Date Night with Faye and Yuna
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It took me a while, but I regretted getting my toughness to rank 3 instead of literally any other skill. My thinking at the time was that it’d be good to have. It’d keep me safe and I wouldn’t have to worry about using it wrong and hurting someone the way I would if my Fire rank had gone up instead.

But what I hadn’t considered at the time was shaving.

Now, normal shaving razors didn’t do the trick anymore, and if I went even a week without shaving I’d be covered in patchy stubble, a scraggly mess of thin hairs on my cheeks and chin, clumps of thin hair with way too much bare skin in between.

As long as it was a part of me, I couldn’t just burn it off either. I asked Flannary about it, and she’d leaned her head and cackled like a witch.

“Don’t worry! I’ve got just the thing.”

The ‘thing’ was a glass jar full of blue wax. Well, maybe not wax. Wax wasn’t supposed to be faintly glowing, I’m sure.

So I started with a good hard scrub, towel dry. Melt the wax and rub it over my face, then press the strips on top of that. I’d gotten the impression from Flannary that this part was supposed to hurt, but I had toughness 3. I could jump off a water tower and only feel some tingles on my feet. How bad could waxing be?

“Are you crying?” Yang asked as she walked in on me standing in front of the bathroom mirror. One strip down, six to go.

“No. Nope.” My chest felt tight, and for the first time since I’d learned about PMU, I could feel burning on my face. “Eyes are just watering up a bit.”

“Oh…?” Yang jumped onto my back, arms around my neck, chin resting on my shoulder. I don’t know if it was who she was or part of her pokegirl nature, but the girl loved skinship, especially getting carried around at home. “Making sure you’re looking good for your date?”

“It’s not exactly a date.” Strip two. I tried to go faster this time. It helped, but not as much as I’d hoped.

“Auditioning for your harem?” Yang rephrased. I could feel her bare legs against my shirtless body. She was dressed in only panties and my old t-shirt; between her and Helen, I was going to need to order more fast. Thankfully Lina had her own fashion sense and none of them would fit around Mochi without stretching it out. Terri… well, I’d not caught Terri yet.

Strip three. Going slower was so much worse. Not going to do that again. “Uh… yeah. I guess you could put it that way.”

Her feet dug into my sides as she lifted herself higher, chin on my head now. “She’s a psycho, you know. And that was before she was a pokegirl.”

I couldn’t blame Yang. The whole reason I’d been so furious with Faye in the first place had been her kidnapping and brainwashing Yang. And as upset as the whole ordeal made me, it couldn’t compare to what Yang had actually gone through.

“It’s not that simple.” Four. Halfway done. I was surprised looking in the mirror there weren’t literal flames on my face, just reddened skin. “She had good reason to be upset. And she’s gone through a lot.”

“Traumatic backstory, boo hoo. I’m sure that Dr. Wicke could find you a dozen other pokegirls who’ve had it way worse to take in.” Her arms squeezed around my neck. Not enough to hurt. Well, not enough to hurt someone who was so durable to damage and dull to pain he needed magic glowing goop to get rid of his peach fuzz.

Five, six, and seven. Yep. The mustache hurt the worst. Shouldn’t have saved it for last. My body shuddered, jiggling Yang on top of me, and I tried soothing the skin with some cold water from the sink.

“I’m not responsible for those other pokegirls though.”

“Ugh…” Yang’s body went limp, sliding bonelessly off of me until her head was between my feet. “I should be super pissed at you, y’know? You sure you aren’t messing with my mind?”

The patchy scraggles taken care of for the moment, I bent down and picked Yang up, then princess carried her to the bed. I fell over backwards onto it, Yang resting across my chest. “I might be. I still have the one Ability I still don’t know about. It might give me some kind of aura that makes girls keep falling for me.”

“But, I think the reason you’re not mad is because you’re a nice person.” My hand went into her thick, dark hair and rubbed behind her ear. “You might not be Psychic, but you’re still an empath without it.”

I remember the “ugly tears” Yang had when I’d told her about Yuna and Faye’s situation. She’d soaked the front of my shirt and even blown her nose on it.


My other hand groped her ass, sliding gently under her tail and between her legs through the fabric of her panties. “Plus, there’s way too much about it you find hot.”

“Hnnn…” her tail was starting to wag.

“I do hope you know I’m not going to ‘brainwash that dyke dominatrix into a cock-worshiping sexdoll’ though.”

“Jeez! Don’t say dyke!” Yang protested as she lifted her hips up to give me better access.

“You’re the one who was thinking it,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, but…” Her breathing was speeding up, getting noisy.

“{Cum for me.}”

“Yessss, Master…!” Those heavy pants became shrill screams into her pillow, the damp panties getting soaked in juices.

I pet her head for a tender moment, then rolled her off of me. “Now, I need to get dressed. I’ll be back later tonight.”

“Kay…” Yang replied dreamily as she made herself comfortable on our bed. “I ever tell you I like it when you shut me up like that?”

“You might have mentioned it a time or two.”

The “date” was back at the research center, the same room I’d had the last meeting with Faye. She was still kept under lock and key, so I was wondering just how much she and Yuna could have planned for this. The walls of the rooms were designed to block psychic transmissions along with everything else, so I couldn’t even read Yuna’s mind as I approached the door.

Hands slightly sweaty, I entered the code on the keypad and the door slid open.

I wasn’t expecting the two of them to be dressed up as slutty maids, but it was a welcome surprise.

They were wearing matching outfits, starting with the white headband, then the white lace choker, and then the frilly black and white bandeau. The same size, so that while it gave a tantalizing amount of cleavage for Faye, Yuna’s larger breasts were squeezed tight together, the fabric digging into her pale skin. The black arm-length gloves and stockings matched, and those stockings were held up by a garter belt, with a set of black lowleg panties that threatened to fall off at any second. They were so skimpy, I think that from top to bottom, those panties couldn’t have been more than the width of three fingers.

Example Image

Example Image

“Maids, huh?” I said, taking it all in.

“Oui, Sir.” Faye said with a smile.

“Welcome home, eet iz an honor to serve you, Sir.” Yuna followed. I wouldn’t say her accent was any better than Faye’s, but she was certainly putting more effort into it.

“Oh. French maids.”

“Only for tonight. Unless you think… zink,” Faye corrected herself, “it is worth the effort. Now, come in, come in.”

The girls flanked me on either side, grabbing onto my elbow with both hands, cradling my biceps with their soft breasts as they led me to the bed. “Please, make yourself comfortable, Sir.”

“You two really don’t need to be so formal. Or go to all this trouble. I was thinking we could just talk.” I wasn’t exactly protesting the VIP treatment. More just clarifying for my own sake.

“Zere will be plenty of time for talking later, Sir. For now, we wish to give you ze best impression we can,” Yuna said as she dropped to her knees, then began to fumble at the fly of my jeans.

Faye climbed onto the bed with me, positioning herself just behind me. “Would Sir enjoy a massage? He feels quite tense.”

“Go for it. Though I think it’d take more than you’ve got.” I relented, but when Yuna started pulling at my jeans to try and take them down, I stopped her, “If you’re taking them off, might as well start with the shoes and socks first.”

“Oh. Zat makes sense. Mah… Sir.” Yuna started unlacing my shoes.

“You weren’t kidding…” Faye's arms were trembling as she squeezed down on my shoulders. “Like trying to massage a tree trunk. And deep heat wouldn’t be much help either, would it?”

“Nor would a nice, long soak in a steaming hot bath.”

Between my increasing Toughness and the immunity to fire/heat, it seemed I’d never enjoy another spa day.

Yuna had me barefoot now, so when she pulled at my jeans and boxers, I lifted hips off the mattress to let her this time. My cock was half-hard, pointing directly at her face as she set the jeans aside. “Well, perhaps we can still help Sir relax. We do want to help Sir relax, don’t we?”

“More than anything,” Faye agreed, delivering the line in a stage whisper, close enough to tickle my ear.

I could feel a spike of arousal coming off of Yuna, while Faye was a black box as always, her thoughts completely unreadable. Neither girl seemed unwilling. Coerced maybe, but not unwilling.

“This is the first cock she’s ever sucked, Sir,” Faye mentioned as Yuna started doing just that. She started with long licks, swirling her tongue around the head as she pulled back the foreskin, then surprised me by taking the length down her throat almost effortlessly. “But she’s been practicing all week. For you, Sir.”

“Wow. That’s… nice of her.” She wasn’t doing a bad job of it. And being caught between two lesbians eager to serve was enough to make my cock surge to full mast.

“Grk…!” Yuna gagged slightly, took in a few deep breaths through her nose, then started pushing herself back down into the rhythm from before.

“Any advice for her first time?” Faye asked as she let her chin rest on my shoulder, watching Yuna perform with me.

“Ah… eye contact is nice. Letting me see how much she’s enjoying it.”

“You heard him.”

“Ymm, hrm…” Yuna tilted her head back enough that I could see those sparkling, wet eyes of hers, and she didn’t stop. I couldn’t say she looked like she was particularly enjoying herself… and the feelings I was getting were nervousness and focus. That arousal from before was still there, but now there was the fear that she’d disappoint me.

“Relax. It’s hard to believe it’s your first time, because you’re doing a great job.” I reached down and rubbed her head between the horns. “And if you weren’t doing a good job, I wouldn’t be this hard.”

“Well, you are a good deal bigger zan ze toys we’ve been practicing with, Sir.” Faye giggled, nuzzling herself closer.

“You two keep calling me that. It’s kind of awkward, don’t you think?”

“Unlike ze accents, I think Sir is the perfect thing to call you, Sir. It is ze least we can do for you,” Faye said.

“How so?”

“Ze others, zey call you Master, no? It would be hasty for us to address you ze same as your real harem.” Faye explained while Yuna continued to deepthroat me. ‘Master’ was taking things too fast, but blowjobs was just being friendly, I guess. “More importantly… you are too nice.”


“Well, not ZAT nice. But you are serious and introspective. You are always worrying, and if a girl is to call you Master, zen you take responsibility for her, Sir. She becomes, how do you say…? Family.”

“I’m not sure I’d describe it exactly like zat. Er, that.” Damn it, now they had me doing it too.

“Regardless, however valuable you find their submission, it is a responsibility. Even a burden. We… I have already burdened you enough.”

Faye crawled down from the bed, going shoulder to shoulder with Yuna. She reached out, and with her warm hands, she cupped my balls and lightly squeezed. Gentle and firm, tenderly massaging as she looked up at me.

“So think… zink of us as your servants. Our job is to make your life easier and more pleasant. Cooking your meals. Cleaning your home. Tending to your needs. Anything you ask, we will be happy to give you, Sir. Isn’t zat right, sister?”

Without missing a beat, Yuna popped her head off my cock and Faye took over for her. Her tongue was much more active, and I enjoyed how aggressive she was sucking it, not afraid to lightly scrape with her teeth even if she couldn’t take it even half as deep as Yuna.

“Zat is right. We are honored to serve such a virile Master, Sir.” Yuna said, and I could sense the spike of arousal radiating off of her, confirming that even if she didn’t believe that to be exactly true, the idea of it was hot.

Maids. Two hot, submissive lesbian maids. No strings attached. There just for my pleasure. My cock twitched inside of Faye’s throat as the fantasy took root in my head. I gripped her horn and pushed her down, taking her head to my root. I felt some token resistance, but her hands stayed behind her back even as she gagged.

“You’re both sure this is what you want?”

“Oui, Master!” Yuna was an open book, and it was easy to read the sincerity in her thoughts. White hot arousal watching her girlfriend get dominated was at the top, and underneath the surface there was a little guilt, a need to pay me back.

“Glrk…!” Faye on the other hand… I’d never been able to get even a glimpse of her thoughts. I relaxed my grip and let her come up for air, gasping, a familiar glare in her eyes. “Bleh! You… you…”

“You know what’s best for us, Sir,” she finished, forcing a smile to her lips.

“Hrm…” I had both of them join me on the bed. Faye lying down, her head on the pillow, while Yuna was on her knees beside me, nuzzling at my neck, both girls’ eyes locked on each other. The tiny skirt didn’t obstruct me from seeing Faye’s thong at all, and I untied it at the sides before pulling it off. A sticky line of pussy slime stretched out with it.

“Well, at least you’re not faking the arousal,” I said as I tossed the thong to the floor.

“Of course, Sir. Who wouldn’t love to be fucked by a handsome stud like you?” Faye said it sweetly, but I had a feeling she was lying to my face.

Yuna cut in, whispering in my ear, “Sir, ze little vixen has been fantasizing about your cock all week. I ‘ave not allowed her to cum to anyzing else. Only zat, and ze idea of Sir doing the same to me.”

“You didn’t allow her?”

“Oui, Sir.” Yuna gently stroked my cock, then started to tug and pull, guiding it to Faye’s steamy, hairless pussy lips. “My sister can be, how you say…? A brat.”

I pushed forward, driving my cock deep inside of that brat. . Faye clutched at the sheets and arched her back, teeth clenched, but she didn’t say anything.

“A brat with serious Daddy issues. Who needs zee discipline. Craves it,” Yuna continued, her breasts pushed to my shoulder, her lips brushing my ear. “Is zat not right, Faye?”

“Guh…” I’d only pushed into Faye, hadn’t started thrusting just yet, letting her get used to the penetration. It took her a few more seconds to manage a breathy answer. “Weh… oui…”

Faye was looking hot as hell struggling to take my cock, but I still didn’t know if I could trust her. Yuna though…

I tangled my hands in her blue hair and brought her in for a deep kiss. I took her by surprise, but in seconds she had her tongue wrestling with mine, hips wiggling, and moaning like a slut. While I had her close, I started on a psychic purge. Yuna’s mind was weaker… well, better to say more vulnerable to psychic manipulation than any I’d come across yet. So if Faye was manipulating her again…

I pushed my power into her mind, dispelling any outside influence, and I felt it. A light touch of something that had been changing her, impossible to detect without getting rid of it first. So Faye had been manipulating her after all…

“Yuna, are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sooo turned on right now,” Yuna answered without hesitation, not even noticing the influence being removed.

“Wait… then why were you manipulating her mind?” I asked Faye, who was still panting with my cock buried inside of her.

“Because, Sir… hahhh… she sucks at ze proper French accent.” Faye gave me the most genuine smile of the night.

“Don’t tell him that! It’s not important… zit’s not important… im-pour-tee-ant? Ugh.” Yuna recoiled away, covering her blushing face in both hands. “And these outfits… this is… wow…”

“She also asked to lower her inhibitions. It was zat or get her drunk, no?” Faye was covering her mouth so as not to giggle.

“D-don’t tell him that!” Yuna grabbed a pillow and smacked it right on Faye’s face, which only made Faye laugh without holding herself back. “Stooop!”

“Fuck, she’s cute like that, ain’t she?” Faye had dropped the accent as well, though with my cock shoved halfway inside, her voice still had a tightness to it. “Want to stay like this? Back to the cool maid? Or maybe you’d like a robotic drone?”

“Don’t tell him about the drones!” Yuna struck with the pillow one more time.

I let out a sigh of relief. “Glad to see the two of you have made up.”

“Ah! Sorry, I didn’t mean to… kill the mood…” Yuna’s voice was getting quieter.

“Yuna is way too good for me. After everything I did, I’m still the only one she’s worried about. She’s just too sweet.” Faye’s legs lifted up, then wrapped around my waist. With a grunt, she pulled herself down, shoving my cock down to the base. “And she really wants to see you make me cum my brains out, so what are you waiting for?”

<Don’t tell him that!!!>

Yuna’s ears had turned red… but the arousal I’d been feeling from her was boiling over.

“If you two insist.” One hand on Faye’s hip as I started thrusting, the other on the back of Yuna’s neck, keeping her close for more deep kisses. No more talking, just the wet sounds of lovemaking. I could feel Yuna relaxing again, loosening up, and halfway through, I moved my hand between her thighs. I didn’t even need to finger her; she humped at my palm eagerly, her hips moving frantically as I took a more languid pace with my thrusting into Faye.

I only had Faye’s body language to go off of, but it was clear (or she was an amazing actress) that she was getting close, so we kept going, and when I felt her pussy start to spasm on my cock, my fingers plunged inside of Yuna, forcing the orgasm out of her while I flooded my cum into Faye.

Afterwards, I laid on the bed between the two of them.

“You’re sure you’re fine with this?” I asked Faye.

“If I could let you into my head, I would,” she said with her arms wrapped around my bicep. “But yeah. It’s you, some stranger, being sealed, or going back home. And with you, at least… well, I pushed you really hard, right? You should have been furious at me, wanted to kill me or rape me or… something. But instead… ugh, you were just… nice… about the whole thing.”

“So yeah. I want to use you again. I’m going to trick you into loving Yuna so much you’ll save her from our shitty dad.” Her hand found my cock, and her fingers were quickly waking it up. “Trick you into lusting after me so much you’ll let me do whatever I want, when I want. Manipulate you into being so damn obsessed with us you’ll pound our tight lesbian cunts on the regular enough to keep our corruption as low as can be. Speaking of… it’s Yuna’s turn. You can handle both of us, right, stud?”

“Faye!” Yuna lifted her head up so she could see past me and glare directly at her sister. “You don’t have to say it all like that! We’re not… she’s not… she’s really not as cold as she pretends to be, okay?”

“I know. Or, I think I’m starting to figure it out.”

Faye lifted herself up onto her elbow, smirking back at Yuna. “Want to see her drone mode?”

“Don’t you dare!” Yuna shrieked.

<Please please please…>

There was a flood of thoughts and emotion from Yuna, along with some tangled memories. The ‘drone mode’ had been entirely Yuna’s idea, a favorite of hers she had Faye indulge in often. I even saw an earlier argument between the two of them, with Yuna wanting to present themselves both as robotic drones for me tonight instead of French maids.

But the most clear thought coming out was

<It’d be soooo hot if Faye made me into a drone while I was resisting, and Ben/Sir/Master kept me like that the whole night>

“She’s a bossy mistress, huh?” I looked at Faye.

“The bossiest,” Faye agreed.

“I am not! I told you, we’re not doing that tonight,” Yuna pouted.

<Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.>

I nodded to Faye. “Do it.”

“No… I can’t… must…” This close between them, I could feel the tiny trickle of power Faye was using. I realized she wasn’t being subtle. No… she was dragging it out so that Yuna could savor the sensation of her mind turning off. “...can’t… resist…”

“Yunabot. Online. How may this unit serve? Master.”

“How about we start with—” Faye leaned in and whispered into my ear, and I course corrected. “Yunabot, initiate cowgirl mode.”

“Yes. Master.”