Chapter 35 – Armageddon
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"How is Her Majesty's progress?" asked Natalia.

"Charlotte is improving quickly, she has already reached Level 36 in a short time after I gave her the magic book. She is currently training hard as she is taking advantage of this momentum" said Glaze as he leaned back.

Natalia and Marzia were shocked at the Queen's progress. She was not a hero who was blessed by the Sea of Mana and while she was talented they didn't expect it to be this much.

They thought the Queen indeed was very low key and was probably hiding her potential before the hero was summoned.

"How is the road construction," asked Glaze.

"The roads connecting all four cities have been upgraded as you asked," said Marzia as she recalled Glaze had asked her to improve the roads as he planned to create improved magical vehicle.

The current magical vehicles were very slow as no one invested in its research as everyone focused on individual strength. Most people would use magic pouches to transport cargo instead of being carried by a vehicle and the Armies used formations to increase their speeds and travel together but it was still extremely slow compared to a Master Stage being flying.

Glaze had created the Research Department which was working on multiple projects, one of them was a vehicle that could be used in war, though she remained doubtful of such a thing being created so soon, she had raised the production schedule of the Construction Department and had the roads finished constructing as fast as possible.

"Take the bulk of the army to Rizvaria and keep the rest on standby in the rest of the cities. I'll talk to the Research Department and let you know their progress with the Magic Vehicles" said Glaze as he walked out of the room and both of them bowed to him.


In the Royal Research Department, several people were arguing.

"Sir stop, you will blow this place up," said a guy as he looked at Grant Ward who was the Head of the Research Department as they were trying to create a magic core for the magic vehicle whose power output was far more than anything they had ever made.

While Glaze was no expert in engineering and didn't know how exactly vehicles worked, he had some basic knowledge from the past world that he shared with Grant, the latter had hit a bottleneck for years and was struggling to make new breakthroughs, with this new knowledge that was so different from anything he had learned or experienced as it came from a completely different world whose scientists had a completely different perspective, he was enlightened as his perspective changed and he was making breakthroughs at a terrifying speed.

"Ah, nothing will happen, just shut up for a second," said he as he waved off his teammates who were scared that this core was gonna blow up the entire Research Department.

It was a cube floating in the space that had extremely minute engravings that one could barely see with an eye as it was glowing red with a sphere around it and was spinning at an extremely high speed. He casted different types of magic with both of his hands as he tried to make this thing work.

Glaze entered the research department and saw the chaos that was happening, he had seen this happen so many times he had gotten used to it.

"What is it this time?" asked Glaze as he rubbed his temple.

"Your Majesty, you are here! This old man is about to blow the place up" screamed another researched as the core became brighter and brighter and started spinning and shaking vigorously and was releasing terrifying amounts of energy.

Glaze sighed as he stood in front of the core, " You all can leave, I'll take care of this if something happens" he said as everyone left the room but were still looking through the glass as he could see them panicking around but could hear no sound.

"They are scientists alright," thought Glaze as he saw these guys screaming about the explosion but had no intention to leave lest they miss the birth of a new invention.

"How is it going ?" he asked as he saw the latter trying to transfer the energy from the glowing core to the frame of the vehicle which had magical engravings that would make the vehicle float and propel it forward.

The frame of the vehicle was huge as it was supposed to carry a large number of soldiers, nothing was powerful enough to lift such amount of weight and propel it forward with a good enough speed before as it was too heavy and would barely lift up and move at a snail's pace.

"I have managed to gain a lot of insights into improving the efficiency of my engravings thanks to Your Majesty, it has completely shifted my perspective of magical engravings. Now if I can get this to work" said the latter lost in thought excitedly as he cast the last spell and the magic core glowed with blinding light as if it was about to shatter and blow up.

While it wouldn't affect Glaze it would kill everyone here so he took precaution and was ready to erase the explosion with his magic but the magic core then stabilized as the frame of the huge vehicle started glowing as the engravings absorbed the magical power from the core as it covered the entire frame and then the frame lifted. Not an inch or two like before but an entire foot.

The huge 20-meter frame hummed with power as it floated in the experimental zone.

"You did, you actually did it," said the researchers who were watching as they came back screaming with joy.

"Congratulations," said Glaze as he smiled and clapped for the research team.

The Researchers were proud of receiving praise directly from the King as they bowed slightly in respect.

"So can it finally reach 60 km/h ?" asked Glaze as he marveled at the detailed engravings.

"No, it can reach up to 150 km/h," said Grant with a laugh.

Glaze gulped when he heard that, "Magic is terrifying indeed" he thought as he looked at this 20-meter long monstrosity and imagined how it would look with its body crashing through the battlefield.

"How is the production?" he asked.

"The Manufacturing Department has said they have 3 bodies ready, they just need to be attached to the frame," said Grant.

"Good Work, contact the Army and the Manufacturing Department. I need to have at least two of these ready by tomorrow for deployment" said Glaze as he walked out.

"I will get it done, Your Majesty," said Grant as he bowed.

Glaze had wanted to develop a sort of a tank but much more powerful than the ones in his world, with the use of magic these tanks could float so there was no friction and a need to worry about the terrain , these could go anywhere, even on water.


Azur Lamia was the head of the Lamia Family who had monopolized manufacturing of everything in this kingdom and was also the current leader of the new Manufacturing Department.

She banged her head on her desk when she heard Grant tell her about the manufacturing of the new tanks.

"By Tomorrow! How am I supposed to do that" she said as she banged the desk with her fist and rubbed her head which was red from the banging.

"The Army will be deployed tomorrow, we have no other choice," he said as he laughed not able to read the mood at all.

She was overworked to death in the past few weeks with the upcoming war as the Manufacturing Department gave priority to military production, the Research Department would come to her every day asking to manufacture prototype after prototype.

She was sleep-deprived and exhausted as she realized they had to finish this thing by tomorrow.

"Let's go then" she sighed as she dragged herself from her seat and wore her long coat as they walked towards the Army Grounds.


Natalia was waiting with her soldiers as she saw the Manufacturing Department assemble the new machine, His Majesty had named this thing Armageddon, while the name was terrifying she couldn't comprehend how such a thing could be terrifying enough to deserve such a name. She still believed that individual strength should be prioritized in the military.

The Manufacturing department after 12 hours finally finished constructing the entire thing.

It was made of pure solid black metal of the highest quality in the entire world as it was further strengthened with gold engravings. It looked like a long and wide mini-train than a tank as it had a pointed front to cut down wind resistance.

This solid chunk of metal with the glowing gold engravings released a terrifying pressure as it floated in the air and it looked like a long monster made of metal.

"The Weapons will take more time, we can ship them off to the battlefield later and they can be easily attached," said Azur as she sat down a bench nearby and drank some water.

"So, let's test this," said Natalia.

"We need someone in the Expert Stage to be able to manage this weight at these speeds," said Grant as he adjusted his glasses and made sure everything was working.

"Robin, come here and test this," said Natalia as she called for a Level 21 Expert Stage soldier nearby.

Robin gulped as he was chosen as the first driver of this machine, he walked inside and sat on the driver seat.

"You see that lever, you pull that to adjust your speed," said Grant as he told him about the various controls.

"Alright, give it a try, don't worry, even if you crash nothing will happen to you, this is very strong," said Grant as he laughed and patted the soldiers back.

"Easy for you to say," said Robin as he sighed and closed the door.

As soon as he pulled the lever the Armageddon's back flowed with magical power as it burst with magic and sped forward instantly at the speed of 150 Km/h and crashed straight ahead into the training walls complete pulverizing it. The force of this huge hunk of metal which was extremely heavy traveling at this speed was terrifying. It crushed kilometers of forest cover before it stopped.

Natalia looked on with her mouth hung open as she sat how strong and fast the Armageddon was, "This truly deserves its name" she said as she sighed and imagined this on the battlefield. "If things like this can exist," she thought as she had already started to create strategies in her head on how to use such vehicles in war and imagined the future of such a military.

"Oh, I forgot to tell him that the lever is very sensitive and the acceleration is instant, haha," said Grant as he laughed.

"Oye you old man, how are you just casually shrugging it off, what if it was pointed to the towards the city," said Azur who almost choked to death drinking water as she watched the Armageddon zip through the city walls completely crushing them.

"Haha, I am sure the Construction Department can fix this in no time," said Grant as he laughed and wrote down the results of this experiment as Azur got a headache from watching this lunatic scientist.

Meanwhile, Gerald Roosebell, who was the Head of the Construction Department sneezed at this moment.

"Hm, why do I have a weird feeling that something bad is going to happen," he thought as he got ready to leave for the day and go back home and spend some time with his family when he saw his voice projecting crystal glow.

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