Ch.1 The Day The Darkness Started
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Light.. That's all I could see. A warm feeling surges throughout my body.. right I died or more exactly 'we' died.. I felt no pain of anything. It all just felt.. warm? I can't actually explain it easily.

It's probably bombing.. so terrorism? I don't know.. It happened so fast we can't even react.. So what is happening right now..?

I looked around but I could only see darkness.. except someone.. Wakaba?

"You woke up sooner than I expected.." She said with her usual emotionless tone.

"Ah.. you've seen me now have you? Hmm.. It's fine you won't remember anyway.." She said to herself.

"..." I tried to speak to her yet no voice came out of me..

"You've been my friend for all my life here.. so I will help you as I can for us.." She said to me while looking at me with her emotionless eyes.

"So let's do our best to entertain ourselves, shall we?" She let out a rare smile befitting of her.. a devil's smile.

"Now sleep well, Tenshi Yorokana.." I heard her before I fell unconscious..





"Where am.. I?" I woke up.. once again and find myself in a dark room. It was so dark I couldn't even see a glimpse of anything. 

"..?" When I tried to move my body I could feel something weird.. I felt something restricting me..

'If I could actually see better it would've helped, doesn't it..?' I thought a little annoyed at the condition I was in right now.

"But then.. where am I?" I questioned it to no one but myself.

'The last thing I remembered is.. what?' That's right I don't really remember much.. Well I remembered my life, my past, and my present.. I also deliberately remembered about my death.. 

There is no pain but instead it definitely felt more like I am embraced by the warm light of the sun.. I felt comforted.. as if someone protected me. So it seems that I.. we have died.. I do not know of the whole class died but I assumed so..

How does it even went to be like this..? Well I honestly don't remember that much myself but this is basically how it went down..





It is just another normal day.. just like any other weekdays I am going to school.. reluctantly.. It's not like I hated school.. I am just bored? All the things here are easy and basic. 


"Good Morning" 


I heard the people around me greet each other while I am scrolling down through my phone. I didn't even bother to look at them as they also didn't even bother to look at me. 

"Morning, Yorokana" I turned to look at the source of the sound that called out to me..

"Morning.." I greeted her back. It seems like the one who greeted me is my one and only friend.. Wakaba Hiiro. 

"You looked all gloomy again, Tenshi-san" She said to me with her usual emotionless tone. I could only look up at her then went back to sleep once again because of the light of the sun obstructing my view behind her..

"You stayed up late to grind at that game again?" She then asked me after she had seated herself down.

"..Yes" I couldn't say anything other than that to her.. after all she is one of the two people that had known me from the beginning of my highschool.. 

"What about you, Wakaba? Finished that book yet?" I remembered about borrowing her a book that I coincidentally found on a forgotten field. It was carefully hidden inside of a bush that is dying off. 

From the cover it looked like it is a story of some kind of a hero and a demon lord.. the typical one. But the book is so thick that I found no motivation in reading it..

"Hmm~ Not yet. Still a long way to go" She said while reading another book that she usually brought with her to school.

'Well let's just sleep my way..' I thought while I am drifting off to my own peaceful world of dreams.. 




Well that is until now.. 

"-Attention pleeeeeaase! The next is page thirty seven starting from the first line! Let's have... Ms. Shinohara translate it, shall we, since she's peeking at her phone in the middle of the class?" I heard the loud and childish voice of someone.. I would say it is pretty cute actually.

'Hmm.. They are just probably making trouble again' I thought as I drifted back to my sleep but..

"And you, Ms. Yorokana! Wake up from your dream land, don't you? You're up next if Ms. Shinohara couldn't answer, yeeeeah?" I heard the loud and childish voice once again.. but this time she called out to me surprisingly..

"Okay.." Ms. Oka is her name.. or more correctly Ms. Kanami Okazaki. She is a pretty kind and friendly person.. but a ruthless and merciless teacher.. I could see Wakaba almost laughing at me at the corner of my eyes.. well I just ignored her completely..

"I wouldn't be quite so smug, Mr. Natsume. If Ms. Yorokana couldn't answer you're up next, okaaaaay?" She then suddenly switched to another person.. She is scary.. 

'Well despite her child like behaviour and looks I kept on forgetting that she is still an adult after all..' I thought silently but I could literally feel her penetrating gaze through me..

"Now, noww, quiet down please, claaaasss. Your answer, Ms. Shinohara?" I hadn't even realised that people around us are talking but she had already silenced them..

Well they are really 'focusing' on their books.. probably scared that they will end up like us.

"Well not like it will be a big trouble.." I muttered while looking up to the ceiling.. 

Then suddenly a.. how do I describe it.. A crack? Yeah, a crack suddenly appeared out of thin air right above all of us.. It looked like a cracked glass.. I do not know what that is but one thing I know about is that..

'That will be a big trouble, though..' I thought then suddenly I saw a glimpse of light appearing from inside the crack.. then after that.. I.. We are dead..




"That's all I know.. but what is this feeling of something missing.." I muttered to myself.

Well because it is another world.. let's try something I don't want anyone to see..

"Status.." I tried it.. The thing that every isekai and game-like world had.. a status panel. But very surprisingly something like that appeared..




[<Fallen Angel (Pure Blood ???%) Lv 1 / Tenshi Yorokana>


HP: 200/200

MP: 350/350

SP(Yellow): 200/200

SP(Red): 200/200

Average Offensive Ability: 300

Average Defensive Ability: 250

Average Magic Ability: 500

Average Resistance Ability: 200

Average Speed Ability: 350


[Appraisal Lv.10]

[Cold Resistance Lv.5]

[HP Auto-Recovery Lv.1]

[MP Auto-Recovery Lv.1]

[Flight Lv.1]

[Magic Power Operation Lv.1]

[Magic Power Perception Lv.1]

[Light Magic Lv.1]

[Healing Magic Lv.1]


[Eidetic Memory]

[Infinite Prowess]

Skill Points: 0


[The Fallen One]]




"That is a lot of things.." I am honestly quite surprised by it.. I have more than 10 skills! That is surprising.. In some isekais they had to either be given their skills by something or someone or worked hard to get..

"There is a generic skill like [Appraisal] here.." I looked at the panel which shows me all of my skills.

"But there are also weird skills such as.. what is [n%l=W]..? What does it mean by [Infinite Prowess]?" I wondered about those skills but then I remembered about my [Appraisal] skill..

"Well I don't have anything better to do, don't I?" Well then I tried to use my appraisal on my own skills.. first the weird [n%l=W]..


[n%l=W]: Cannot be appraised.


"Well that's helpful, ain't it?" I said with a giant sarcasm and annoyance in my tone. Who could've thought that a weirdly named skill will have an unknown effects as well.. just great..

"*sigh*.. Well let's try to see the other one.." I then once again tried to use my appraisal at my other skill.. [Infinite Prowess].


[Infinite Prowess]: By disabling the ability to buy Skills with Skill Points, the user was given the ability to bypass the limitations of the system and continuously grow.


That's a very vague information, eh? I mean based on the description I can't tell that it is a good thing or a bad thing.. I mean I can't even tell if I'm great or not right now..

"Well do you know what's not great?" I asked particularly no one with a very annoyed tone of voice..

"Me being chained up here.." Yes.. apparently somehow I am chained up here.. 

'I probably could destroy it with magic though.. I do not fell a lot of resistance from it. So presumably it is just a normal chain..' I thought quickly and silently.

'But then again the chain is holding me back in a weird place.. but what is it?' I pondered for a while but then I came into a realisation..

"Oh yeah.. I'm a [Fallen Angel] apparently?" I muttered while sighing to myself. So based on the feeling I got on where the chain is holding me I could guess that it is holding back.. my wings..

"That confirms it.." Well I mean it doesn't change anything from my plan.. I just need to actually confirm where the chain is holding me from.

"Well now my problem is.. How do I exactly use magic????" Well I have all the time I need anyway.. until I starved to death of course..




<Approximately 30 minutes later..>

"Ah.. I couldn't think of anything.." I became quite annoyed after a while.. I have been thinking of a way and I also had try to search my memories for everything I think could work.. but the most clue I could get is that the magic in this world work.. is by creating some sort of circuit or medium..

I also had found out that the chain is somehow abnormally durable when I tried to break myself free with my physical force. It didn't even scratch when I tried to hit the chain as hard as possible with a piece of stone I found lying nearby.. and with that I also foud out that.. I am a little physically strong.. well just a little because I accidentally crushed a rock with the little press I gave it..

'Well it's just my guess..' I then focused back to my 'chaining problems'. 

'Haha get it?' Well you probably don't.. but well going back to it.. how can I say this.. is there really no tutorial on this at all.. I mean you just don't throw someone on a different world without any explanation at all after all..

"Well I can't just draw some random magic circuits I never seen before, imagining it with my mind.." I drew some random rune I ever recall seeing in past life in my mind.

"Then just hoping it would just cast! Right..?" 






Well that had just proved me wrong... but still what the heck happened.. I mean just I only tried to use the rune I remembered reading once in an old book that Wakaba used to borrow me.. I think it was the book about 'Magics and Conjurings'.. well back then I thought it as only a joke..

'Still.. it seems like my great memory is brought with me..' I thought about it. I mean in my past life I always had a great memory.. so great in fact the experts noted me down as one of the rarest human on earth.. 

I never talked about it to any other people.. probably other than Wakaba and Ms. Oka.. but other than that they do not know anything about me. At school back then I was called the 'Snow Princess'.. well I certainly own half the reason I was called that either.. 

There are multitudes of reasons why they called me that.. the first being my abnormal resistance to cold.. well it seemed to me that it is brought to here as well.. Once in our trip to one of the coldest region in Japan, Hokkaido. I forgot to bring my warm set of clothes when we were going out for sightseeing. At that time Hokkaido was at around -13°C.. and I was wearing a normal pajamas kind of clothes.. 

The second reason is probably my abnormal cold attitude to others.. well it's not that I want to be this way.. it's just I am very bad at communicating myself.. so I usually got very nervous and stayed silent.. I also rejected quite some people who tried confessing to me with a cold harsh.. ignorance.

The most important reason though will probably be my looks itself.. I must say I am beautiful but I am not quite healthy myself.. My diet is shit that's why I have quite an acute case of Anemia and low blood pressure as well.. coupled with my Albinism it made me very pale close to the colour of snow..

Oh yeah, about my looks? I have quite a small stature standing at around 155 cm tall. I have a very pale skin as I had said. I also had an unnatural pale blond hair with a greyish blue eyes.. I wonder if my looks are the same in this world.. because I certainly felt a little taller but not much.. 

Oh yeah, the talk about being one of the rarest human on earth? Well.. I have a condition on what's called Hyperthymesia.. well what's that? It is essentially.. Eidetic Memory. It is what made me very smart back then.. I remembered every thing that I read, every action I had commited, everything.. but sometimes I still forgot.. why?

Because apparently my brain wants me to forget about it.. I still remembers them though.. just if I try to recall them sometimes I will get a little side effect.. probably just some nose bleeds and.. seizures.

Well moving on from my ramblings.. I had unknowingly find a way to cast my magic then.. Well I missed and only hit the edge of the chains but sure.. at least I could cast it. Let's try to do it again..

I carefully drew the runes inside a circle which is the circuit and the medium. I then carefully outputs my power which I have known is there since the beginning. Then I aim carefully at approximately where the chair is.. and fire!


It hit! Surprisingly.. Well the magic I used is probably the [Light Magic] variant as it bright and it only looked like a collection of light.. I shaped it like a sharp crescents so it would cut with precisions.. I then copied the same exact rune and fired it at the other chain.

And so.. I was free. I tried standing up and I felt just fine. 

I then tried to walk but just right after I took my first step suddenly the room that I am in suddenly lit up.. and what is revealed to me.. doesn't make me happy.. at all.

I could feel chills running down my spine at the sight of this room.. This rooms looks like the one in the films where they do the sacrificial rituals to summon something evil.. 

Looking to where I was.. I was standing on the pedestal.. red carpets stretched it's way through from where I am standing to the end of the room which is a giant door easily 3 m tall and 1.5 m wide.. 

But what's most disturbing is.. the skeletal remains.. there are a lot of them.. presumably around 30 people.. 

But looking at this.. the only thing that disturbed me are what are they doing and the numbers of them.. well the remains don't exactly bother me.. 

I mean for someone who needs to see their parents and families being brutally murdered and tortured in front of you since 8 years old and remembered everything from it.. this seems like a pale comparison.

And so continuing... what? You want a backstory about what happened to me..? Nah.. let the author decide when that'll happen. For now onwards we go!

{Author: I hate to say that you are right.. but damn you're annoying for someone's bad at communicating..}

"Hey who said I am bad communicating?!" 

{Author: It's you, dumbass..}

"Well.. well. I know, I am just messing with you.. moving on!"

{Author: Huft!}

Well! Moving on! It seems I can't exactly do more here.. I guess it is a cool room but it is just a *cool* room.. But yeah..

'Let's get out of here..' I thought while I started walking slowly passing the skeletal remains on my left and right. I ignored the disturbing sights of the incredible amount of blood on the walls and the floor. But weirdly nothing stained the already red carpet.. it is completely clean. Well I'm not gonna complain..

Well after slowly walking for a around 30 seconds through the long room, I finally reached the giant door that I think will lead me outside..

"Well without further ado.." 




Author Note: Well I am back with another series here. I am going to keep continuing my old series Fragment of An Existence but do not hope much please as I am still busy as hell..