Chapter 5 – Marielle
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--- --- Week 1 - Day 5 - Saturday, 7th Day of the Seventh Month --- ---

When Marielle woke it was after a long night. She had ranted at someone epic, and sort of told her that she was not supposed to exist.

That was usually a good way to die.

Or bad depending on how you looked at it.

How was ranting at someone you never met before supposed to be polite? She had been downright rude. It was so very unlike her.

She had the feeling that this day was not going to get any better soon. It was that small something nagging at the back of her memory. It told her that today was a day best already over.

With a whimper she pulled the covers over her head.

Why couldn't it already be school? A new place to finally explore, to make some friends.

Anything but digging her own grave.

She heard Noemy enter and pushed her blanket away. Maybe today was not going that bad.

Then she saw the cup of milk.

Suddenly hiding from the world sounded much better.

Now that she was aware of it, seeing Noemy watch her so focused while she drank the milk, felt very embarrassing. She really wanted to hide again. She needed an expert on cowgirls, and not a book that described the sexual habits. Maybe she should read it today anyway.

At least today could not be worse or rather more embarrassing than yesterday.

As she drank her milk, it was very clear her cowgirl was happy. The merrily swishing tail was a great way to check the mood, as were the twitching ears, the happy smile, and the humming.

Having finished her milk, she ate the surprisingly normal breakfast. Rolls with butter and honey. Nothing fancy or special, just simply normal rolls.

After breakfast Marielle replied to some other letters, she carefully avoided thinking about the letter on the way to her counterpart. Then some time was spent chiding Noire for trying to help write letters.

Finally, she sat back, and pondered what to write to the illogical and impossible reincarnated counterpart.

Excuse herself for the letter?

Beg for forgiveness?

Play it off, as a mistake that came from frustration?

The door slammed open.

"I am back sweety!"

Marielle shuddered. Her stepmother was back. Grilly was her father's second wife, and an affectionate alpha wolfwoman.

"And your sisters too, we are back from picking them up."

And her overprotective, pampering, and overly affectionate wolfgirl sisters were back as well.

"Welcome home mother." Marielle greeted politely.

Her stepmother gave her a fanged grin as she approached. "What did I tell you about calling me mother?"

"Don't call me mother, call me mom or mommy instead." Marielle quoted.

The stepmother pulled her from her seat and hugged her tight. Luckily not the tight a wolfgirl could do, or she would have snapped ribs. However, it was the type of tight that buried your head in a rather generous bust and made you wish for air while you fruitlessly tried to escape. When a level 12 wolfwomen that was a fighter and barbarian multiclass wanted to hug you, a level 1 wizard had no chance in hell to escape.

A difference of +8 in strength and eleven levels made resistance completely futile.

"Mother!" Marielle heard someone call out, she thought it sounded like her oldest human sister. Victoria the samurai, soon to be 19, had always been very close to her, even closer ever since she had finished her three years at the school. "You need to let her breathe!" Her knight without shining armour or horse came to her rescue.

"Awww~" Came the sound of protest from her captor. Who put her down gently, then licked her cheek affectionately.

"Stop hogging her mom!" The triple complaint was exactly that. A complaint coming from triplets. The three triplets were only one year older than she was. She suddenly did not want to get released after all. Her mother however stepped aside.

The three wolfgirls caught her in a triple hug. Whille, Cralle, and Scelle were playful and cuddly. They reminded her of playful, affectionate, and attention seeking puppies.

Much to Marielle's dismay she realized that the three had gotten bigger again, taller as well. To her even greater dismay all three decided to lick her face.

"Enough of that." A calm voice interrupted. It was her oldest wolf sister Barris.

At soon 18 she had just finished school. As a fighter and barbarian hybrid she was following in their mother's footsteps. Her hug was stronger than the triple hug too. And she was happily slobbering all over Marielle's face.

"Stop squeezing or you will break her!" A gentle voice chided.

Her other human sister came to her rescue. Armed with a wet cloth she grabbed the strong wolf girl by one of the fluffy ears and pulled.

"Oww! Stop that!" The ear's owner complained.

"Let her go then!?"

With 15 years of age Literis, the middle human sister, was a cleric, and a bit of an airhead. She was totally the busty airheaded and clumsy cleric stereotype that Marielle had read about in her more embarrassing books.
And now she was getting her face wiped while her oldest sister was guarding them and preventing anyone from approaching.

Guarding physically anyway.

"Have you been eating well? Do you sleep enough? Were you bored while we were gone?" The doting mother fired off.

"The cook was being creative again." Marielle countered, anything to distract her. "I explored a bit, wrote letters, and I have read a few books. I found a few more that sounded interesting."

"You read too much!" The triplets complained. "Come out and let's play."

Marielle fought the whimper, the triplets had endless energy. Probably now, with the tome and with her having a class, things would be much better than before. But still, a three on one sounded exhausting.

"Why don't you get settled first? And take a bath after the ride." Marielle was looking for excuses and she knew it.

The mother nodded approvingly. "Good idea, let us all take a bath together!"

"I already had my bath, why don't you freshen up. We can meet up for lunch together. I will try to get father to join us."

"Good, come on girls, let's go!" The alpha started herding them from the room. With plenty of whines and complaints.


Marielle sank into her couch.

She loved her family, all of them.

But they were so exhausting.

Victoria had almost been ordered to travel with their mother to pick up the young ones. The food aside, the last two weeks without her family had been rather relaxing she realized.

They had just arrived and already she was missing the peace and quiet. If they were not so overly affectionate it would have been much easier to handle. "Noemy, I am going to inform my father."

"I will tell the cook to serve something that the triplets can't drop on your dress too easily." The maid considered the new issues, and how to prevent them. It was what a good maid would do.

Marielle ventured through the halls. She approached her father's study and knocked.


She opened the door and slipped inside. "Greetings father, mother wants everyone to meet for lunch."

"I will be there; I did not expect you to manage to get them to leave you alone so quickly."

"I sent them all to a bath." Marielle replied.

"Without them?"

"I already took one."

The Duke made an agreeing sound. "Things will get lively again."

Marielle only nodded and excused herself.

A little rest sounded like a good way to collect her strength for what was to come.

She laid down and closed her eyes.

"Mistress, it is time for lunch." Noemy was shaking her shoulder.

"But I only lied down?" Marielle protested.

"It has been about an hour." Her maid informed her.

Time had passed quickly, Marielle decided.

It was time to face the food war. Even stepping from the room, she could already smell the roasted meat. It was a clear sign her family was back. The wolves of the family were clearly showing their canine descent.

In the dining hall the hungry horde was already fidgeting in their seats. On the table were a roast, two chickens, sausages, and some meaty soup.

Marielle decided she was going to try to snag a piece of chicken and a few of the slices from the tomatoes with onion, salt, pepper, and oil.

The tomatoes were a lovely red and an island of freshness in a sea of meat to her.

"This roast is nice and juicy." Her mother dropped a large slice on her plate.

"Sausage!" "Bacon!" "Chicken!" The triplets chimed in, then started a three-way glaring match. She was sure Whille, Cralle, and Scelle had dressed the same just to confuse her.

"Just give her one of each?" Came the voice of 'not' reason. Her last lupine sister was doing just that, getting some of each.

The triplets seemed to agree, however seemed to disagree who had had the best idea, so she found her plate getting loaded up.

"Let me." Victoria came to her rescue and took the plate from her. Marielle almost rejoiced, only for her stomach to drop as her oldest human sister placed the plate at Marielle's seat.

"Tomatoes~" At least the middle human sister was happy, and filled a spare bowl with more tomatoes, that was also placed at Marielle's place at the table. Literis liked tomatoes a lot, generally she preferred fruit and vegetables, but she was fine with meat too.

Marielle stared at the plate with dread, yes there was chicken, but the chicken leg was covered with so many things that only the bone poked out from beneath all the meat. And all that laid on a big slice of roast.

She could feel the expectant looks from her family, and the pitying looks from the maids on her.

With a heavy heart, and a very soon heavy stomach, she started on a sausage. The looks of approval from her very carnivore family hurt. She decided to switch around. A bite of roast, a bite of bacon, a bite of chicken, and start over with a bite of sausage. Naturally she made sure to eat her tomatoes too.

All too soon she felt full, while the feeding was still going strong, despite their faster eating, the wolves of her family were still going strong.

"You need to eat more." The mother complained with a worried look.

"I am already full; I can't eat any more." That got her a lot of worried looks for eating so little.

She petted the closest triplet gently, she thought it was Whille. "Don't worry, I simply can't eat as much as you. My stomach is smaller."

That caused the other two triplets to come over for their headpats.

Her family was so spoiled.

Headpats from her and they even forgot their feeding frenzy. But she always felt so awkward petting her mother, the breasts pressed against her were really distracting.

For Marielle's mental health it was lucky that she overlooked the jealous looks from her human sisters.


After the heavier than she liked lunch, she excused herself to change her dress, the triplets had managed to wipe their faces against her as usual, and to respond to her letters.

That led however to her human sisters sitting in her room and watching her while drinking tea.

She could literally feel their stares piercing her back.

"How was the trip?" This was more something for the older sister.

"Annoying." The 'I was away from you' had been left unsaid. "Two airship trips and two days in a carriage one way. Add in the sleep overs we had to do; it simply took so much time." The oldest sister was clearly glad the trip was over. "The school is so rich, so why can't they simply run an airship to the capitol?"

"It is expensive." The middle sister countered. "The trip cost ten gold each person per short flight. For many of the poorer families and the commoners these 60 gp would be a lot in addition to the tuition. That is why the vacations are months at a time, so everyone can even reach and relax a bit with the family if they have to go by carriage or ship."

Marielle gave the book on spell abuse a wishful look. "Teleportation at long range sounds so nice."

"And a lot could go wrong." Her cleric sister countered. "During Spellcraft the teacher gave an example. He once teleported and landed on an island. Since it had been his last prepared teleport he had been stranded on the empty island until the next day. There were poisonous snakes there. He had been lucky to have a potion of poison removal."

Marielle tried to imagine an island with nobody else but poisonous snakes. To her it sounded like an adventure. She had always wondered what snakes really looked like when moving. The descriptions were a bit confusing in the books.

"According to the teacher the constitution and strength damage was really annoying, he had needed several restoration spells to return to normal."

Snakes were a bad idea Marielle realized. Ability damage would kill her easily, her abilities were really bad. But much better than before her class and the Manual of Bodily Health +2.

"I dislike snakes." The samurai mumbled. "Scaly and no legs. I had a wizard in my class who sent his familiar snake to look up girls' skirts." She decided not to mention that killing familiars is forbidden, but that after repeated warnings that had gotten ignored, a panicked rush had crushed it. The teachers had tried to punish them, but since they had ignored all their complaints, they did not have any arguments. The wizard had insisted it had been training his familiar for when they could share senses." She could not remember the name of the spell, but training a familiar to look up skirts? He deserved the punishment.

Marielle gave Noire a look, losing a familiar was bad, but abusing it for fun? Whoever that had been, he did sort of deserve it. She still felt sorry for the familiar for having a terrible master and worse end.

"That was a bad master." She commented.

"Yes, he was annoying, thinking he was so much better than anyone else all the time." The oldest sister grumbled. "Just because he was a prince, he expected everyone to bow and obey. Supposedly the school does not recognize rank, but the higher up you are, the more you can get away with."

"But teachers are supposed to treat everyone the same?" Marielle interjected.

"Should, they can't see past differences between royalty and commoners, or even rich and poor." The middle sister answered regretfully.

Marielle felt a lot of her dream of school shatter away. At least she had heard about it before and could prepare herself, she was not sure how yet.

She continued responding to the letters she had received, and ignoring that she should write a new one to Zaria, when she felt herself get hugged.

The softness against her meant that a certain cleric was currently hugging her.

"Don't worry about it, I will be there to help if you need it." Literis tried to soothe her.

Marielle squirmed, the middle sister had a really big chest, and the way she was pressing the large breasts against her side was distracting.

"As will I." The oldest one added. "I intend to join you as one of your maids."

That caused the two hugging sisters to look back in surprise.

"It is common to have one guard join as a maid. That is why Dukes and Royals can take three maids each."

"But it is supposed to be safe there?" Marielle interjected.

"There are monsters in the forests, disagreements have been known to get out of hand." The samurai explained. "So, someone strong is good to have around. It also keeps others from abusing their own guards since abuse means danger, and that causes everyone to put the troublemakers into their place. Commoners and Baron rank families have it harder naturally. There are restrictions on who can be taken naturally."

"Someone of Elior's power is forbidden for example." The middle sister confirmed. "It would mean taking someone who is stronger than a lot of the teachers."

Marielle felt some more of her hopes for a good time shatter. "It is unfair."

"It has been like that for a long time, and even it is wrong, tradition settled in." Victoria lamented.


After a meaty dinner Marielle was forced to spend time with her half-sisters.

Who seemingly had no trust in her. It was like they expected her to hurt herself no matter what she did.

At least it was amusing to watch since the triplets tended to run into each other while trying to be helpful. Which led to their older sister trying to fix the situation, that caused a three on one attack and puppy eyes.

She had missed her sisters.

She had even missed the chaos and lack of personal space that they represented.

But she also missed the peace and quiet that their absence had brought.

At least her mother was too busy today to bother her.

Getting licked and sniffed all the time was embarrassing and really annoying. The mother was clingy and far too affectionate.

She was not that fragile!

She grabbed the nearest sister and started to rub her belly, that would quiet this one down and it was the cue for the others to line up for their belly rubs. Now she just had to find out what had caused this quarrel. "So, what is it this time?"

Barris was ignoring everything with closed eyes as her toned stomach was being stroked.

"We were discussing who could sleep over tonight. Big sis thinks that all of us is too much."

Marielle looked at her huge bed. There was enough space for everyone.

"Why don't you all discuss this together. We could all sleep together tonight."

"And who gets to hug you?" One of the triplets asked.

And now the truth came out.

"You are spoiling big sis too much!" The triplets pulled their tops up showing more than just their bellies. """It is our turn now!"""

Sometimes Marielle wondered how much dog was in their ancestry.


Night found Marielle in a nightgown that was very modest compared to what everyone else was wearing or not wearing.

Her human sisters had some thin and short nightgowns and the wolfish sisters were wearing nothing.

She had hoped school would have taught them modesty, but once again her hopes had been shattered.

"I heard about a sleepover and wanted to join." A cheerful voice came as the door opened without knocking.

The nude Grilly was joining as well, considering their mother was a mature and fit wolfwoman Marielle looked away deeply embarrassed.

Hiding under the blanket was not an option, as it would cause the others to join her under it.

It was official, her family was back and her peace and quiet, where all she had to worry about was a cowgirl maid that possibly held affection for her, was over.

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