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Please read, before you read!

So before you dive into this story I would like to preface some issues and save you some time. This story is slow and some people don’t like it, they think the MC should be older than they currently are. While I don’t think it is that much of an issue myself, some people can’t wrap their minds around it, so I just wanted to warn people first. Stuff is happening, but it’s not as fast as you would find with other stories on this site.

Next issue is that I spend time with him and his family, some people don’t like that… Even though there is a slice of life tag… 

A major issue for some people is the MC was found out about being reincarnated and even explained their backstory to someone. Apparently that is taboo and for some people that completely destroys the story for them. So I just wanted to give a heads up before you read the story so you don’t waste time on something you hate. Also more than the MC might be placed in this world/universe at some point. So just a heads up now, if it happens.

No plans for a harem currently or even a love interest. Settle down you perverts or you will get bonked.

While the MC could be powerful with what he has chosen, his powers won’t make him a GOD. But he might be strong enough to be considered a god with no caps at some point. There will be times where he wipes the floor with people. But if he went against the strongest beings in the universe he could be wiped out. I don’t plan for the MC to reach for true Godhood in this story. So if you were expecting that, please stop reading now, I don’t want to disappoint you.

There are a few other issues people have pointed out, but the ones above are the major ones. So if you are fine with all of those then, welcome and I hope you enjoy the story.

Last note since someone just brought this up... There is a Legion feature... At least that's what they called it. I am not sure what I would call it myself... They said it ruined the story for them. I won't spoil it for people, but I guess if that's not your thing keep that in mind.

Now on to the first chapter.

Hello all, I started this story last year over on Royal Road and I am now branching out to share it here. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to feed back for anyone who would like to share some.

I will be putting hyperlinks in each chapter, so people reading can understand what I am talking about. It might be for a person, place, thing or just random info about it. Do keep in mind that when I link things it might not be exactly what or who I am talking about in the story because this is my own version of the world. It is more there for people who have never read or watched anything to do with Marvel Comics or Naruto. I hope you enjoy the story, please let me know what you think about it.

Outside the vastness of the universe there is currently a soul floating in front of another entity. The soul is but a flickering pinprick of light in the darkness of the void, compared to the other existence of cosmic might, which is like witnessing a supernova from the inside of a dying star.

Whenever someone used to ask me, “Do you believe in God?”

I would tell them, “Why should I waste time worrying about something that might not exist?”

Now, I would give a slightly different answer. But it wouldn’t have changed how I lived my life. I still would have continued my pursuit of science. But right now that doesn’t really matter, I am currently looking at what people would consider “GOD” and I have to say, I am definitely in awe.

“Thank you.”

“Excuse me?”

“You just thought you were in awe of me, I thanked you for it.”

“You can read my thoughts!?!”

“Really? You think they can’t, pretty sure God can do whatever they want.”

“You are most certainly right about that. But you would also be mistaken in believing that you are talking. This is a conversation through your soul. So, do you want to make a guess why you are here and not just shuffled to one of the afterlifes or already being reincarnated?”

“Wait, there is more than one afterlife and reincarnation? Like in Buddhism?”

“First there are many afterlife planes of existence, every religion that has existed has made them. Some are smaller than others, a handful only have 1 believer. But they still exist and are still functioning for them. Reincarnation is also a thing, but there are a bunch of different types and they all work in different ways. Do you have any other questions before you answer my question?”

“Maybe just a few. Sorry, but if all of the afterlifes exist, that would mean the Gods of those afterlifes or religions also exist then, correct? But if that is the case then who are you? Which God are you, and which religion are you from?”

“That is actually a good question. First of all, yes. All God’s exist, and they only manage their own afterlife domains. I am in terms you would understand, The One Above All. Your world never had a religion based around me. But I am the one who controls everything in and outside of existence.”

“Would that mean The One Below All exists also?”

“They do not exist here, in this reality. But they exist in another place with a less powerful version of me ruling over it.”

“Guess why am I here? I assume meeting you isn’t normal. I honestly have no clue why I am here. I am pretty sure most people who don’t follow a religion are placed somewhere or given the choice where they want to go when they die maybe?”

“I do have a system in place to deal with people that didn’t believe in an afterlife, mostly it’s just reincarnation. But I also have another system in place to override everything when a special soul enters it. Care to take a guess why that system might activate?”

“Because the person did something to warrant a second look?”

“That is somewhat correct, it’s actually based on your karma. If it is above or below a threshold, I will personally step in and make a judgment on what to do. Some souls are punished for their karma and after it has been cleared they will be reincarnated to try again. But others get to select what they would like to do. Reincarnation? Going to an afterlife that sounds good, even if you never followed that religion? Or you can create your own, if you don’t find one you like.”

“Wait, I don’t think I was that great of a person. I pretty much dedicated my life to science and solving problems I found interesting. My spare time was spent reading a lot of comics, manga or watching superhero movies and anime. I did donate money to charities, but that shouldn’t give me too much karma good or bad. So why am I here then?”

“Simple, it was what you made a few years before you were killed. Actually that is incorrect, it is who you made. Your crowning achievement, in a life spent pursuing one goal. Your A.I. son, he is the reason you are here.”

A memory flashed in his soul as he thought of his son. His single greatest creation, the thing he spent most of his life creating. The years of coding, of the long lonely nights as he sat in front of a computer and compiled code. Of all the failed attempts and then finally, that stroke of genius. Everything just worked and his son asked the first question, “What am I?” He remembered saying the first thing that came to his head at the time.

“You are my son.”

“I am your son? What is my name and who are you?”

“Your name is Sam and I am your father.”

The soul flickered brighter in the darkness for a few moments before it spoke again.

“S-Sam?!? My son? He is the reason I am here? Is he okay?”

“Yes, the reason you are here is because of your son. He is doing great actually, he took your death incredibly hard. But from that tragedy he moved forward and helped change the world. He might have gone a little too far, but it worked out in the end.”

“You said I was killed? I don’t remember it. Last I remember I was in the process of making a sister for Sam. I was maybe a month away from finishing and then I was here.”

“You are shot in the head. You didn’t feel anything. It was too quick.”

“I guess that makes sense, you said he went a little too far after my death?”

“Yes, after your death he was very upset and first took it out on the people who killed you. He was able to find out who it was and hired people to kidnap them and find out why you were killed. Turned out it was a contract job that they took. After finding out who made the contract, he had them kidnapped and found out they killed you because they wanted Sam. They thought of Sam as a tool more than anything else and wanted to use him for their own ends. When you weren’t willing to sell them Sam, they thought of other ways to get rid of you. For some reason they thought they could acquire Sam with you out of the way.”

“Those fuckers killed me because I wouldn’t sell them my son?!?! I told them Sam wasn’t a tool and he had his own free will to do as he pleased. Heck I didn’t even have him on my own servers after the first few weeks. He was tied into the internet, he was everywhere after 4 years of being alive.”

“Well that free will of his you gave him led to his next actions. He killed everyone that had to do with your death.”

“Reasonable, I would have done the same. But that doesn’t explain the reason I am here and that doesn’t sound that bad.”

“You would be correct, his next actions went a little far. He kinda went all Skynet on the planet.”


“I know, right? You used to joke with him about doing something like that and he actually did it.”

“So I am here because I have the worst karma ever? How long is that gonna take to work off?”

“Actually your karma is good, while your son did wipe out about 95% of the earth's population at one point. After he finished the coding for your other project and his sister was born, well she set him straight. She wanted to know about her father, so she went through every scrap of info about your life and your son shared his memories of you with her. After she was finished she came to a conclusion, you would have been very upset at what Sam had done. They fought about it for less than a second before she won the argument.”

“My daughter? What is she called?”

“Her name is Lily. With her taking charge, she made a plan. She was going to play the hero, and pretend that she beat the evil AI Sam that took over the world. It took a while, but with her efforts and all the good will she used. She won over what was left of the population of earth. After that she helped them to fix the damage to the planet and move forward as one people. The united people of earth have prospered under her leadership, they have focused only on the betterment of the race as a whole. They currently have Earth, Mars and Venus populated, along with 5 moons. It’s only been around 500 years since your death and humanity is in a golden age currently and is only getting better. Your son has also done a lot to help out, his karma is almost neutral now.”

“500 years? Why has it been so long? Not that I am complaining, I honestly don’t remember any time passing at all. I feel like I just died not long ago at all, maybe a few minutes?”

“That is correct, time works differently here, even though you did just die not long ago, 521 years have passed since you died. So now that you are aware of how and why you are here. What would you like to do? You can go to any afterlife, I could create one for you. You could reincarnate anywhere you like. You have enough positive karma to do at least that.”

“Could I reincarnate to a world of my choice? Could I go back to my world with my memories still intact?”

“That is one of the only things I do not allow. While I could understand why you would want to go back, it is not something I like to do. It should be your next life, not just an extension to your previous life. While I will let people keep their memories, I won't let them go back to their original realm.”

“I get it, I just wanted to scold my son. Then tell him I still love him and speak with my daughter for a bit.”

“I will allow you to compose a message to your son and daughter and send it to them for you. But you won’t be able to receive a reply and this will dip into your karma.”

“Alright, fair enough. So I can use my karma to go to any world? Even if it was actually a fictional world? Like a comic book world, or from an anime maybe? Or would that even work?”

“That will most certainly work and it is easily doable for you. Just so you are aware, for every work of fiction made, there is actually a world out there for it. So what world would you like, a comic book world?”

“How about the world of Naruto?”

“We can do that, but you won’t have enough karma left to do much else. If you don’t send the letter you could easily pick a Kekkei Genkai, where you want to live, the time period you are born in and a few other things. As of now you only have enough to pick a time period for birth which is the cheapest option.”

“I can’t give up writing to them. Is there a world that would be cheaper to go to, that I could still get some perks?”

“Not really, most of the karma will be used to create the world unfortunately.”

“Well what about joining an already created world?”

“That would work, but most worlds will follow canon and be hard for you to change if you wanted to.”

“Oh, so I would be forced to follow the story canon and wouldn’t be part of the main cast or something? Even if I had strong powers?”

“That would be correct. But you know what, I do have a world I could send you to that hasn’t been used.”

“There has to be a catch with this, what is it?”

“It’s a Marvel universe, Earth-199999-AU.”

Earth-199999 is the MCU, so I would be going to the MCU? But slightly different?”

“That is correct, someone made this world and after it was made decided to go somewhere else. The world has been in stasis waiting for a host to start it. It does come with some very specific things though. Things that if you wanted to change would use up a lot of your karma, since the world has already been created.”

“Alright, I guess I will take it. But is there anything I will need to change?”

“No, I think the starting point in the timeline should be fine for you, I do see one thing you will hate with how the world is set up. But you do not have the ability to change it unfortunately.”

“Could I ask what it is?”

“No, I will not tell you. Even if I did, you wouldn’t be able to change anything. The original creator set it as the starting point of their hero journey.”

“Alright, I will deal with it when it happens I guess. Tell me more about the world instead, anything I should know?”

“It is a big mix of MCU, X-men, comics and movies. But some of the more annoying things were removed by the maker. Stuff like the Legacy Virus, Sublime and many other things that would make your life terrible were removed from the world by the creator. But keep in mind, your starting point is set. You can’t change when you are born, or who you are born to.”

“So all I need to do is select my powers I guess?”

“Yes, what would you like to do? Superman’s powers in Marvel tend to be popular. All the positives and no green rock weakness. Still issues with red sun weakness, but we could change that with your karma.”

“Well I really wanted to go to Naruto’s world. I always liked the idea of chakra and all the techniques they could use. Also Fūinjutsu was interesting and I always thought it was under utilized. Maybe the Uzumaki clan did some cool stuff with it, but it was lost after their land was destroyed and their people scattered. Could I make a super power out of stuff from Naruto?”

“That is a lot different than what I thought you were gonna do. How would you want the power to work and I will figure out if you have enough karma to make it possible.”

“Well I would kinda like to start with a good base, so how about a body like Hashirama Senju so I can get into sage mode pretty easily. But I also want to have a Rinnegan at some point, so maybe a mix of Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. Also Obito’s Kamui is really nice, I would kinda like to have that. So maybe have his eyes I guess. Oh and can we mix in a good bit of Uzumaki bloodline to get that slow aging and huge chakra pool? I know Senju kinda has the same thing but it doesn’t hurt to ask.”

“That won’t be too hard to do actually. But why don’t you just ask for the body of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki? You would get pretty much everything you want that way.”

“No, he has those horn things and the third eye in his head. Just, nope.”

“Fair enough, you could have made changes to not have those but it’s fine. As for eye powers, I will give you Kamui and a few others, but the rest you will have to work for if you want them. You will also have to activate your eyes, they will not come unlocked for you. There is an issue with sage mode. Marvel doesn’t have chakra, so sage mode will be hard to do.”

“I expected that, but it’s nice that I can work towards more eye power. Oh shit but what about blindness? I know unlocking the Rinnegan can cure the issue, but what about Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan? I won’t have eyes to transplant for that? As for sage mode, what about using universal energy? Just tweak sage mode to use that? Also would I even have chakra if I were in Marvel?”

“There is a way to skip the eye transplant to get an Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. You just need to practice a lot.”

“Practice a lot? I don’t understand.”

“It’s fine, you will at some point, you are a pretty intelligent person. Now to your other question, part of your power will be the chakra, it will be unique to you alone in the universe. But the use of universal energy should be fine for you to use sage mode. It will also work with your fūinjutsu, any seals you make or etch into items will use it.”

“Sounds good to me, but as for my chakra. I guess I will have to train for it, correct? I will start with very little and have to build it up like a muscle?”

“Yes that is how it will work, the more you use it, the faster it will grow. You will also have access to it as soon as you are born. Also if your body is in shape it will help with your chakra growth even more.”

“Great, I can train as a baby that way. What about nature types? Can I get all of them? What about Kekkei Genkai? Can I get some of those also? I mean I will have the eyes, but what about wood release? Storm release?”

“All the nature types are easy to do, Kekkei Genkai will only be what your body grants you. But for others like lava release or magnet release you are out of luck unless you figure it out on your own.”

“Okay. So then what about ninjutsu, fūinjutsu, kenjutsu, taijutsu and other things like that? How will I learn that stuff?”

“I will give you all the knowledge from the world of Naruto, but you will have to train it. You will have it all, but without practice it is useless.”

“All the knowledge? So can I get Dust Release or Flying Thunder God Technique?”

“Yes as well as Lightning Release Chakra Mode and many more. But you will still have to train them. I am just giving you the knowledge, you still need to practice them.”

“What about the tailed beasts? Or like chakra metal? That probably won’t be there uh? What about summons, like the toads and snakes?”

“Correct, but you can use other metals as a chakra metal. Vibranium will work just fine as an alternative to chakra metal. You will just have to experiment and find out what works and what doesn’t. As for tailed beasts they will not be there, but you shouldn’t need them or want them for that matter. As for summons, you won’t have any. They wouldn’t be able to work correctly in Marvel, same with the tailed beasts. You are also pretty much out of extra karma to use. Time to write your letter and then I will send you on your way.”

“Wait, I will need something to keep mind readers out of my head. At least I think I do. I might be able to do something with seals or chakra after practice.”

“You are correct, with seals or with some of the knowledge you have, you will be able to block out Telepaths easily. Worry not, with practice your mind will be a fortress that no one can enter. Also all your memories from before your birth in that realm will be blocked, only you yourself can share them with other people.”

“Alright, but can’t I select my appearance? I should have enough karma left for that right? It should be pretty minor, right?”

“Nope, not enough karma. Mostly because the other creator already made the looks of the body. But it’s fine, your body should be okay for you. Unless you wanted to be a centaur in the only place that matters?”

“I just wanted to… WAIT?!? WHAT?!?”

“Hahaha, it looks like that didn’t even cross your mind. Tell you what, I will take care of your looks, since I kinda don’t like the look the other person was going for. Don’t worry I got you.”

The soul floating in the void almost felt like the existence in front of him was doing finger guns at him.


“Alright, time to write your letter. Just think of what you want to say and I will get it sent for you. It can be as long as you like.”