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The moment the words Sasuke Uchiha left the thing playing human's mouth I am moving.

Before anyone can react I am in front of it and grabbing it by it's throat to slam it into the ground.

"Sasuke Uchiha is here?" My voice colder than ice whispers out like thunder, my murderous intent flooding the room and making everyone who isn't a Kage take a step back, including the ever calm Mifune.

I did not love Itachi, ok maybe that's a bit of a lie, but he was too much of a pacifist smitten with that girl who's name I can't remember and I was happy to just be friends.

He was my closest friend and Sasuke killed him.

I don't care if they were brothers or if Itachi kind of had it coming. I don't care. Sasuke killed him and so he shall die. It is that simple.

"Tell me where he is or I will, actually, never mind. I will find him myself." Saying so I will my chakra to obey my command and watch as a new plant grows up from the ground and through this thing's whole body, killing it in one of the most painful ways I know.

The fact that it doesn't even scream shows just how inhuman it is.

"Sasuke Uchiha is a traitor to Konoha and thus I will be the one to kill him personally." I say, looking A in the eye since I can tell he is about to run off after them like I am, one of his aids having already found him.

Unfortunately, A doesn't get to respond as someone else decides to piss me off.

"Wait! You don't have to kill him! He can still make amends!" Naruto shouts, moving to stand in front of me.

I never should have brought this idiot. Do you have any idea how it looks for every Kage to see one of my own Shinobi questioning me.

At least Kaa-san is still by my side and fully ready to smack Naruto aside if I ask her to.

But I am too pissed to bother with any of that so instead what happens is that reach my arm forward and grab Naruto's neck before he can react.

Then I use Wood release to extend my arm so I can smash Naruto into one of the rooms walls where I then make a Wooden cage around him that he shouldn't be escaping any time soon.

"If you ever so much as mention Sasuke not being treated a the criminal that he is again, I will consider it treason and have you executed along side him. Am I understood? Make sure he stays in time out Kaa-san."

I don't wait for an answer and instead just focus on the chakra signatures I can sense battling it out below us.

Without looking at anyone I walk towards the wall behind the Raikage and destroy it with a single punch before I begin jogging towards Sasuke.

A moment later A and his two escorts join me and we start to run together in silence.

After a moment, A breaks the silence.

"There is something beyond Sasuke being from Konoha that drives you. What is it." He demands of me.

I spare him a look out of the corner of my eye and decide to be honest.

"His older brother, Itachi. He was my first friend and my best friend. Before you say anything about him also being a missing-nin, that was a plot from Danzo who has summarily been executed for his crimes. Itachi was working as a spy in the Akatsuki, meaning he was still technically a Shinobi of Konoha when Sasuke killed him.

"Itachi was one of the most important people in my life, and even if there was never anything between us, I may have liked him as even more than a simple friend. So I will kill Sasuke, as well as anyone who tries to stand in my way."

A huffs at my words and goes back to looking forward as we run, but he responds after a moment.

"I am surprised you would be so willing to reveal such information to me considering the history of our fathers."  He says, his voice lacking inflection.

Thoughts of my tou-san always make me smile, so I let out a half huff, half laugh.

"Your father was simply doing his job as was mine, hating him for that would be hypocritical. If anything, I am impressed in your fathers durability that my own had to resort to using an attack that would take his own life in order to take him down." I speak honestly.

A looks oddly at me before letting out a huff and focusing ahead as we are finally above the traitor.

A and I both jump slightly before slamming a foot each on the floor, breaking through it and into a large open area below in which I see Sasuke bullying some Samurai with some friends.

Immediately my eyes lock onto his own, having already trained myself against Genjutsu like what eye contact with an Uchiha can do.

"You guys take care of his friends while I kill him yeah?" I say to the three Kumo-nin before rushing forward without listening for a response, focused solely on Sasuke.

I reach him in the blink of an eye draw a hidden tanto to swing at him.

Predictably he blocks it thanks to his Sharingan enhancing his reflexes, but being locked in a clash, he doesn't manage to block the spike of wood that launches forward from my gut.

I vaguely notice a freaky looking guy who feels weird to my senses trying to interfere but not being able to as A appears by his side and punches him to the other side of the room.

Now that's a strong right.

I focus back on the fight to see that Sasuke has barely managed to twist enough to avoid a fatal blow, my attack instead only causing a gash in his side.

"You killed my friend. Now I will kill you." I say before charging forward at him once again.

This time his other friend tries to get in my way but is blocked by the sword guy under A, if anyone said his name then I wasn't paying attention when they did.

Sasuke is holding his side and jumps back to avoid the spike of wood that sprouts out of the ground underneath him.

He doesn't however, manage to dodge all the spikes that then grow off of that one to chase him down.

The next time he jumps backwards I am there wating for him, tanto poised to end his pathetic life.

I can see the way his eyes widen as he notices that even if he can see what is coming, he has no way out of this and is going to die. Though I know from killing Danzo that you have to kill Uchiha's a few times before they stay down, something I will take great pleasure in doing.

Which is when some read head girl jumps in the path of my blade, impaling herself but saving Sasuke.

"Tch." I click my tongue at the missed opportunity and give the girl a quick once over before I swing my blade to the side, throwing her off of it.

Sasuke doesn't even call out for her the asshole, just deepening his glare at me, meanwhile that freaky looking guy keeps attracting my attention with the way his chakra feels.

It's weird.

Right as I am about to engage Sasuke once more, I see his eyes change and a sense of danger suddenly appears so I instinctively make a wall of Wood in front of me and hold my hand out in front of my face.

Before the wall fully raises, I feel a searing heat in my hand as black flames erupt and start to spread.

Feeling that the flames are strange, I don't hesitate to cut my own arm off.

I am the daughter of Tsunade and Hanabira, do you really think something as simple as dismemberment will stop me?

With a flash of chakra, my arm is fully regrown before my old arm even burns to nothing.

Such a dangerous ability, Itachi did explain to me the Mangekyou Sharingan before he left, but to think he can get such a powerful ability just from his bullshit eyeballs.

If not for the temperament issues, I would be really jealous of Uchiha's and their overpowered eyeballs.

The wall in front of me slowly crumbles from the same black flame as before, revealing Sasuke once again, this time bleeding from one of his eyes.

"Neat trick, but both of my parents are famed for their regenerative capabilities so if you think a little fire scares me then you should just give up and let yourself be executed already."

He doesn't respond to my taunt and instead glances at the body of the girl beside me and glares even harder at me.

Then he says a single word and the battlefield changes.

"Susano'o." Is all he says.

Then a purple half skeleton of chakra surrounds his form with a blade in hand.

Now this is an interesting technique.

In response to that, I make a few hand seals and summon a golem of my own, only instead of it being made to look like a living being like an animal of some kind, my golem is crafted for efficiency.

It is a simple ball of tentacle like appendages of wood. No form to make movement clunky or limited, not bones or joints that would prevent certain types of movement.

The most efficient form for causing death and destruction.

I send my Wood forward where it clashes with Sasuke's Susano'o with enough force that the entire room shakes.

But while it is distracted, I activate Kaa-san's technique, the 'Strength of One Hundred' seal.

Unlike Kaa-san, I didn't want a tattoo on my face, which is why my butterfly tattoo on my stomach, visible thanks to my stylish crop top, starts to transform and spread lines across my body as I am flooded with one hundred times the amount of chakra I usually have access to.

Rushing up to the distracted Susano'o that is struggling to hold back my golem, as it simply transforms itself to slip through and around any grabs, continuously launching a large number of spikes forward.

I jump when I get to the Susano'o and I transform my arms into a single spiked hammer and I swing downwards with all of my might.

The resulting clash does not only shake the room, but the entire building and the land on which it rests.

And I watch in glee as the Susano'o cracks and breaks apart at the point of impact.

Not wanting to give him the chance to escape, I immediately create a giant fist of wood behind me that rushes past me to Sasuke faster than the blink of an eye.

The force of the punch causes an explosion that sends me flying backwards and threatens to make the building crumble.

As the dust clears, there is no body to be found, everything around the area of impact having been reduced to nothing.

Either he didn't use that stupid 'I'm not dead yet' technique, or he did and used it to escape. Either way that felt pretty good so I am in a good mood now.

The silence is then broken as the weird guy screams and launches himself at me, but with a negligible flick of my wrist wooden chains rise up around him, keeping him still.

I focus closely on him and the way my wood is absorbing his chakra.

It feels... strange.

Kind of like Naruto's Senjutsu, but different. Like a whole new energy that I can only feel thanks to my connection with my Wood.


Is this what tou-san was talking about?

I focus closer on the feeling, even as the weird guy thrashes around and I start to feel something similar all around us, everywhere.

I shake my head to snap out of my daze.

I can focus on that later, now that I know what to look for I can find it again. For now I have business to attend.

"We should get back to the others now that this has been taken care of, there is still much to discuss no?" I say to the room.

A huffs again, probably because I voted for him but seem to be the one ordering him around. The only reason he doesn't say anything is because he would be making the same decision anyway so there isn't a need.

I drag the weird guy with us while A's sword guy drags the other sword guy.

We leave the red head where she lies since she is unimportant and will likely bleed to death.

When we get back, meeting one of Onoki's followers on the way who seems disappointed that the fight was already over, we explain to everyone the proceedings of the fight as well as who our captives are.

But then, 'Madara' appears with Sasuke over his shoulder.

I don't hesitate to launch a spear of wood at them, but it just passes right through him and then he takes a step to the side, outside of my spear and makes Sasuke disappear.

I am incredibly pissed off and my killing intent soars, but I don't bother to attack, seeing how it will be futile.

Instead I calm myself down, helped by Kaa-san placing a hand on my shoulder that I lean into.

Then I listen as 'Madara' explains his insane plan and declares the start of the Fourth Great Shinobi War.


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