The Silver Whisperer
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After some reluctance, the treasure hall elder finally left, and he came back with a long golden box. When he opened the box, there was a silver-colored flute. The flute was an exquisite work of art. It was crafted from a rare silver metal that shimmered in the light, giving off an ethereal glow. The flute's body was adorned with intricate engravings of mystical beasts and celestial beings, giving it an otherworldly appearance. The mouthpiece was made of jade, which felt cool and smooth.

This flute was mesmerizing. For some reason, Han Cai's perception told him to scan the weapon immediately. Ever since he had read about this damn flute, his perception had been telling him to see it. Now he finally saw it. His perception was forcing him to scan it. There was this vague feeling that If he didn't scan the flute, He would regret it for a long time. Han Cai hurriedly converted the stones in his savings storage to exchange points and used a scan feature on the flute. Scanning the flute cost him 55000 exchange points. Han Cai had no regrets. If he could not trust his perception, who else would he trust? When the scanning showed results, Han Cai immediately understood why his perception tingled.

[Object: Flute]

»Attributes: Earth Grade Treasure (Divine Treasure)

[Special Characteristic: The Silver Whisperer is a treasure of the true venerable Xiao. It is said that He was particularly fond of playing the flute and would often spend hours in seclusion, playing beautiful melodies that echoed through the mountains. The flute is made of pure mystic spirit silver and is adorned with intricate engravings of celestial beings and beasts. The flute's body is smooth and polished, and it feels cool to the touch.

A very small amount of celestial Qi of resonance is imbued in it, making it one of the strongest treasure . When played, the flute can produce a melodic sound that can soothe the mind and calm the soul. The flute also has the ability to purify the environment and dispel negative energy. It is said that when played with the intent of harm, the flute gives out a miserable tune. It can weaken the enemy's spiritual energy, give them mental demons, Hurt their mind, and make them more vulnerable. The user can gain control over the heart and minds of listeners. Because It has been forcefully subdued too many times, the flute's consciousness has become feeble and very weak. Its value has fallen from divine-grade treasure to earth-grade treasure. To heal the flute, keep it in your dantian and nourish it with celestial Qi. The recovery of the flute spirit will speed up if you play the heart of world song every morning with it.

An alternative method to Subdue the Flute is to call it by Its true name. The  flute will respond, and it has been craving to be called by Its true Name for thousands of years.]

The first thing that came to Han Cai's mind was what the hell was Celestial Qi of resonance and why there was no mention of fairy Chang in the description.

But soon, he got distracted by the alternative method to subdue the flute.

Han Cai asked the system if he called the flute by its true name. Wouldn't all elders hear it? He also felt that he would be in danger if he said it loud. That ghastly feeling of fear passed through him. The system charged him one exchange point and responded that Han Cai had two choices: cultivating a mental technique or increasing intelligence to 11. He will be able to use spirit sense or mental energy to communicate with the flute's spirit

Han Cai hurriedly asked what the F***k was spirit sense. The system charged him ten exchange points and shared information about Spirit sense.

Spirit sense referred to the cultivation based on the power of one's mind. It was an ability to use one's mind to manipulate spiritual energy. This could include techniques such as projecting their mental energy to influence the surroundings or communicating with spiritual entities. To cultivate spirit sense or mental energy, one must first reach a certain level of cultivation and then practice various techniques and mental exercises to improve their spiritual sensitivity and control through the mind. For Han Cai increasing his intelligence to 11 will break the mental barrier allowing him to use spirit sense that only higher-level cultivators could use.

Han Cai immediately used one thousand exchange points and increased intelligence to 11. The moment he increased his intelligence to 11, there was a qualitative change of mind. He felt a rush of clarity and sharpness wash over him. He could feel his thoughts becoming clearer and more organized as if a fog had been lifted from his mind. With this newfound intelligence, Han Cai was now able to use mental energy to sense the world around him. He could feel the pulse of spiritual energy around him more clearly, and he could use his thoughts to reach out and grasp this energy, manipulating it to his will.

This newfound ability to use mental energy allowed Han Cai to perceive the world in a new and exciting way. He could sense the movements and emotions of those around him, and he could use this information to make decisions in real time. He felt a deep connection to the spiritual energy around him as if he was one with the world itself. While Han Cai was relishing this feeling, the elders noticed the change in Han Cai too.

Especially elder Dongmei and Sect master, who had the highest cultivation here. When the elder from the treasure hall brought the flute, They noticed Han Cai's mesmerized expression. Before they could say something, they noticed changes in Han Cai. It was like he broke some barrier and came out of a cocoon. Soon other elders noticed it too.

From their perspective, it felt like Han Cai saw the flute he had an epiphany. All of them stayed quiet. They even controlled their breathing, and they were afraid that they might disturb this disciple's epiphany. They watched nervously. Suddenly Han Cai moved.

Han Cai walked towards the flute. He sent a tiny strand of mental energy toward the flute. Sending this tiny strand of mental energy was very straining on his mind, but Han Cai persisted. When it reached the flute, Han Cai could feel the flute repelling his mental energy, trying to warn him not to come close, but Han Cai gently spoke through his mental energy, "Silver Whisperer, are you ok?".

The flute suddenly radiated with a brilliant light, and it floated towards Han Cai on its own. Han Cai then directed his mental energy toward the flying flute. Flute allowed him to leave a mental imprint on it.

After Han Cai imprinted the flute, the flute started to shrink in size until it was the size of a needle. Han Cai raised his hand, and the needle-sized flute effortlessly drilled into his finger, flowing through his veins and entering his dantian.

Although it seemed to take a significant amount of time, the process was over before the elders could even realize what had happened. By the time they processed it,  the earth-grade treasure of the sect was taken away right in front of their eyes.


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