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Cold energy passed through Han Cai's pores and entered his dantian. His Dantian expanded. Han Cai realized that to learn thi skill, one needed frigid Yin Qi. Even though he lived in a cold region, this was still expensive. How much would it cost if he tried to cultivate it in some hot desert area? He saw in his panel there was one more new source for extracting exchange points; it was frigid yin qi.

Han Cai got up from the ground, picked up his black sword, and sliced it. Cold sword qi flew out through the sword and attacked the nearby pillar in the training room. There was a deep cut in the pillar, and you could see ice forming around the pillar. Han Cai felt very satisfied this skill was worth 80,000 exchange points.

After learning the sword technique, Han Cai sat down again and started learning other skills. Flying the QiGong technique cost him 25,000 exchange points. Han Cai stood up and gathered Qi around him, and He started levitating from the ground. Finally, he could fly not very far, but he will never have to worry about the fear of heights. He could even jump down from the highest mountain and not die. This skill was the cheapest compared to other techniques he had learned so far.

After learning this, Han Cai spent 45,000 points to learn the concealment technique. Then he spent 90,000 more points on this technique, and as it said in the manual, he was able to turn it invisible to the naked eye. But the cultivators stronger than him would still be able to sense him.

After learning his core fighting techniques, it was time for Han Cai to learn escape technique. This technique could save his life at the right moment. He planned to level this technique to 2 too, but when he asked the system to learn this technique for level 1, this technique's cost was 50,000 exchange points; this technique was not the most expensive technique but a very unique skill for him. Once he learned this technique, Han Cai, sitting on the ground in his abode's training ground, disappeared and reappeared in another corner of the training ground after five minutes. He looked at the ground where he used earth escape. The ground still looked the same, with no changes. There was no sign that he had escaped through that ground. It was not just a simple skill but a magic technique. This was amazing.

He looked at his status panel.

[Name: Han Cai]

[Age: 12]

[Life Span: 200 Years]

»Strength: 40

»Perception: 50

»Agility:  60

»Speed: 60

»Constitution: 70

»Intelligence: 10

»Charm: 10

»Cultivation: Qi Condensation level 3 (Celestial Ascension Technique, Soaring Sky Cultivation Technique)

»Skills: Crane Sword Style (Level 4)

»Skills: Cold Precision Sword Technique (Level 1)

»Skills: Qigong Cloud Soaring Technique  (Level 1)

»Skills: Invisibility Technique (Level 2)

»Skills: element escape technique (Level 1)

[Exchange Points:  1052 (40/day)]

[Extract Exchange Points: 10,000 (source EARTH, WIND, SPACE, FRIGID)]

[Storage Space: Spirit Stone (253) Gold Coins (100)...  ]

[System Update:? (Collect 100000 points to unlock)]


[Initiate Law of Equal Exchange?]

With Frigid Qi in his body, his constitution and stats increased again. There was a new source for exchange points, frigid energy. Han Cai understood that as long as he could use any energy, it would become a source of exchange points too. His nerd brain calculated for a while through the earth, he would be able to extract 20 points. Through wind, space, and frigid, he would be able to extract 72 exchange points daily. 40 points was given to him directly by system as it mooches energy of him, so the total points he will be able to earn on a daily basis would be around 132 exchange points. But they were peanuts.

The massive amount of one million exchange points disappeared like smoke. Han Cai sighed; Cultivation really was a massive black hole of resources. He had only ten thousand exchange points left from the million.

Han Cai looked at 100 spirit stones he kept separate in case he needed any for any emergencies. Han Cai did not want to use them, but he wanted to update the system. Who knew what special feature system might unlock this time? Han Cai convinced himself money left in the bank was useless and would be better if he invested in something so that money could contribute to his growth. Han Cai converted those spirit stones into exchange points and began to upgrade the system.


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