Sparring With Yang, Round 3
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“One more sparring match, Master. I want to feel how strong you are.”

When she said that, there was a complicated emotion behind it, more than a single thought. Part of her did want to spar. It was nostalgic, the first thing we did together. The start of our Bond. There was also the part of her that got a genuine sexual thrill out of it. The blood got flowing, tensions were high, half-naked bodies sweating against each other… yeah, I could see it.

But underneath both of those, broader and deeper than either desire, she wanted to see how strong I was. It might be part of her new pokegirl Nature, or it might have been something she needed given recent events. But there was a simple need inside of her that said <show me you’re strong enough to protect me>.

So once more, we were on a dirt arena next to my new apartment.

“Don’t hold back,” I called out to her.

“You neither. Gimme everything you’ve got!” Yang said, bouncing on her feet. She had dressed into some tight lycra shorts and a sports bra, and she was bouncing on her feet, grinning, brimming with eager energy. I was in a simple black tank top and stretchy shorts I’d found in my closet; they were easy to move around in, and hopefully they were fireproof.

“No. I’m going to hold back.”

“Hah!?” Yang cocked her head to the side.

I lowered my stance and raised my guard. “I’m going to hold back. Won’t try to strike you. Not going to mind control. I’m going to stand here and wait for you to attack. Then I’m going to grab you and pin you down.”

“What?!” The reaction inside her mind was less a verbal thought and more the equivalent of steam shooting out of both ears so loud it was whistling.

“Whenever you’re ready,” I crooked my fingers at her.

Yang took a few seconds to calm down, fanning at her face, but when she looked at me, I could see she was serious.

<Move faster than he can—>

That was all I got, and then she was right in my face, swinging in with an uppercut. I didn’t have time to dodge, so I clenched down on my teeth and I took it on the chin. Sharp flare up of pain, but it didn’t knock me off of my feet, and it didn't stop me from making my own move, grabbing her arm before she could pull back and holding on for dear life.

“Grrrah!” Yang slashed at me with her free hand, claws digging into my forearm and drawing shallow cuts, red parallel lines forming from the scratches. Without thinking, bright red flames ignited along the cuts, cauterizing the wound. Her eyes went wide, and her posture fell apart. “Oh! Ben! Sorry, didn’t mean to—”

And that’s when I flipped her. Pulled on her arm with all my strength, completely over my head, then landing flat on her back on the ground, knocking the wind out of her sails, before getting off my feet to grapple with her, locking her arms with one of mine and using the other to squeeze down on her throat.

Yang thrashed, her body going hot, hair catching on fire as she tried to bash the back of it against me. She tried speaking, but I was keeping a firm grip around her throat.

“I know. You didn’t mean to draw blood. New instincts, right? It’s fine though.” The cuts really were shallow. The fire I’d summoned had stopped the bleeding, and then it was mostly feeling itchy rather than painful. “Whether you’re acting on instinct or perfectly calm, I’m not going to let you beat me.”

Yang took that as a challenge and started straining harder, groaning as she pulled with every muscle trying to break my grip. We ended up rolling around in the dirt, panting and gasping for breath. At one point, she almost broke free, twisting around as I grabbed at her wrists, pinned her arms over her head while my body was on top of her.

“Nyahh!!” Yang pushed off the ground and tried to tear my throat out with her teeth. Or that’s what it felt like, at least, before I got my forearm on her throat and pushed her back down.

Yang wiggled underneath me. Strained. Then finally, relaxed, her flaming hair winking out. Her face was flushed and glowing up the artificial light with sweat. “Not… bad…!”

“Well, I had some help.”

From the moment she’d told me she wanted a sparring match, she’d been fantasizing over how it might go. The way she’d wanted to lose. Well, one of her ideas at least. Knocking the wind out of her had been the most gentle approach she’d been thinking of. She’d also been thinking of getting punch drunk, imagining me delivering jab after jab to her face to rattle her brain around. And then there was the downright dark stuff with… well, use your imagination.

“But I’m not done yet!” Yang’s chest swelled up as she sucked in air through her flared nostrils, before she let everything out in one big breath, a flamethrower that engulfed my head and would have turned a turkey into charcoal in the six seconds she managed to keep it up. “Hahh… hahh… okay. Now I’m done.”

“Well, in that case…” I sat up, still straddling her stomach to keep her pinned down, and pressed my palm to sports bra and called my own fire, the flames a mix of red with black shadows in contrast to the more natural yellows and oranges of her flames. Yang had told me that her clothing was heat-resistant, and I knew that she could absorb my flames. I wanted to see which would fail first.

“Ahhn~ Ben! Master!” After a few seconds, Yang cried out and I almost snuffed out the flames. Instead, I made the fire burn hotter, the fabric starting to shrink around her breasts. She hadn’t cried out in pain or fear. No. I could feel it clear as day from her mind. My fire was going to—

“Unnnhh!!! Fuck… oh, Ben! Master! Yesss!!!”

Scratch that. My fire had just made Yang’s thighs clench, her back arch, and her eyes go cross. It had made her cum, and cum hard.

I eased off the flames, her bare breasts heaving beneath me as she panted with exertion. “I always thought it’d be a waste to try using fire on you, what with your Feverish High ability.”

“Yeahhh… ehehe… me too. But as your pokegirl, I could totally… you could totally… spank me with your fire.. And I’d be… suuuper powered up.” Yang let out a giggle, her eyes still slightly unfocused.

“Wait, it’s literal?. A Feverish High?”

“Uhhh… ehehe…? Is it? Fire never felt good like this before.” Yang stared at me blankly. “God, you’re so funny and hot.”

“Let’s cool you down.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek, then stood back up. “Can you stand up?”

“Yeah, duh. Easy,” Yang said while still lying down.

“Do I need to make it an order?”

“Nooo… ahaha! It’s just standing up,” Yang laughed again, but still made no move to get up. Her thoughts were hazy and rapid and jumbled. Affection for me. Confusion at her own body. And plenty of non-sequitors like soap operas she hadn’t thought of in years or how the dirt she could feel with her left hand was a slightly different texture from the dirt on her right hand. “Uh… I think I might have forgotten how to stand up.”

I knew that it’d be a lot easier to just snatch Yang back into her ball, but instead, I picked her up and carried her, one arm supporting her soft ass, the other around her back, her own arms lightly hugging me as her naked breasts flattened against my shirt.

“You smell good…” Yang mumbled along the way.

Back inside my apartment, I carried her into the bathroom. It was bigger than the last one, especially the walk-in shower. Yang still in my arms, I turned on the rainfall showerhead and stood under it, but I nearly dropped her in surprise as the water hissed into steam on contact. Yang’s body must have been as hot as molten iron, and I hadn’t even noticed.

“Ooo… that feels nice…” Yang murmured, some of the focus returning to her eyes as the water started to run down her body instead of vaporizing in a flash. “Woozy… but I think I can stand.”

I let her out of my arms, slowly, hovering around her just in case she slipped, but as her body cooled down, she was quickly recovering. “Ugh… we were totally about to rut like animals in the dirt back there, and I ruined it.”

“Maybe.” Yang winced. “But that did give me a few ideas.”


“If we ever need to fight at the same time, I think I could give you a boost… just not too much of one. What did you say… spank your ass with fire?”

Standing directly under the rainfall did nothing to suppress her blush. “Or we could… um… hold hands?”

“That would work. The other idea I had…” Now that my hands were free, I finally had the chance to toss my clothes to the corner of the bathroom. Yang’s gaze slowly traveled down my body, and once her gaze became fixed, she licked her lips. My cock was as hard as it could get, and the foreskin had already peeled itself back on its own, a bead of precum running down the glans. And when it became engulfed in my fire, her eyes went wide. “...was driving you crazy with this.”

“Ohhh…” I don’t think I’d ever felt Yang’s head so empty as it was at that moment, a deer caught in the headlights.

I ended up lying down on my back, Yang straddling on top of me, a reversal from the position we’d had outside. Yang had herself positioned directly under the water so she wouldn’t overheat again, and she looked glorious like that, rivulets running down her tanned skin.

“Don’t keep me waiting, slave.”

That word sent a shiver through her body that escaped as a light moan, and Yang didn’t waste any time, guiding my cock inside of her and then lowering her hips down, eyes shut tight as she focused. “Hahhh… big… did it get bigger? Did I get tighter? D-dunno if we even need the fire, can barely think as it is.”

“Well, good thing you don’t need to think right now then, right?” I teased.

“Hey! What’s that supposed to… guh!!” Yang froze with her mouth open, tongue hanging out. Then, her body started shaking, and she tossed her head back, whipping up an arc of water droplets as she howled with the climax.

“C’mon. I know it feels good. But don’t just pass out. Start moving those hips,” I said as I gave her ass a firm squeeze.

“Mmm… y-yeah… gonna…”

I gave her a loud, wet slap on the same spot I’d just been squeezing. “Is that how you respond to a command?”

“Nnngh…!!” Her pussy was clenching down tight on me, and I could tell she was having another orgasm. “N-nuh no, sir! Master!”

“Good girl.”

The water was hissing into steam again for a few seconds after those two words. “Thank you, Master!”

“Good girl.”

“Th-thank you, Master!” Yang said it louder this time, hands flying to her cheeks. “But you d-don’t need to tease me like that!”


She tensed up, leaning down closer to me, her breasts dripping the boiling hot water over me.

“ know, you still haven’t started moving your hips.”

“Oh!” Yang laughed, a quick, hearty tomboy laugh, then straightened back up, hands planted on my abs. “Yes, Master!”

I let her start, savoring how her pussy was milking my cock, eyes closed and the only sound our breathing, the pitter patter of falling water, and her thick ass slapping against my thighs. And then I lit my cock on fire again.

“Gyahhh!!” Yang tried to keep it together, tried to focus on my pleasure, but the bathroom was filling up with so much steam I couldn’t even see the ceiling, and she was paralyzed by the pleasure. “S-so… hot…”

{Keep bouncing}

“Yessss…” There wasn’t any resistance to the command, but it only lasted for a few seconds before she forgot what she was doing. So I didn’t just keep it at the one command. I kept the connection open, taking control of her like she was a puppet.

“Ben… so good… can’t… thank you… thank you thank you…!!”

I felt Yang's body start to tremble on top of me, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps as I puppeted her body. My hands explored her curves, teasing and caressing her in every place I wanted, making her gasp and squirm and mewl with every caress. I could feel her arousal radiating off of her like a furnace, and it only made me more aroused.

I moved my hands up to her chest, feeling her nipples harden beneath my touch. Yang moaned in pleasure, her body arching backwards as I kneaded her breasts. My other hand moved lower, tracing circles around her navel before finally finding its way between her legs.

Yang gripped my hands tightly, our fingers interlocking as she picked up the pace. The only thing she had enough presence of mind to do. She sped up her movements, one orgasming rolling into the next for her, and I wasn’t far behind.

“Master…!!!” Yang cried out as soon as she felt my hot cum gushing into her womb.

“Good girl, good girl…!” I said, my own voice strained as my body tensed up. I released my control over her body, but she didn’t stop bouncing even after I finished cumming, like she wanted to milk out every single drop, but after a languid minute, the water falling on top of her stopped boiling into steam and simply ran down her sun-kissed skin as she relaxed, no longer overheating.

Yang let herself collapse on top of me, the water bouncing off her ass as she cooled down. “Hahhh… that felt like… like you were shutting off my mind. Like I only existed to be your sex toy. And it was the best feeling in the world.”

I lifted her chin up, planted a kiss on her lips. “You make a good sex toy.”

She let out a groan. “D-don’t say things like that to me right now. I don’t know if I can take another round so soon.”

I rubbed the top of her head, paying special attention to the back of her new catears, and we laid there for a while.

“You know, I think I like this. Just being here with you, like this.”

She smiled softly. “Me too.”

Some time later, we made it back to the bedroom. Yang asked if she should get into her pokeball.

“Hell no. If all of this wasn’t enough to tame you, then I deserve to wake up to you eating my face.”

“Does that mean, that, um…”

<Little spoon! Little spoon!>

We went to bed, and Yang was the little spoon that night.