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"Your life must be difficult."

"Itachi, did you see your life before you died?"

"I want to see it, Infinite Tsukuyomi... A world without falsehood."

"I will remember you for the rest of my life."

Fragments of memories came flooding in.

On a dam somewhere on the border of the Land of Water, a 12 year old Kisame woke up from a midday nap with a splitting headache and cold sweat oozing out of his forehead.

It looked as if the young Kisame had experienced a nightmare.

He subconsciously clenched the ninja sword in his hand and looked around, but found that everything was as usual—ninja companions were patrolling or resting around, and a group of workers were repairing the dam that was damaged by the enemy.

Kisame's face changed several times as he stood up slowly, and came to the water edge, to look at the clear and calm water.

On the water, a slightly childish young face was reflected.

Blue skin and short, straight blue hair. A pair of iconic dead fish eyes, plus the shark gill-like lines on both sides of the cheeks.

The first impression of this face is that it is not ugly, it can only be said that it looks different and has a personality.

But this respectable face, which is beginning to take shape, can't be said to be a protagonist at first glance, and it is almost easy to write it of as "villain" or "mob character".

Looking at his reflection in the water, the young boy suddenly laughed.

He did not expect that, he, a human from the 21st century, to become a young Kisame.

And Kisame happens to be his favorite villain.

Those memories that poured into his mind are all related to the plot in the Naruto anime.

Then again—

Did Kisame in previous life really see himself before he died?

He, Kisame, is a ninja.

He is polite and give respect to those he admires, he has always been honest when fighting, always obeying the instructions of his superiors, and always performing tasks perfectly and faithfully.

In the process, he had to kill his companions again and again, and even summoned sharks to eat himself, just to guard the information desperately!

At the end of the Naruto anime, compared to the those who made it to the top, Kisame who has already died is just an ordinary ninja.

As he once laughed at himself: "I'm just a sidekick anyway."

However, this little supporting role is one of the most real ninjas in Naruto.

Because this man, Kisame, has firmly implemented his own way of forbearance from the beginning to the end.

He died calmly, with a faint whisper at the end of the day-

"Itachi, to say that I am a hopeless person is not entirely false."

Kisame, is a well deserved real man and ninja.

But it's a pity.

In the life of Kisame, he has made two fatal mistakes:

He is Weak and foolish.

Although he had already seen through the falsehood of this world, he did not have enough power to change it, so he was bewitched by Obito and wanted to see the world created by Infinite Tsukuyomi—

A world of eternal peace and beauty.

Kisame believed it from the bottom of his heart, and paid everything for it without any regrets.

But in the end, the result was nothing, and was betrayed by him.

"Weakness is a sin, and it's not advisable to be ignorant to your superiors."

Young Kisame sighed, as his eyes swept across the spacious river, looking at the distant horizon.

In any case, from today onwards, he will be Kisame.

Since there is a chance to live a new life, then in this life, he must live for yourself.

He is Kisame, neither a sidekick nor a background charector.

After spending some time sorting out his thoughts, Kisame paid attention to his current situation.

This year is the 44th year of shinobi villages, and it has been six or seven years since the end of the Second Ninja World War. After a period of peace in the ninja world, disputes gradually began to arise.

Recently, a small scale conflict broke out between Mizu, where Kisame is located, and Suna, which is also one of the five major Ninja villages, over the competition for iron and ore resources on a peninsula in the southern sea.

The two sides were in a deadlock for a while.

Just then, an unidentified ninja infiltrated the territory of the Land of Water, and began blowing up bridges and dams everywhere, causing great damage.

Even if you think about it with your butt, you know that it was a Suna ninja.

So, young Kisame received a mission and joined one of the many teams to search and destroy the enemy in the territory.

A day ago, after Kisame's team found a damaged dam, they immediately summoned workers to come to repair it.

As a shinobi who has been training for two years, the temporary task of Kisame and his companions is to stay here, ensure the smooth completion of the repair work, and beware of the enemy's attack again.

And their superior in this operation is a member of the seven ninja swordsmen, who took part of the elite ninja to chase the enemy, promising to kill the enemy in the land of water.

Kisame picked up the ninja sword and walked back and forth on the dam, pretending to patrol, while adapting to this new body.


In the process, his eyes suddenly lit up, as he found a pile of white lime, like a hill, which was to be used to repair the dam.

Kisame walked over quietly, collected some lime, and hid it in his sleeves.

Before he became Kisame, he was a fighting enthusiast. He was aggressive by nature but kind-hearted. In order to deal with gangsters and bad guys, he had practiced unrestricted fighting on the street for a long time.

One of his most famous achievement is that with a small pair of scissors, he seriously injured three gangsters who wanted to kill a woman running at night in the park. Not only was he commended by the relevant departments, but he also became a local celebrity in the newspaper.

When asked why he had to carry a pair of scissors with him when going out for a run, he answered honestly:

Because machetes are not allowed.

Scissors, which are not controlled knives, can be legally carried.

In addition, compared with machetes, the stab wounds caused by scissors are equally powerful and more subtle, making it difficult for gangsters to guard against.

In the concept of unlimited fighting, things like scissors and limes that can be seen everywhere in daily life are ready-made weapons and can be used at any time.

It is really a must have for home travel, punishing evil and promoting good.

After putting two catties of lime into his sleeve, Kisame left contentedly and continued to patrol.

The day passed quickly.

As the sun started to set, the sky became orange, and the water sparkling, as if covered with a golden coat.

The repair work on the dam has been successfully completed. The workers who had been busy all day packed up their tools and prepared to go to the pub in the nearby town for a drink.

Kisame and his companions are also about to leave here and go to the next mission area to continue searching for traces of the enemy.

However, this harmonious and peaceful atmosphere was suddenly broken.


Not far away, in the woods on the shore, there was a violent explosion, accompanied by sky high firelight and thick black smoke.

Immediately afterwards, there was another flash of lightning in the depths of the woods, and the blue electric light turned into a dragon, raging everywhere, causing a large number of trees to fall.

A group of birds were startled, escaped from the woods, and passed over the heads of Kisame and others.

Very strong chakra.

Kisame's pupils shrank, as he sensed that there were powerful ninjas fighting, and the two sides were rapidly approaching the dam.

After just a few seconds, a figure rushed out of the woods with a slightly grim look on his face.

It was a man with long green hair and a bandaged upper body, holding a pair of lightning-encrusted swords in both hands.

It is the owner of Kiba, one of the seven famous ninja swordsmen.

However, the elite Jōnin of Mizu was covered in injuries at this time, like a lost dog, being chased and fled here.

"There is an enemy attack, he is a Suna ninja!"

"Lord is injured!"

Seeing the injured posture of their superior, everyone who stayed on the dam was shocked and rushed over to support.

"Stop them for me!"

After roaring at Kisame and the others, he then performed his teleportation technique, by turning into a electricity that passed through the crowd and fled towards the downstream direction of the dam.

Hearing the order of the superior, the always honest and loyal Kisame instinctively picked up the ninja sword, ready to join his companions to stop the enemy desperately.

But the next second, he suddenly woke up.

Even the owner of Kiba can't deal with the enemy, can they resist it?

At this time, although Kisame is already the best among his peers, and his strength is enough to be promoted to Chunin. However, due to his young age, his potential has not been fully developed, and is far from the "tailless beast" in Naruto anime.

Just at this time.

"Ah!" "Ah!"

Several screams came one after another from the front.

He looked up and found that several of the companions who rushed in the front were hit by a strange fireball. The water in the whole body evaporated instantly and turned into mummified corpses. Their death was extremely terrifying and miserable.

After killing Kirigakure's ninjas, those fireballs flew back to a woman and floated around her.

The woman was in her twenties, with delicate features, green hair tied into a ball head, and two strands of orange bangs, showing a distinctive personality. Unlike other Suna ninjas who wrapped themselves tightly, she wore a bold halter dress with white bandages around her waist, showing off her good figure.

Beautiful and dangerous.

Hero of the Hidden Sand, Pakura.

With the memory in his mind from before, Kisame immediately recognized the woman's identity.

Appearing with Pakura was a team of Suna Anbu, there were more than ten people. They methodically unfolded the siege, mercilessly slaughtering Kirigakure's ninjas and workers, and soon the dam was stained with the blood of the dead.

Seeing this scene, Kisame turned around and ran away without hesitation.

He is no longer the ninja that used to be only loyal to the orders of his superiors.

Unfortunately, he is still a step behind.


A Suna Joinin appeared like a ghost. With a cold face, this man launched a storm-like attack on Kisame with his kunai in his hand.

Naturally, Kisame will not stand still.

He fought back desperately with a fierce look in its eyes.

Clang clang!