119 The End
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"You know this guy?" Hashirama asks to Minato who doesn't take his eyes off of me.

"Yeah, he's my best friend. He died a few months before I did."

People are now looking between Minato, Madara and I, not really knowing what they should be doing, which makes sense.

Meanwhile I made a mirror out of chakra, because I can do that now, and am checking out my new look.

My shirt is gone for some reason and my long cardigan is now white and I can tell it's made from pure chakra, the seams are also lined by black magatamas.

Because of the open nature of my cardigan, you can see my defined chest which is sadly clear of all of my scars now and my tattoo's have also transformed into interlinked magatamas, the tattoos on my abs now just being a line of magatamas outlining them.

My casual slacks have been replaced with a looser type of clothing, just short of being harem pants I'd say.

I also still have my pink hair thankfully, though the tips of my hair are now white. Then above all of that, there is a white, bone like laurel wreath resting on my head like the emperors of Rome.

And of course my eyes are now a Rinnegan in my left and a Mangekyou in my right.

I also have this stick for some reason, it's not like I'm a monk but whatever, I know how to fight with one at least passably well, and it does go with the look to be honest.

Back to the people around me, they don't know my motivation, so they don't know if they should be fighting with or against me.

Best help them with that.

Who doesn't love a monolog?

I am the villain of this story after all.

"Well, allow me to explain. You see, I had a vision of the future when I was younger. I saw the events unfolding right now and I decided something. I want that power for myself.

"You need to understand something here, I am about to ascend beyond what mortals can achieve, how could I turn down such an opportunity? So I made sure to prepare for this inevitability. I made preparations to ensure that my DNA was available for me to be reincarnated.

"Then I just needed a Rinnegan to revive me properly, combined with a little bit of Tailed Beast chakra and voila, I am now Jinchurriki of the Ten Tails, my power unmatched by anyone on this world.

"As for what my plan is now? Well, that's simple."

At this point, I turn around and spit out the God Tree, which immediately starts growing and spreading, sucking up the chakra of the world and any Shinobi it grabs a hold of.

Then I turn back to my audience and spread my arms wide.

"All the chakra in the world will become one with me! And I shall become akin to a God!"

My dramatic reveal causes the people below me, as I am flying in the sky, to come to the decision that I am the new bad guy.

This is helped along by my maniacal laughter, since I felt it was a fitting thing to do.

Got to stick to the cliche's if I want to be winning any bets.

Meanwhile Madara is just off to the side, seemingly sulking, both because Hashirama won't fight him and because someone is stealing the show and Sasuke is only just arriving.

All I need now, is the other Rinnegan and for the God Tree to absorb the worlds chakra.

Honestly, I don't know why everyone is so against this, sure a lot of Shinobi will die, but it's not like all humans will die and at least this way Boruto never happens.

"Hana! Stop this madness, please! You don't have to do this!" Minato shouts up at me while everyone else prepares for a fight.

Except Madara who just sits down, waiting to see how things progress I guess.

"Obviously I don't 𝘩𝘒𝘷𝘦 to, I 𝘸𝘒𝘯𝘡 to. I mean, why wouldn't I want to be a God?"

People are dying as we talk but I guess because they aren't main characters, or even side characters nobody cares about them.

"Because of all the people who will die! Are you really going to kill your own friends, your family!" Minato seems desperate now in his final attempt for a peaceful resolution.

"Don't be stupid Minato, obviously I won't kill my friends or family. But that doesn't really change anything does it?

"Think about it. Hound is dead. Hawk, Shiori, she's dead. Tetsuya, Tatsuya, Jun, Yukichi, Yoichi, Koichi, Kaito. All dead. Even you, my bestest friend in the whole wide world. You're dead as well. So who do I really have? I have Tsunade, Hanari and Kumiko.

"Three people. Do you not think I can't simply continue my plan, all the while sparing three people?"

Ignore the fact that my plan involved Mantis dying.

Technically I didn't kill him, he sacrificed himself for me. Big difference.

Apparently, my reasoning wasn't very convincing because shortly after, the former Hokage all move before a big red barrier appears around me.


In response I create four hands of pure chakra that reach out and grab the barrier before pulling back and ripping it to pieces.

This power feels amazing.

The fact that I can see chakra and manipulate it to such a degree just makes it even better because now I can do things like this.

I flex my new power and wave my staff dramatically before I create my own barrier, copying the one I just saw thanks to stupid eyeball bullshit.

Only my barrier is different.

Just to flex on them I not only doubled it, making it eight sided instead of four, but I also increased it's size to encompass the entirety of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

Which means my barrier cover thousands upon thousands of miles.

This is so awesome.

Having this much power is truly intoxicating, but even then I know that this is not even the limit, that I can go even further beyond.

"Sorry, but all of you must die for the sake of my ambition. It's not fair but neither is life." I announce to the trapped Shinobi.

Then I start preparing to launch not just one Railgun, but one hundred.

See, I used to have to use my arms as the 'rails' for my technique, but with my newfound chakra control, I can simply make the rails in the air with chakra.

This, combined with my Truth Seeking Balls allow me to form a ring of Railguns around myself, all of them aiming straight down.

I revel for a moment in the terrified faces of the mortals below me before I let loose my shots.

There is no travel time from when I shot to when my attacks land.

The world simply turns white.

I feel the force of my Jutsu hit me, but it doesn't hurt or even push me away, instead it simply feels like a light breeze.

Before the dust even settles, I already know what I'm going to see below me.

In the same instant that I fired my Jutsu barrage, Minato and Naruto did something together to teleport everyone outside of my barrier.

How rude of them.

The dust finally settles and the sight I am presented is practically orgasmic.

I did this, and I couldn't be happier about it.

I am the only thing left inside of my barrier, below me is just a dark void denoting the whole that is likely deeper than anything else on the planet.

This power is incredible.

How the hell did the 'bad guys' not win?

Ah well, it doesn't really matter.

Minato and probably Tobirama too both need to go.

The Flying Thunder God Jutsu is too annoying.

So I dispel my barrier and rather than using my fancy new eyeballs to teleport, I decide to test out my speed.

Fun fact, I can fly in part because of pure chakra manipulation and power, but also because of the gravitational control of the Deva Path.

You know how I used the Deva Path to augment my Railgun?

Well, I guess I can do it the other way around, turning myself into the Railgun projectile.

The best part is that thanks to my new eyes, I can still perceive my surroundings even when I am moving probably as fast as light, more or less, not like I can measure that here.

The point is that the world seems to slide to a stop once I start moving, and in the time it takes me to reach the important fighters, they haven't even had the time to stop gaping in shock.

So as I am moving this fast, I pass by Tobirama, swinging my khakkhara at and through his head, the Truth Seeking material, whatever it is, tears through his reanimated body with ease and also stops his regenerating.

I can only assume it's something along the lines of the fact that my staff is 'truth' and so any damage it deals is 'true' and thus will not be ignored and regenerated.

Or maybe there is another reason why the reanimated stay dead when hit by it, who knows.

After dealing with Tobirama but before anyone can react, I make my way to Minato and similarly swing my staff through him, though I aim for the chest rather than the head.

Then I stop moving and time resumes its normal flow.

This leaves me standing among the panicking Shinobi and a collapsing Minato.

They all react the same to my sudden appearance, which is to say that they all jump back and watch me wearily as I simply stare down at Minato in silence and he stares up.

Since he can't feel pain as a reanimation, there is no dramatic coughing of blood nor is his voice weak and pained as he speaks to me with a sad smile.

"Is there really no other way to go about this? Are you really the kind of person that would destroy the world for your own gain?"

"First of all, I am not destroying the world, humans existed without chakra once, they can do so again, secondly, yes. I am that kind of person." I answer him blithely, as if there is nothing of note about the current situation.

"I never would have thought you of all people would have been the type to do this Hana. Why?" Minato's pleading voice makes me think for a moment before responding.

"It's really quite simple. You never truly knew me. The Hana you know, that everyone knows. He is a lie. This has always been my plan, to become a God. To be free." My voice matches the cold look I send his way.

Under his shocked and betrayed look that hurts a little even when I didn't think it would, I quietly add to my previous statement.

"But. Know that you truly are and will always be, my bestest friend in the whole wide world." I say with a small, equally sad smile.

As Minato fades into nothing, returning to Kushina in wherever the dead go, he parts with a sunny smile.

And then he is gone, and I am suddenly alone again.

Standing straight, I use my free hand to help crack my neck as I look around myself.

"Originally, my plan was to allow you all a moment to attack me, to try and fight me so that I could bask in the expressions you would make as you realised the futility of standing against me. But I can't be bothered with that anymore, so it's time to bring this act to a close."

My words spark everyone into action.

Hashirama starts by dropping some wooden gates on me, but I simply hold an arm up and they all split in half as soon as they touch me.

Sasuke appears in front of me in a giant Susano'o which I easily shatter with a truth seeking orb which I then mould into a spear that pierces through Sasuke and throws him away, ensuring that the wound isn't immediately fatal.

See, I realised something.Β 

I was a bit worried about how to go about getting Madara's other Rinnegan, but I could just as easily force Sasuke's Rinnegan awakening thing that happens.

Honestly, I don't know all the details, I just remember something about Sasuke and Naruto both nearly dying and then they have a bromance moment or something and Sasuke gets a Rinnegan.

It doesn't really matter I suppose, so long as I get my complete set.

Hashirama creates a giant statue of a wooden dragon that comes bearing down on me, but with a simple flick of my hand, a beam of pure chakra shoots forth reminiscent of a Bijuudama and reduces the dragon to nothing.

As I do this, Naruto appears behind me in a Kamui already in his big fox form and shoots his own Bijuu bomb at me.

I decide to let the attack land, just to see his face afterwards.

Unsurprisingly, it washes off of me like a breeze and I am left standing with a smile, my cloths not even ruffled.

"So close! Phew, you almost got me there, good effort though." I speak in a tauntingly positive voice because I know it will make them truly feel fear.

There is nothing scarier than someone who knows that he is so much stronger than you that he doesn't even have to take you seriously, joking around even though he can kill you whenever he wants.

From the look on Naruto's face, he certainly agrees.

Not wanting to mess up the bromance moment, I quickly reach for Naruto, chakra working as an extension of my arm to reach him without me having to move from my spot in the sky.

I bring Naruto close before driving the butt of my staff through his gut and throwing him away, 'coincidentally' landing next to Sasuke.

Then I see a wooden Buddha about to start attacking my Tree.

That's no good mister, I am pretty sure I only get one of those.

My Truth Seeking Orbs fly forwards, forming a barrier in front of my Tree that the Buddha statue starts to pummel, meanwhile I search for Hashirama.

I say that like it took me longer than a second to find him and it took even less time to return him to the land of the dead.

I simply flew into and through him, my own body being strong enough to use as a projectile.

With that, most of my problems are dealt with.

Turning around, I spot Madara and fly on over to him, fast, but not so fast that time slows down.

"Heya, sorry about crashing you whole show. I was going to let you live a bit longer, but I recently came to the conclusion that I don't actually need you."

Madara raises an eyebrow at me, not at all perturbed or even phased.

He really is a cool guy.

"You only posses one of the Rinnegan, you need me to get the other one." Madara returns, full of confidence.

Hah, guess even you can't predict plot armour.

There is a sudden spike of chakra behind my and I manoeuvre myself so that I am standing besides Madara, both of us looking forwards.

In front of us is the last of the enemy resistance, with Naruto and Sasuke standing again as their last hope.

Both of us observe their chakra and it's new strength, and then Sasuke looks at us and Madara gapes.

"See? I've always preferred to mix and match anyway. So long Madara." I say as I swing my staff again, finishing him off just the same as Tobirama.

It's kind of sad to be honest.

Madara, one of, if not the strongest Shinobi ever. And yet, in the face of the power I now wield, he is nothing.

I don't bother to taunt Sasuke and Naruto, I simply don't care enough about them to bother extending this longer than it has to be.

Instead, I simply watch impassively as they both transform, then merge together somehow.

I don't really get how that works, but it doesn't really matter.

I fly a casual pace towards them as they start running at me.

Once we are close together they swing their nifty sword at me, but I already said I don't want to waste time, so I simply block it with some Truth Seeking Orbs shaped into a barrier.

At the same time I send out chains of pure chakra to bind them, even if only for a moment, because a moment is all I need.

I charge chakra and gravity itself around me and in an instant, I am inside of the chakra golem with them, having simply broken through it.

Both of them reach for me with one hand, but I just side step the obvious move and swing my staff at Naruto, turning his head into dust in the blink of an eye.

Before Sasuke can even comprehend what just happened, I grab him with my free hand and let go of my staff, which just floats where I left it, and I reach forward to rip out his brand new Rinnegan.

After which I don't finish him off, instead I wait for the chakra construct to finish fading before I take both bodies and throw them both at my God Tree that is still expanding.

Now, it is time for the final step of my plan.

I take out Tobi's Mangekyou and replace it with the new Rinnegan.

Finally. I feel whole.

I was already undefeatable, but now I feel even stronger.

With that done, I raise myself in the air, approaching the moon and after I feel a new eye open up on my forehead, I then apply the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Not to make peace with the illusion or anything, just for the sake of exactly what happens next.

I suddenly spin around as fast as I can and grab the being that snuck up on me.

Truthfully, I genuinely didn't sense it right away, it's likely only the fact that I was waiting for it did I catch it.

Now, in my hand is Zetsu.

I smile at it.

It shivers.

It was not a nice smile.

"Finally you show yourself, I wanted to thank you for setting up all of the pieces for me, it really made this whole thing quite easy."

I don't bother to let him respond, instead simply absorbing him completely, since he is made of chakra and I can absorb both chakra and souls now.

So instead of transforming into a woman, what was left of said woman breaks apart and becomes a part of me.

I sigh a deep, satisfied sigh.

It's done.



I dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi and set out to find Tsunade and Hanari.

I don't want to be completely alone after all, and I'm sure they will forgive me eventually, we have all always understood that family comes before the village.

Or the world, in this case.

It was kind of anticlimactic to be honest, but then again, it would be a pretty shitty plan if I had to have some epic battle at the end.

Now all I have to do is wait a few days for the God Tree to bear it's fruit, and then I will truly be a God.


The taste of victory sure is sweet.

The only question that remains is what do I do next?

Subconsciously, my eyes drift upwards, to the night sky above and the stars above even that.

There it is.

That's what I will do next.

The Otsutsuki were aliens in the first place.

I wonder what kinds of worlds I will come across.

I smile as the thought solidifies.

Whatever it is, I hope it's fun!


A/N: He~llo! Dear readers!

Boom! Done! Fic over. Complete. Finally. This two chap schedule has been kicking my ass for the last nearly two months that I have spent writing this.

It has been a blast, and reading your comments when you left them always made me smile, especially since there were so few negative comments considering that this is the internet, I expected to be told to kms much more.

Kinda disappointed tbh, my immersion is ruined. Can I get a kys in the chat? Pls? 0.0

Next fic will have even less focus on canon, cuz I really hate shounen protagonists most of the time. It will probably be more modern than fantasy, but I love super powers, magic, mystical abilities and such supernatural stuff, so expect that!

Though I will be taking a break for like a week or something.

Thank you for reading! I love you all!