller Knight)

The smaller knight asked, looking towards the woman, who was riding in front of them. Upon hearing this the woman slowed her horse down to be in line with the two knights. Then she answered the smaller knights question, who had cheered up in response to the start of the conversation, in a calm voice.

“The plains are indeed disturbingly calm, But not because of a looming danger or any of the sorts. Instead it is calm because of the absence all the animals, who would normally populate such a domain. I was thinking about reason for such a silence couldn’t come to a satisfying answer. What are your thoughts on the matter, Henry, Charles?” (Bara)

Both knights fell silent, thinking about the question. After a short while the taller knight, Charles answered.

“Well I too have thought about the reason for the silence. And according to the locals its is about time that the Wyverns come and populate the plains, with the purpose of mating. So I guess we got lucky and picked the point in time to cross the plains, were all the wildlife has fled and the Wyverns have jet to arrive.” (Charles)

Promptly the second knight, Henry, answered Charles.

“But don’t forget that locals also said that Wyverns are awfully late this time around. I hope they stay away during our stay here.” (Henry)

“Aye! One wyvern is difficult enough to fight, but anything more than one is just glorified suicide. Except of course, you Bara decide to help.”

Bara chuckled upon hearing this, very true statement.

“This time around I intend to help, were busy with saving the world after all. I cant let you two die on such an important mission.” (Bara)

“Oh what would you do without your to glorified meatshields.” (Henry)

“Despair for a few minutes and then kill everything, because in this case revenge is justified!” (Bara)

“Still saving the world does not really fit. After all were just going to defend a bunch of countries for the sake of its inhabitants.” (Charles)

With this they fell silent once again. After a short while Henry spoke again, trying to keep a conversation going.

“Bara what do you think about the theory, that the Wyverns didn’t come because something stronger scared them away.” (Henry)

“Whats stronger than a flock of Wyverns? A Dragon maybe?”(Charles)

“This would explain why the are five years late. But rest assured I haven’t sensed anything at all.” (Bara)

“What could actually scare a flock of Wyverns away, theoretically speaking?” (Henry)

“A Dragon,…” (Charles)

“Multiple,,..” (Henry)

“A high ranking Demon like their ruler or on of his generals.” (Bara)

“Maybe some sort of Behemoth or another swarm of strong monsters.” (Charles)

“Or maybe even an Elysian.” (Bara)

“Your kidding Bara. If it would have been an Elysian the plains wouldn’t look like this anymore.” (Henry)

Henry laughed when he thought of the possibility of an Elysian scaring the Wyerns away. It just sounded hilarious to him.

“Your right Henry. But remember not every Elysian kills Wyvern on sight.” (Bara)

“But they would at least have tried.” (Henry)

“I cant deny that” (Bara)

With this they had sparked a conversation on what could kill a flock of Wyverns. This conversations lasted for multiple hours and derailed multiple times into another topic, completely unrelated to the previous one.

Slowly the day started to reach its end and the sun started to go down. Prompting the three to discuss wether they would travel further ahead or if they would stop and start preparing their camp.

“Lets cross this hill and rest in the next small valley.” (Bara)

“I agree and if we use magic they will not see us unless they specifically search for us.” (Charles)

“Then its settled then! We camp in the next valley. Bara you cook today!” (Henry)

“Ugh! Why did you need to remind me of that! Why!” (Bara)

“Otherwise you would have waited for one of us to do it instead .” (Henry)

“Fine… I cook today. But you forfeit your right to complain!” (Bara)

Baras statement managed to bring both knights to laughing. So they reached the finally reached the tip of a small hill that was longer than it was high. Which was no big feed considering how flat it was. After they had reached the tip they started their descend into the small valley.

“I think I am hallucinating! Somebody hit me please.” (Henry)

“No you are not I see it to.” (Charles)

“Me too.” (Bara)

In the middle of the small valley there was an odd looking wooden house. It had multiple stories and was surrounded by a big porch filled with small field for plants. Its wooden windows emitted a damped warm orange light, yet no smoke rose from its chimney. It didn’t look abandoned or poorly maintained. It looked inhabited and well maintained, even the small fields on the porch looked well maintained and taken care of.

Above the entrance door there was a dimly lit sign, reading “Red Oni Inn” in big red letters.


The Hills and valley have a hight differnce of 50m at max.

I have yet to check this chapter for any errors in grammar and writing